33 Perfect Gifts For Artists Who Love To Paint & Draw

Don’t make mistakes, make happy accidents with these inspiring gifts.

Want to send someone to art school without the financial commitment of actually sending them to art school? Or maybe you’ve already got an art student buddy that constantly needs all manner of art supplies and the the coolest new gadgets. Either way, these gifts will encourage their creativity and celebrate their talent. So, if you think about it, in some small way, you’ll be able to take credit for their legendary masterpieces, or at least say can you knew them when…

80 Piece Art Set

1) 80 Piece Art Set

This set contains everything the novice artists needs to start creating works of art. Pencils, pastels and watercolors are all here to help artistic vision flourish. And the slick case will keep everything neatly organized.

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A Brief History Of Art Mug

2) A Brief History Of Art Mug

Six years in art school and four years of art history classes got nothin’ on this mug. Okay, that may be exaggerating, but it is pretty comprehensive…for a mug. Also, that is a long time to be in school – maybe it’s time to try a job?

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Prismacolor Pencils

3) Prismacolor Pencils

Prismacolor makes the gold standard in oil based color pencils. They are blendable, ultra bright and shatterproof. Make sure the illustrator in your life is equipped with these pencils and watch their work flourish.

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Faber Castell Pen Brush Set

4) Faber Castell Pen Brush Set

These are the Dom Perignon of pen brushes. They are the absolute top of the line. if you’re filling up your moleskin with anything other than Faber Castells you’re about due to level up, and this 24 pack will set you on your way.

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Acrylic Paint Set

5) Acrylic Paint Set

This ultra-vibrant acrylic paint set will keep your painter buddies busy for a while. Each tube of highly pigmented color is easily mixed with water to increase its life and the comprehensive color selection spans the whole spectrum.

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3D Pen

6) 3D Pen

This 3D printer fits in your pencil bag and within minutes produces mind-blowing works of three dimensional art. The limit is only your creativity (and molding medium, and an available plug).

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Light Table

7) Light Table

Make tracing and image replication easy with this standard light table; a multi use tool that has a home in every artist’s studio. This folding model stores and travel easily; all the benefits of a bulky traditional light table with none of the heft.

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642 Things to Draw

8) 642 Things to Draw

Running out of inspiration? Looking around for the next big thing to spur your creativity? Check out this practical guide to drawing simple everyday items and before you know it you’ll be sketching everything within reach.

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Steal Like An Artist

9) Steal Like An Artist

You can spend innumerable hours studying art history. You can visit every museum and gallery in the world. You can dedicate years of your life to the cultivation of your own artistic voice, but until you recognize that originality is fleeting you’ll always be a step behind the pack.

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Visual Journal

10) Visual Journal

Dick Blick says visual journal- I say sketch book – either way, every artist uses them, fills their pages and eventually needs a new one. This Strathmore journal has a tear away cover page, smooth, bristol paper and is perfect for pencil, ink, or water color.

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Doodle Invasion Coloring Book

11) Doodle Invasion Coloring Book

Take a break from creating your own masterworks and collaborate with this psychedelic coloring book instead. Once you’ve gotten outside your head, come back to your work with fresh eyes and some seriously trippy inspiration.

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12) Smudgeguard

Wacom tablet users are victims of a distinct phenomenon – tablet smudging. Smudges can make styluses difficult to use, can trifle with pen sensitivity, and they get exponentially worse the longer they go unchecked. Smudgeguard contains all these issues and makes tablet use much easier.

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Brush Cleaner And Preserver

13) Brush Cleaner And Preserver

A tool as small and vital as a high quality brush cleaner and preserver will not be taken for granted. Keeping their tools in shape is a high priority! Expect at least a 12ft portrait of you and your dog in return. AT LEAST.

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Brush Holder

14) Brush Holder

Any item that helps organize an artist’s workspace is celebrated. This simple tool keeps their brushes neat and visible which is an enormous feat when working with more than a few brushes at a time.

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Platinum Brush Vase

15) Platinum Brush Vase

Fill this dazzling vase with brightly blooming flowers and surround it with fresh fruit and it will make for a very modern and vaguely meta still life study. Paint brushes with your paint brushes, get it?

