64 Unique Gifts for Coworkers

These unique gifts for coworkers will make the work day just a little bit easier (and a lot more fun)

christmas coworker gift ideas
Coworkers are your family away from home. These are the folks you spend forty whole hours a week with. Whether you like them or not, you’re in this together. When it comes time for gifting your office mates, getting them productivity tools for their work spaces is thoughtful but there’s certainly nothing wrong having little fun with your “fam” on the clock.
Everyone does it, so why not celebrate the fact that we all, from time to time, poo at work? This handbook lays out the rules of workplace bathroom etiquette in a humorous, accessible way.
Basketball lovers and all sports fanatics will go nuts over this. Play hoops with marshmallows while sipping on your favorite brew. It's quite fun at the office.
If you're looking for something to put in a gift basket - you can't go wrong with a Starbucks gift card from Amazon.com to help your coworker get their latte fix.
Okay, this mug heats up your cookies with the warmth of your own hot drink. I haven't seen anything as ingenious in a long while, and the fact that it clearly draws inspiration from everyone's favorite cookie eating blue monster - perfection.
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Brew a pot, let it cool, then use it to fill these bean shaped ice cube trays. Then they can use them for iced coffee that won't get watered down as it melts.
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Always a popular white elephant gift choice is the giant pencil from Accoutrements. It writes and erases just like a classic #2 pencil except it's super-sized to 14 inches long. Give it a try and you'll be amazed at how functional it is.
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This fun hand-crafted USB flash drive looks just like a human finger and is a great way to save all their files. Perfect for home and work, it holds up to 16GB of space and plugs in easily to their computer.
christmas gift to coworker
A great gift idea that will look perfect at anyone's office. Co-workers will love these office supply cup holders as each one is shaped as a recycle and trash can and comes with wheels and closable tops.
christmas gift idea for coworker
Your coworkers can cut right to the chase with these funny note takers. Color coded to emphasize the acronym headers (see; the brown, TMI – the fire engine red WTF).
gift ideas for christmas coworkers
Each of these standard #2 pencils is inscribed with an inspirational or thoughtful philosophical quote from legendary artist Andy Warhol. These are perfect for the office’s designer, copywriter or resident art aficionado.
gift ideas for coworkers at christmas
Anyone who has ever worked a client facing role knows all too well how frustrating it is to hear the uninitiated quip about how they can better perform someone else’s job. This tongue-in-cheek sign will help customer service pros blow off a little steam.
gift ideas for coworkers christmas
It’s great to look up from your desk and see something that really boosts morale. This typography poster is a great way to lift the spirits of any office mate who appreciates a clever print and needs a daily reminder to laugh more and worry less.
christmas gift for coworkers ideas
Everyone in the office can have fun popping the daily bubbles on this bubble wrap calendar. Exercising daily frustration via bubble wrap is universal, right?
gift ideas for coworkers for christmas
In many offices, the fridge is usually the de-facto memo board. Give those daily messages, comic strip clippings and lunch bag warnings a little humor by holding them up with the rear ends of a variety of animals.
christmas gifts idea for coworkers
Help your deskmates go hands-free by adding a couple of feet to their communication repertoire. These cute iPhone stands come in a variety of colors, and are packaged just like a new pair of sneakers; very cute!
gifts ideas for coworkers christmas
This macabre pen holder takes the concept of a stress ball to the next level. Fred is an exaggeratedly morbid way to hold a pen, but hey – if it works, it works!
christmas gifts for coworkers ideas
Some days require productivity tools that leave decisions to chance. This multitasking gift holds down pages and takes the pressure out of settling on verdicts. Now that’s productivity!
christmas gift ideas for coworker
Every hour or so, workers should change gears, step away from their computer screens and reset their brains. Desktop bowling is the perfect way to take a short break and decompress with your deskmates.
christmas coworkers gift ideas
The discreet doorstop is an undervalued office tool. Stoppy makes a doorstop that’s easy to place and remove; much more ergonomic than a driving a wedge under a door and later having to fight it out from its gap.
christmas gifts ideas for coworkers
Help your office mates keep their reference bookshelf in order with a dash of drama. If they ever feel overwhelmed, they can look at this bookend and think, “well, at least I’m not facing a 10 ft crushing wall of books everyday.”
