Ultimate List Of 62 Gifts For Coffee Lovers And Addicts Alike

We can mostly agree that caffeine rules, but there is so much more to a good cup of coffee…

62 Gifts For Coffee Lovers
There are a few different types of coffee drinkers: the early riser who relies on caffeine to jump start their day, the connoisseur who swears by their never ending collection of imported brewing equipment, and the casual sipper whose favorite brew is probably coffee flavored gelato. Regardless of how anyone enjoys their java, these gifts will make the experience more enjoyable overall. Cheers – but don’t talk to me until I’m halfway down this mug.

Espresso Maker

1) Espresso Maker

This air-pressure brewer eliminates bitterness and produces a clean, smooth cup of espresso. This space saving device is perfect for the coffee lover with limited space for fancy brewing machines.

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The World's Strongest Coffee

2) The World's Strongest Coffee

There comes a time in every coffee fanatic's life when they wonder if they have reached the limit and caffeine no longer affects them. Renew their caffeinated fervor with this insane coffee that I can't believe exists.

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Blast Off Espresso Cups

3) Blast Off Espresso Cups

These espresso cups will get you jazzed up to blast off into the caffeine stratosphere! Perfect for the modern lover of retro iconography.

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Blue Bottle Craft Of Coffee

4) Blue Bottle Craft Of Coffee

All manner of insights into the world of craft coffee are held in this little manifesto. If you know of someone meditating on the coffee business, this is a great gift for them.

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Hand Painted But First, Coffee Sign

5) Hand Painted But First, Coffee Sign

Somewhere, somehow, there is an adorably shabby chic coffee nook in someone's beachfront cottage with zero kitschy retro signage. This sign needs to live in that nook, and if that is in your power to do, than by all means, make it happen.

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Caffeine Molecule Shirt

6) Caffeine Molecule Shirt

This shirt is a great way to connect with other chemistry/coffee geeks, which, if Breaking Bad taught us anything (nice), it's that that's a very legitimate subset of geek.

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Glass Pour Over

7) Glass Pour Over

Some will argue that pour-over style coffee brewing produces the finest cup of coffee. Of those people, some will argue that a glass pour over is better than ceramic or steel mesh. Remember that because it's going to come up again later.

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Capsule Kong

8) Capsule Kong

Nespresso and K Cup users know how out of hand cup storage can get what with the hundreds of brands and flavors. This Donkey Kong inspired cup holder is part space saving organizational tool part awesome gamer wall art.

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Coffee Grinder

9) Coffee Grinder

A good cup starts with a good bean, but the grind can be just as important as the bean or the brewing method. Make sure the coffee lovers in your life are grinding well.

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Ceramic Pour Over

10) Ceramic Pour Over

The ceramic dripper, some say, is far superior to the glass or metal mesh pour over. But you get to make your own decisions about pour overs because you have freedom of thought.

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Glass Coffee Maker

11) Glass Coffee Maker

This glass coffee maker is gorgeous on a countertop; far better looking than the coffee mate you had in your dorm. Give this to the discerning coffee drinker whose carefully appointed kitchen has no room for matte plastic and digital timers.

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Coffee Tasting Aroma Kit

12) Coffee Tasting Aroma Kit

Indulge in the aromas of several varieties of coffee beans and roasts with this scent identifying kit. Soon enough you'll be an expert in the field of coffee, and that's not bad expertise to have.

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Caramel Latte Candle

13) Caramel Latte Candle

The smell of coffee is often more intoxicating than the taste. Fill some special coffee lover's home with the scent of caramel, frothed milk and rich coffee with this candle.

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Assorted Coffee Candy

14) Assorted Coffee Candy

Coffee candy is a sophisticated way to say you love the taste of coffee, but not as much as you love the taste of sugar. It's the sum of the parts, we get it.

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Coffee Cup Charm

15) Coffee Cup Charm

These most adorable miniatures are perfect for the coffee obsessed dollhouse enthusiast. Or the coffee obsessed charm bracelet enthusiast. Or the bracelet obsessed charm enthusiast currently sipping coffee.

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Coffee Cup Pendant

16) Coffee Cup Pendant

This delicate pendant necklace is reserved for only the classiest of baristas. But you can make classy mean whatever you like. Your favorite brewer, at home or in your local cafe will cherish this ode to a fresh hot cup.