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Color Wheel Earrings

16) Color Wheel Earrings

Show off your sartorial knowledge of color theory and vintage style with these sweet, petite studs.They literally match everything. Literally.

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Artist’s Workspace Watch

17) Artist’s Workspace Watch

Has a watch-face ever been so true to an artist’s workspace? Probably not. With this watch you can wear your studio on your wrist and always be reminded of where you’d rather be – and what you should probably be cleaning.

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Color Wheel Necklace

18) Color Wheel Necklace

In case you were looking for a necklace to match those color wheel earrings, this french color wheel is precisely perfect. It also literally matches everything. Literally. (En Francais; Elle correspond également à littéralement tout)

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Color Wheel

19) Color Wheel

You’ll never have an issue with color theory again with this standard color wheel. With primary, secondary, tertiary, complimentary and grayscale features, it’s a tiny disc that packs a huge punch. It’s without a doubt a studio necessity.

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Wacom Digital Pen

20) Wacom Digital Pen

When looking for that perfect something for the modern, design-minded individual in your life, this stylish stylus will fit the bill. It’s compact, sleek, and comes complete with a charging unit /carrying case. Also, how fun is it to say, “stylish stylus?”

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Don’t F*cking Procrastinate Mug

21) Don’t F*cking Procrastinate Mug

Every artist needs to be reminded to stay focused every now and again. It helps if that reminder is delivered with a strong cup of high octane coffee. This also makes a inspirational brush mug, just don’t drink the paint water.

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French Easel

22) French Easel

The French easel is the defining easel of outdoor artists everywhere. Can you imagine painting busy Parisian streets on anything else? I’m not sure any other easel is even allowed beside the Seine.

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Heated Hand Massage Mitts

23) Heated Hand Massage Mitts

After hours of sketching, painting or designing, hands can become exhausted. When your palms are stiff and your fingers are cramping up, perk up your paws with this heated massager and get back to work in no time at all.

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Acrylic Paint and Brush Set

24) Acrylic Paint and Brush Set

This is a great starter kit for the young artists in your life. The acrylic paints are forgiving, blendable and dry fast, while the small selection of brushes is just what you need for those first masterstrokes.

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Oil Paint Set

25) Oil Paint Set

The classically trained oil painter in your life will thank you endlessly for these super vibrant, highly pigmented oils. This 24 piece set could easily last a year or more and the spectrum of colors is very comprehensive.

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Paint Water/Not Paint Water Mug Set

26) Paint Water/Not Paint Water Mug Set

It’s a mistake every artist has made. No Judgement. No shame. But we are strong. We can stop the cycle of accidentally chugging dirty paint water with these mugs that clearly describe their contents.

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Paintbrush Charm

27) Paintbrush Charm

When you’re done adding splashes of color to mankind, add a splash of color to your look with this delicate silver paintbrush charm. Art is life and style is living; this pendant captures both sentiments delightfully.

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Palette Pendant

28) Palette Pendant

Fans of vintage jewelry and retro iconography will swoon for this little palette charm necklace. Wearing this antique inspired peice will let everyone around know that the wearer is a true arteest.

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Pantone Watch

29) Pantone Watch

Pantone Universe is making every designer, artist or generally creative person salivate with their pure color fantasies. This watch, in one of 2016’s colors of the year, is no exception. It’s the perfect statement piece for the colorful, creative character in your life.

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Portable Box Easel

30) Portable Box Easel

Students love this portable easel that has multiple supply compartments and supports a small canvas. Customize it with a stain or color of your choice – the unfinished wood is just another opportunity for creativity.

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Rite In The Rain All Weather Notepad

31) Rite In The Rain All Weather Notepad

All weather notepads are a true necessity for constant sketchers living in parts of the world that experience weather. When the rain, fog, snow and ice try to keep you from sketching in the out of doors, the Rite in the Rain Notepad has got you covered.

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Sketch and Drawing Pencil Set

32) Sketch and Drawing Pencil Set

Everything the novice artist needs to exercise their gift. Graphite, charcoal and soft pencils are all necessities when learning to sketch and draw, so make sure the beginning artist in your life is well equipped for expression.

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Watercolor iPhone Case

33) Watercolor iPhone Case

If your world is bright and colorful, you see potential inspiration in everything, and you never tire of the process of creativity, this phone case will keep all your potential art projects fresh in your mind.

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