christmas gifts ideas for coworkers
Great for stress-squeezing, stress-juggling or stress-tossing at each other, these cute emoji squeeze balls are a fun way to decompress, secretly communicate emotions or decorate a desk.
coworker gift ideas for christmas
Zen sandbox art gets the Hamptons treatment with this clever desktop beach scene. Your coworker can escape to a remote (imaginary) beach whenever they want, which is a great way to pass the time until their actual vacation.
christmas gift ideas coworkers
Glasses wearers will find this unique tool indispensable. Tossing their glasses across their desks only to spend minutes scrambling to find them again will be a thing of the past.
ideas for christmas gifts for coworkers
Make your coworker’s daily moods easy to convey! Conversation can be such a hassle, particularly in the morning. These handy, flip over message cards come complete with a dry erase option for those special mornings when a custom message is necessary.
ideas for christmas gifts for coworkers
The coffee lovers in the office will appreciate this mug that, when displayed prominently, clearly lets their office mates know precisely when they are ready to receive them.
coworker christmas gifts ideas
Clever novelty pens are much harder to casually lose over time than basic bics. For the perpetually pen-less, this gift will ensure they can track down any pen thieves post haste.
coworker christmas gift ideas
A perfect gift for the wood enthusiast, this handmade bamboo keyboard and mouse set is simultaneously trendy and timeless. It will definitely make your desktop stand out!
coworkers christmas gift ideas
Candy dishes are so last millennium but jelly bellys never go out of style. Level up your coworker’s candy dish game with this retro candy dispenser and the whole office will thank you.
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Help you coworker achieve daily zen with this lovely miniature juniper bonsai planter. Pro tip; It’s perfect for the coworker that also loves bamboo keyboards.
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No one in the office would dare steal this dazzling stapler from the desk of its lucky owner. If you have a coworker who always seems to be chasing down their office tools, this stapler might be the thing that halts rampant supply “borrowing.”
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A stylish coffee drinker should have an equally stylish travel mug. Gold stripes make this luxe-looking, thermal coffee cup an enviable accessory for the trend setting, golden child in your office.
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Get right to the bottom of whatever mishegas the work day presents with these straight-to-the-point sticky notes. Remember, there are for inter-office use only, they aren’t meant for the eyes of clients. But, you’ll still likely be recapping a few customer interactions on them, so use discretion.
coworker gifts
You really only need to take lunch at your desk once to know how valuable this tool is. If you’ve got an office mate that can’t be torn from their laptop, this gift will reform their work space and, once they get a minute, they will totally thank you.
Nothing but the best for the coworker who receives this posh mousepad as a gift. The supple leather of this pad will compliment a sleek modern workstation and be gently supportive of your coworker’s mouse controlling hand.
co worker gifts
Some days are just too hectic. Management is hard, and there are a lot of moving parts/balls to keep in the air. But when logic and critical thinking fail your boss, they can fall back on this magnetic decision maker.
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Handy tools like this one are a must for any bespectacled coworker who goes from computer screen to written page to wall-sized whiteboard multiple times a day. Eye strain affects millions of office workers, do your part to ease the optical exertion of your coworkers.
gifts for a coworker
Cleaning keyboards, dusting computer screens and sweeping desktops is actually fun with these liliputan finger gloves. The microfiber material makes them the perfect tool for maintaining a dust free work-space.
gift for a coworker
While it might not have a place in the office per say, this funny retro sign is just what your beer enthusiast coworker wants to see after a long day of being coffee fueled and deskbound.
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Keep this hilarious novelty gift in mind for the straight talking, whistle blower in your office. Employee meetings are a lot more fun when this gift finds its way in to the right hands.
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This is the perfect gift for the puzzle solver that hasn’t graduated to ink yet. The pencil broom both erases errors and sweeps up eraser debris (aka evidence).
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This gift is twofold; it’s a handy calendar that also negates the need for any other calendar, theoretically forever. It’s a perfect gift for the un-fussy minimalist in your office.
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You can personalize this handmade, business card holder with a charming selection of fonts and small graphics. This business card holder converts from desktop card display to palm-size card holder; great for your coworker on the go.
