50 Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts For Men

Ready to get some big-time laughs? This hilarious list of the best gag gifts for men are for guys who love and can take a good joke.

The best gift for any guy is the gift of laughter, and all of these funny gifts for men will guarantee to do just that. Here are the latest and greatest gift ideas that are both outrageous and hilarious. From slang flashcards, oversized underpants to plenty of naughty and disgusting items, this list is full of awesome ideas any guy can enjoy and laugh at. When you’re done going through this awesome list, make sure to head over to our recently updated gadgets for men page! There are some pretty cool little gizmo’s that are also a hit. Or if you have a man that is spoiled, check out our luxury gifts for men. And for the ultimate fan of the Star Wars franchise, check out this awesome list of Star Wars gifts! Just be sure to pick out something that suits your loved one's personality and interests.

Funny Gifts For Men Guaranteed To Make Him Laugh

1. Giant Stainless Steel Flask

Step up your flask game and get the 64 oz stainless steel flask that is perfect to enjoy your favorite adult beverages. If you know someone who likes to kick back a cocktail or two, this is the ultimate gag gift for guys.

2. How To Live With A Huge Penis Book

Size truly does matter, as having a "large pair" or "big member" is a actually a genetic disorder known as Oversized Male Genitalia. Many men live with it and this book helps those live and deal with this issue. But seriously, this book is a joke but will definitely fool any of your friends who read it.

3. Remote Control Fart Machine

Let one rip wherever and whenever. With 15 new different fart sounds, this fart machine sounds as real as ever and is a great gag gift for men to have around to get some laughs or clear the room. These also make great Christmas gag gifts too!

4. Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

A fun way to hold your favorite drink during tailgating, parties, or just around the house. Made of durable and flesh colored foam, this hilarious drink holder brings out big laughs and most importantly, keeps your drink cold.

5. The Poo Book

Believe it or not, everyone poops, but what's your poo really telling you? Now you can finally know everything there is to know about your bowels. This book is full of great facts making it the best bathroom reading material.

6. Thumbs Up ICK Mug

Enjoy a not so subtle but hilarious way to drink your coffee. It's an ideal gift for your friends who don't care what other people think or for someone who isn't quite a morning person.

7. Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

Time to take your chances and play the funnest party drinking game, shot glass roulette. The set comes with 16 shot glasses and an authentic game board. This party game is sure to get the party started off right.

8. Coloring and Activity Book For Grown-Ups

An activity book that any adult can enjoy and be entertained for days. This book contains adult images and more than 50 fun activities meant to get some laughs and strike up some adult conversations. These are great kinds of gifts for artists!

9. Bottle Opener Ring

If you're a guy and have to wear one piece of jewelry, make it the bottle opener ring. It looks great and makes opening your favorite beer as easy as the flick of your hand. You have to try this out. This would make a great gag gift for new dads.

10. Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

Look Out! Flying Monkey! The slingshot flying monkey is a fun gift that anyone will enjoy. Pull his feet and tail back and launch the monkey up to 50 feet and hear it scream like Tarzan as it soars through the air.

11. Portable Pizza Pouch

Afraid of someone taking that last slice? This pouch let's you take a slice with you everywhere you go. It keeps it fresh and secure, so you always get to enjoy that last slice. Or if you're looking for a fanny pack instead, this Dad Bag Fake Belly Waist Pack is hilarious!

12. Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Opener

Get instant laughs the next time someone needs to open up their bottle. The bottle opener is strategically placed to make this one of the best Christmas gag gifts. Made of durable hard plastic, Sir Perky will always be ready for some action. Also check out our list of 300+ cool gifts for guys for some amazing Christmas gift ideas!

13. Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

A great tool for tailgating, parties, or watching the big game. The beer and soda helmet guzzler lets you drink two of your favorite beverages at the same time so you can always party on!

14. Redneck Backscratcher

We all have those itches on our back that we just can't reach and this backscratcher shaped like a rake is perfect and pretty darn funny. A great gag gift for a family member on any special occasion.

15. Expoding Golf Balls

The absolute best gag gift to piss off a golfer. These golf balls look and feel like the real thing but once they get hit they explode into a cloud of dust and more than likely piss off your friend.

16. Liquid Ass Fart Prank

Clear the room with the spray that smells like ass, literally. Once you spray the super-concentrated Liquid Ass spray, the smell evaporates into the air and leaves a horrible smell.

17. Canned Unicorn Meet

Who needs to actually see a unicorn when you can eat one? Okay, so there's nothing in the can you can eat, it's just a hilarious dismembered unicorn, and a great gag gift for any guy.

18. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf

Have some fun passing the time while you're passing your bowels. The Potty Putter is a fun way to practice on your golf game while you're sitting on the pot - Features putting green, pin flag, putter, two golf balls, and "Do Not Disturb" door hanger.

19. Head Down Golf Tees

Keep your head down and focus on the ball. These great golf tees feature a pair of legs and backside diving into the ground to make concentrating easier and get a laugh from your group before you hit the links!

20. Bigfoot Air Freshener

Not only have you seen Bigfoot, but you know that he smells terrible! That's why this fresh pine center air freshener is perfect to get that awful smell of Bigfoot away from you.

21. Emergency Underpants

What makes a great gag gift is when you can actually use it and this gift does just that. You never know when you need a backup pair of underpants and this pair fits most adults and is great to have on hand for those untimely moments.

22. Donald Trump Talking Pen

Press President Trump's lovely head of hair and listen to him spit off one of his popular sayings. It comes with 8 different sayings and each one sounds like Trump is right in the room with you.

23. Leg Lamp Nightlight

Light up any room with this classic gift inspired by the popular movie, "A Christmas Story." It is a great accent piece to add to your decor and always strikes up a conversation from your guests.

24. Party Pooper Fake Poo Toy

Eww! This fake piece of poop looks so much like the real thing that anyone will be grossed out when they see it. A great gag gift, it's made of rubber and you will have plenty of fun using it against your friends.

25. WTF Nifty Notes

Check these notes out for a funny way to communicate with your friends. Knock Knock has created notes where you can pass judgement, give feedback, predict the future and much more by checking off boxes and leaving funny comments.

26. Men's Novelty Stud Undies

Don't be afraid to show off your greatest attribute with the stud undies. The long candy cane is meant to impress that special someone and there's a naughty message on the undies that adds a finishing touch on this funny gag gift.

27. I Flexed And The Sleeves Fell Off Tank Top

The ultimate tank top for the meatheads and gym rats. We all know they love to flex and show off their hard work so get them this tank top that has the perfect saying to go with their intense arm workouts.

28. Fifty Shades Of Chicken Parody Cookbook

Get your hands on 50 different sexy chicken recipes that will leave your mouth watering. Each recipe will be more attractive and seductive than the last and you'll get aroused from all the new recipes you can cook up.

29. Official BS Button

A great gift for around the office, now you can call anyone out on their BS with one simple push. No one is going to mess around with you again.

30. World's Largest Coffee Cup

Yes, this is an actual cup of coffee made of porcelain and holds up to 20 cups of coffee. If you're a coffee lover or know someone who is, get this hilarious gift! It makes a great gag gift for women as well!

31. Men's Handerpants Gloves

Finally, some underpants for your hands. Okay, so we know that sounds weird but these gloves look and feel like an actual pair of underpants and are a hilarious gag gift for any guy. The gloves are actually quite useful as they absorb sweat and help prevent chafing

32. Adjustable Visor with Spiked Hair

Give the gift of a sweet head of hair and a really cool visor. It's the ultimate party visor that is comfortable and can adjust to fit your head.

33. The TeaBagger Tea Infuser

The TeaBagger is the funniest tea bag/tea infuser there is. Guaranteed to please any college student, coworker, or anyone with a dirty mind. Now this isn't just a funny gag gift, it is a functional tea infuser where you can put a tea bag in it and it actually makes a delicious cup of tea.

34. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Give your guests a funny surprise when they're taking care of their business. Once they tear off a piece of toilet paper the spindle will yell out your personalized message.

35. Prank Pack iArm

A great gag gift is always the element of surprise. The prank pack features a ridiculous arm band where you can have your tablet right on your arm. Even though it looks like a real item, it's actually an empty box where you can put a real item in it to prank the person receiving the gift.

36. Prescription Style Drink Cooler

You have a fever and the only prescription is more beer! This drink cooler is hilarious and made of foam to help keep your drink cold and fresh longer.

37. Farting Fanny Bank

The only piggy bank that let's out a toot when you put in some loot. The Farting Fanny Bank is perfect for anyone with a gross sense of humor. Put in your change and this bank let's it rip - always guaranteed for some big laughs.

38. The Toilet Mug

It's finally okay to drink from the toilet. The original toilet mug is perfect for your morning cup of coffee and to get plenty of laughs from your family and co-workers.

39. Weener Kleener Soap

Don't forget to clean your wiener! Say hello to the most stimulating cleaner you've ever used. The one size fits all cleaner will make a hilarious and functional gift for any guy.

40. "Because You Probably Touched Your Junk" Hand Sanitizer

Forget where your hands have been? Grab this hilarious hand sanitizer bottle to freshen up your hands after you've touched those non-sanitary places. Plus, it always gets a good laugh when people see it or borrow it.