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Coffee Gives Me Superpowers

17) Coffee Gives Me Superpowers

I think we have all felt the warm glow of our superpowers awakening upon our first sip of coffee. Author Ryoko Iwata takes the reader on a fun journey full of infographic listicles and coffee fun facts in this delicious ode to coffee.

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Coffee Infusion Kit

18) Coffee Infusion Kit

The lover of coffee and spirits will appreciate the heck out of this home infusion kit. Breakfast cocktails will be served just how we like them, thusly!

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Coffee Magnets

19) Coffee Magnets

Lots of coffee aficionados store their coffee in the freezer. I have no idea who told them to do that; it dries out the coffee's delicious natural oils. So, if someone you know is ruining their coffee by giving it frostbite, maybe these fridge magnets will remind them to cut that out.

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Prescription Coffee Mug

20) Prescription Coffee Mug

Caffeine is a stimulant - that much is clear, but calling it a drug in the same breath you would call aspirin a drug is debated. Anyway - if you feel like coffee is your medicine and you need it to live, this is the mug to drink it out of.

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Coffee Recipe Poster

21) Coffee Recipe Poster

Amatuer baristas will get a kick out of this coffee recipe poster. They'll never wonder what exactly a breve or flat white is ever again.

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Coffee Slippers

22) Coffee Slippers

Shuffling to the coffee nook first thing in the morning is never cuter than when done in these handmade coffee slippers. They'll keep your tootsies warm while you worry about warming up the rest of your precious self.

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Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

23) Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Gross...but true

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Coffee Mint Body Wash

24) Coffee Mint Body Wash

The scent of coffee is definitely invigorating, as is the smell of mint. It seems like a good idea to put these two scents together to maximize vigor. Thanks to Wash With Joe, we don't have to wonder how great this combo might be; we can buy it and know how great it is.

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Cold Brew Infusion Bottle

25) Cold Brew Infusion Bottle

Cold brew is having a moment right now. And why not? The method of slow cold brewing virtually eliminates bitter, acidic tones from coffee leaving you with a smooth, clean drinking experience

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Cookie Monster Mug

26) Cookie Monster Mug

Okay, this mug heats up your cookies with the warmth of your own hot drink. I haven't seen anything as ingenious in a long while, and the fact that it clearly draws inspiration from everyone's favorite cookie eating blue monster - perfection.

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Cool Beans Ice Tray

27) Cool Beans Ice Tray

Brew a pot, let it cool, then use it to fill these bean shaped ice cube trays. Then you can use them for iced coffee that won't get watered down as it melts.

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Espresso Candy

28) Espresso Candy

For those who love the flavor of coffee more than the buzz, coffee candy is a great gift. Although, I think there is a buzz included, it's not as strong as a cup of joe.

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Modular Bamboo and Porcelain Espresso Cup Set

29) Modular Bamboo and Porcelain Espresso Cup Set

A sleek, minimalist espresso set for the discerning decorator/coffee sipper. These are a perfect housewarming gift for an espresso enthusiast who loves good design but not clutter.

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Countertop Mug Rack

30) Countertop Mug Rack

Did every home in the 1980s have some variation of this mug tree? I know we had at least a few in our home. Looks like they're making a comeback. Good for them. They're dang useful for those households with four coffee mugs for every one person.

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French Press

31) French Press

There are two french presses on this list - they are remarkably similar but in aesthetic. This classic model fits seamlessly in any kitchen, and is required coffee gear for true aficionados.

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Go Away Mug

32) Go Away Mug

Coffee drinkers that require at least one solid cup of joe before interacting with folks will find this mug very useful in their lives.

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Hot Fudge Flavored Coffee

33) Hot Fudge Flavored Coffee

Coffee and chocolate go together like root beer and ice cream, prosciutto and melon, or donuts and jelly. They're all perfectly fine on their own but put them together - wow.

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I Can't Adult Travel Mug

34) I Can't Adult Travel Mug

Adulting is hard. For some though - it's really hard. That person's life would benefit from this travel mug; it lets everyone they come into contact with know that they may be under-equipped to deal with life in general.

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I Love Coffee Recipes

35) I Love Coffee Recipes

Make every fantastic, over-the-top coffee drink your heart has ever desired with this comprehensive guide to delicious coffee drinks. Bonus - use the coffee bean cube tray for the iced drinks you find in this book.

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Personalized Coffee Spoon

36) Personalized Coffee Spoon

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most cherished. Personalize this coffee spoon to say whatever heartfelt few words hold the most weight and pair best with sugar and cream.