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It’s a coworker with a distinct sense of humor that will appreciate this audaciously meta tissue holder. Perfect for tiki lovers, gross joke lovers, and the perpetual allergy sufferer.
a gift for a coworker
Desk plants are tremendous morale boosters. When your coworker’s aesthetic doesn’t quite allow for traditional terracotta planters, this ultra-modern pot and low maintenance plant is a perfect compromise.
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Infusion bottles make short work of the daily monotony of hydration. Each bottle has a small, porous sack attached the lid that can be filled with fresh fruit, tea or any other flavorful H20 addition. When you’re spending several hours a day sitting at a desk, water drinking can take a backseat. No more being dehydrated!
Tape dispensers are ubiquitous office tools – so why not shake things up with adorable novelty dispensers? This cutie also holds paper clips or thumbtacks.
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Do you have a coworker who keeps hot sauce in their bag (swag)? This Sriracha To Go mini hot sauce bottle is a truly considerate gift for the spice lover in your office. Personalize it to let your coworker know you respect their spicy culinary choices.
gifts for coworkers ideas
When your coworker’s weekly tasks aren’t easily tracked on a monthly calendar, a weekly post-it style calendar they can customize is a perfect gift.
gift ideas for a coworker
Stress relief is necessary in any workplace. Curb your coworker’s need to lash out with this desktop, speed punching bag – but go easy on it – other people may want to have a wack at it too.
coworkers gifts ideas
Got a coworker that could really use a hand? Keep all their hand tools safe and accounted for in this modern pen cup. The magnetic wrist is perfect for note-keeping and paper clip storage.
coworkers gift ideas
Bring a bit of outside to the desk of your coworker. A self contained terrarium requires little/ no maintenance while serving the same morale maintaining purpose as a basic potted plant.
gift ideas coworkers
For the office that takes it coffee consumption seriously, this gorgeously designed infographic is a stellar addition to the breakroom. Now you can all bond about your shared love, need, and knowledge of modern coffee.
gifts ideas for coworkers
A stress ball that’s as relieving to squeeze as it is to see being squeezed? That’s more than an office commodity – that’s a potential office mascot.
gifts ideas for coworkers
When the piles of business cards on your coworker’s desk becomes unmanageable, this canny desktop filing cabinet will bring order to the chaos. There is no sweeter way to pay homage to concise filing habits.
Each office has at least one tea devotee. Show that coworker that you’re keen to their tea sipping ways with this ingenious tea mug for loose leaf tea (arguably the only tea for discerning enthusiasts).
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For your constantly scheduled coworker, this day planner can serve as a bullet journal; a diary/calendar hybrid that’s all the rage with over-planners. Its lightweight design makes it easy for daily carry, and is one of the top sellers this year!
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Wherever there are coworkers, so should there be this stamp. It will never get old, it will get used daily and it will make all the WTF moments of the work day that much easier to deal with.
coworker gifts ideas
This glass coffee maker is gorgeous on a countertop; far better looking than the coffee mate you had in your dorm. Give this to the discerning coffee drinker whose carefully appointed kitchen has no room for matte plastic and digital timers.
christmas gifts to coworkers
Turn your coworker into a world-class barista with this French Press gift from KONA. Pouring a perfect tasty cup of coffee has never been easier thanks to this highly rated French Press.
fun gift
She can finally fulfill her dream of becoming a mermaid thanks to this Mermaid tail blanket from Amazon.com. It's comfortable, colorful, and looks like the real thing!
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Smell away the stress by giving your female coworker this great stress relief candle from Bath and Body Works made from Eucalyptus and Spearmint.
This tea kit is perfect for the tea lover in your life. It comes with 48 tea bags each packed with a delicious flavor.
fun gift
Active moms will appreciate this environmentally friendly, stainless steel water bottle. They’ll always have a drink available when they’re on the go with their kids. Plus, the bottles are triple-walled, so she’ll never get condensation on her hands! A great gift for Mother's day.
fun gift
Great for the office or just for putting around inside the house/apartment. Features a ball return system and is a long enough at 9 feet to instill confidence in your golfing game.