41. Naughty People Outlet Decal

No one thinks to put decals around their outlets, so surprise someone with this hilarious naughty couple decal. It's a great way to spice up the decor around your home and get some interesting looks from family and friends.

42. The Willy Warmer

We all have seen knitted socks for our feet and knitted gloves for our hands, but how about a knitted warmer for our private parts? Never freeze your package off ever again with this comfortable warmer.

43. Bike Tail Light

Attach this to the back of your bike and get ready to turn some heads of anyone you pass by. The LED tail light has a "specific" design that adds some humor to your bike and helps you stay safe, what's not to like?

44. Over The Hill Exerciser

Keep the most important muscle in your body in shape with this great exercise tool. Perfect for the older gentleman who may need some help from time to time to get ready for some action.

45. Big Momma Undies

Whoa! Look at the size of these undies! The Big Momma Undies always get a great reaction and are a cruel and hilarious gag gift for brothers for any occasion. Plus, they look and feel like the real thing as they are made of 100% polyester.

46. Amazing Grenade Coffee Mug

Face it... you can never have too many coffee mugs. Especially when you're talking about this one! Generously sized and holds more than 12 ounces of your favorite brew, heads will surely be turning when they see you sippin from the grenade!

47. Bacon Lip Balm

Everybody loves bacon, right? Now you can enjoy the delicious taste of sizzling bacon every time you go to lick those lips. It's a win-win situation.

48. BigMouth Inc. Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats

They’re floaties for your beverage! This very useful, though admittedly hilarious, product is great for all those lazy ladies out there that don’t want to disturb their pool time when they get thirsty. Now, their drinks can float around with them! It’s innovation at its finest!

49. Grow A Girlfriend Toy

Give the gift of a new girlfriend to that lonely man in your life. The Grow a Girlfriend from Forum Novelties is the perfect companion - All you need to do is add water and she grows up to 6 times its original size. It will reach its full size in 72 hours and once it shrinks back, you can keep growing it over and over.

50. Googly Eye Glasses

One of the most classic gag gifts for men are the googly eye glasses. They make your eyes look huge and the pupils will move when your head shakes - Plus, you can see through them and are a great way to get some laughs.

51. Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

This gift goes perfect with the previous survival kit as the Poo-Pourri spray helps keep that disgusting smell from taking over the whole bathroom. Simply spray it in the toilet before you go and it blocks the odor from reaching the atmosphere. Made of essential oils and other natural compounds to give a safe way to smell nice and fresh after doing your business.

52. Pet Rock Box

Remember how cool it was to have a pet rock back in the day? Well this funny gift is bringing it back as each box contains a rock, straw bed, instructions and a walking leash. Just make sure you give this gift to someone who has time to take care of it!

Funny Gifts For Men | FAQs

What are some of the most popular gag gifts for men?

Some of the most popular gag gifts for men include funny T-shirts, novelty mugs, and joke books. If you're not sure what type of gag gift to buy, you can always opt for a gift card to a comedy club or store that sells gag gifts.

What are some funny gifts for guys with beards?

If you're looking for a funny gift for a guy with a beard, you're in luck! There are plenty of great gift ideas that will make him laugh. Whether you're looking for something to give your husband, boyfriend, brother, or dad, these gifts are sure to put a smile on his face.

Novelty Glasses

Novelty glasses are always a fun gift choice. There are a variety of different glasses available, including ones that feature a bearded design.

Bearded Man Apron

This hilarious apron is perfect for the man who likes to cook and has a beard. It features an image of a bearded man with the words "I'm the chef" printed above it. This apron is sure to get a laugh from anyone who sees it.

Beard Bib

Beard bibs are an excellent gift choice for the man in your life with a beard. This handy accessory attaches around the neck and catches all of the hair that falls off of the beard, keeping the area around the beard clean and free from stray hairs.

A beard can make a man look rugged and handsome, or it can make him look like he's been living in a cave for the past year. If you're looking for a gift for a guy with a beard, you can go with something practical, like a beard oil or beard trimmer, or you can go with something funny, like a beard hat or a fake beard. No matter what you choose, make sure it's something the guy will be able to use and that he'll find funny.

How do I choose the right gag gift for my man?

When choosing a gag gift for your man, you should consider his interests and personality. If he's into sports, you might want to buy him a funny T-shirt or mug with a sports-themed joke on it. If he's a jokester, a joke book or prank toy might be the perfect choice.

Is there anything I should avoid when buying a gag gift for a man?

When buying a gag gift for a man, you should avoid giving him anything that could be considered offensive or inappropriate. Gag gifts should be funny and harmless, so steer clear of anything that could cause offense or embarrassment.