23 Manly Gifts For The Rugged Mountain Man in Your Life

Because shaving with an axe is really only appropriate in the woods.
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Even the most rugged men need TLC. If you’ve got a flannel wearing, beard sporting, tree climbing fella in your life, these thoughtful gifts will show him just how much you care about maintaining his lumberjack lifestyle. They are best received in the log cabin he built with his bare hands, a lean-to deep in the woods, or in your well appointed, outdoor-themed urban apartment.

Immensely Manly Gifts For The Rugged Mountain Men

Even the most rugged mountain man needs proper grooming every now and again. Gently nudge your bearded fella in the direction of the dapper gent with this beard oil, beard balm and a gentle beard wash. It’s also great for use on bushy, mountain grown mustaches!

These candles are hand made in the USA from natural soy wax and are absolutely PERFECT for the man cave. This comes in a set of 3 amazing scents - Straight Razor, Leather, and Mahogany. Talk about heaven! These are the perfect gift for the true mountain man in your life!

This 100% cotton tee is perfect for the sensitive woodsman who is unafraid to proclaim his love of all things woodsy. Bonus – it’s machine washable for easy sawdust, whiskey and/or beard wax cleanup and is easily layered in between thermal, flannel, wool and waxed canvas.

After a long day of logging and/or building your dream cabin, it may be difficult to put down the power tools – and we support that. But we also support pizza, hence this power saw pizza cutter.

This gorgeous, folding comb is a must-have for the dapper bearded gentlemen – and the fragrant walnut it’s carved from is gentle on coarse facial hairs. Each piece is handmade and fits perfect for the pocket!

These frames are handmade and beautifully manufactured from bamboo! These sunglasses use a 9-layer polarized lense with the double, yes DOUBLE UV blocking coating and a polarizing film that makes sure your eyes are fully protected against harmful UV rays!

The most accomplished outdoorsman still can’t look to the sky and tell you the time on a cloudy day, that’s why they need this slick wooden wristwatch. All of the convenience of a traditional wristwatch with the slight fragrance of freshly carved wood, because even mountain men should be punctual.

This hand-carved wooden bowtie is the epitome of slick woodsman glamour – if such a thing exists. Made from walnut with a cotton knot accent, fumbling attempts at perfect bowtie knotting is a thing of the past.

No woodsman’s lodge is complete without at least one wool blanket. Whether it’s hung from the wall, thrown on his favorite chair or laid over the bed, this classic blanket has been a best seller, mainly due to it's quality craftsmanship.

These spacey-looking hanging hammocks are as suitable for the deep woods as they are for the backyard. Available in multiple colors and sizes, there’s one for every variety of hammock enthusiast.

This simple, metal pick can be engraved with the date, message or secret code of your choosing. A great gift for your banjo plucking, porch stomping, washboard strumming, mountain song singing outdoorsman.

Have the latitude and longitude of their favorite campsite, mountain, lake, or trailhead engraved on this hand cut leather cuff. It’s only jewelry if they declare it so, otherwise it’s a tool for reminding of them of where they’d rather be most of the time.

This thick, super plush fleece will keep your hide nice and warm through chilly fall and winter months. It features five pockets, thumb holes in the cuffs, and a stand up collar to combat winds creeping down your back.

This waxed canvas apron features leather pockets and straps for holding hand tools or other necessary equipment. With a solid brass adjustable strap and shiny brass details, it’s not hyperbole to call this “The Gentlemen’s Apron.”

For a day hike or a long workday, the simple, effortless design of this waxed canvas lunch bag makes it the perfect tote. It’s made with hammered copper rivets, hand-cut leather, and the woodsman’s best friend, waxed canvas.

Gifting a fella with Paul Bunyan sized mitts? These extra large lawn dice are the perfect gaming gift for the gentle giant in your life. Perfect for group camping trips, these hand crafted wooden dice are fun, durable and light enough for little ones.

This burly shower curtain will either remind its user of their bear-punching days or give them hope that they may one day punch a bear. At least in the shower they don’t have to worry about a K.O.

For the discerning gentlemen, a signature scent is fundamental. If you’re the rugged type of feller, there’s no better fragrance than that of a wood burning fire. Campfire Cologne is perfect for the dapper lumberjack fresh off the mountain and in need of some familiar aromatherapy.

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What’s a trip to the woods, or a trip away from your home in the woods, without a good stainless steel bottle? These YETI bottles are a must have for any true manly man. He will use it for everything from coffee, brew and his other favorite ice cold drinks.

This rugged, durable, extra-large duffle bag is made from the same material as fire-hoses. Featuring eight pockets, a foam lined bottom and multiple entry points, this is far more rugged than your everyday overnight or work bag.

Ditch the silver and gold and rock this sweet watch made from natural sandalwood with a genuine leather band to go with it. It's lightweight and really comfortable on the wrist

Any guy who enjoys outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, sports, etc could use these Binoculars. Few specs: HD clarity, 7x magnification, 35 MM lens diameter and extremely affordable

One of the most favorited gift sets and top birthday gifts for men on the market is 'The Man Can'. It contains 100% all natural skin care products like soap, shave gel, bay rum oil and more. 

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A good tool set is always a popular choice for the manly man. Whether he's a handyman or not, a quality tool set will come in handy for a variety of tasks. Look for a set that includes a variety of tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers.


From smartphones to gaming consoles, electronics make popular gifts for the manly man. If you're not sure what his interests are, consider buying an electronic that he can use for his hobbies, such as a camera for photography enthusiasts or a drone for pilots.


For the fashion-savvy manly man, clothing makes a great gift. Consider buying him a new shirt, jacket, or pair of pants. If you're not sure what size he wears, opt for a gift card to his favorite clothing store.

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