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Java Infused Skincare Collection

37) Java Infused Skincare Collection

I totally attest to coffee as skincare. The smell is rich, earthy and mellifluous. The caffeine stimulates collagen production and tightens skin, and you can catch a little bronze glow all in one swoop.

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Coffee Scented Firelog

38) Coffee Scented Firelog

Filling a coffee lover's home with both the warmth and the scent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee is an awesome gift. The Java Log is also a long burning, efficient alternative to other scented firewood.

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Matte Black French Press

39) Matte Black French Press

French press number two is a dramatic, matte black affair, suited to a more romantic or baroque decorating scheme. Also great for office use, if the office is romantic or baroque or in need of a stylish french press.

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Whipped Sugar Coffee Scrub

40) Whipped Sugar Coffee Scrub

Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation, and when paired with the tightening and collagen producing benefits of caffeine, it's a double win. Plus, the smell of decadent frothy lattes. Yum

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Camera Lens Travel Mug

41) Camera Lens Travel Mug

I think I would freak out every time I saw this in the kitchen sink because I know how valuable a camera lens can be. That said, I'm not sure I recommend this for anyone other than casual photographers with kit lenses.

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Life Begins After Coffee Print

42) Life Begins After Coffee Print

Download this cute poster digitally in no time at all! It's available in a high resolution digital format so you can choose the frame first and then print to fit.

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Travel Mug Holder

43) Travel Mug Holder

Easily attach a travel mug to a bike, stroller or shopping cart with this clever, portable mug holder. Your hands have more important things to do than babysit coffee.

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Handheld Milk Frother

44) Handheld Milk Frother

Cappuccino and latte lovers will swoon for this easy to use handheld milk frother. It makes creating frothy, creamy coffee drinks an easy feat. Breves and flat whites for all!

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Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot

45) Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot

This percolator can be used on any stovetop and is designed to "enhance the coffee's natural aromas." She ain't bad to look at either.

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Morning, Noon And Night Roasts

46) Morning, Noon And Night Roasts

Coffee is great in the am, but can make a nice nightcap too. And sometimes you just need a little afternoon boost. These coffee varieties cater caffeine to the different times of day they are to be enjoyed.

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Reusable KCup

47) Reusable KCup

K Cups create a good deal of waste. This reuseable filter cuts down the mountain of single use cups so our children can thank us for at least trying not to bury them under plastic.

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Self Stirring Mug

48) Self Stirring Mug

The poetic swirl of bright white cream as it travels to the bottom of a cup of coffee is a universally soothing image. But it's not for you or whomever you get this gift for. You don't have time to ponder the nature of an endless spiral of milk, you just want your coffee stirred. NOW

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Single Serve Brew Mug

49) Single Serve Brew Mug

The single serve coffee buddy brews up the perfect cup every time, because the brewer controls the strength. Don't tell anyone I said this but it's fabulous for tea drinkers too.

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Squirrel Coffee Mug

50) Squirrel Coffee Mug

If you or someone you know has a friendly neighborhood squirrel that enters their homes in search of tiny coffee, good news! We found their cup.

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16 oz Steel Mug

51) 16 oz Steel Mug

Filling this with anything other than foamy lager might seem counterintuitive. Trust us, it's a legit coffee cup if you're brave enough, have a high enough caffeine tolerance or are drinking iced decaf.

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Silver Coffee Bead

52) Silver Coffee Bead

Another charm for the bead enthusiast crowd. There's a lot of crossover in craft culture and coffee culture, every full time crafter I know has a substantial coffee obsession. Hence, this crafty little bead/charm.

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Stormtrooper Mug

53) Stormtrooper Mug

Maybe if stormtroopers drank more coffee they'd hit a target or two every once in awhile.

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Automatic Sugar Dispenser

54) Automatic Sugar Dispenser

If you're downing multiple cups of coffee a day, there's no reason for inconsistency between cups. Get the right amount of sugar every time with this automatic dispenser.

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Tetris Mug

55) Tetris Mug

This mug changes color creating the appearance of tetris pieces moving down a console screen. If you know someone who appreciates retro games as much as coffee served in color changing mugs, this is for you.

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The Coffee Towel

56) The Coffee Towel

This ultimate coffee infographic is intensely comprehensive. It feels wrong to call it a tea towel, but technically I guess it is. In the right house however, it's absolutely a coffee towel.

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Steel Mesh Pour Over

57) Steel Mesh Pour Over

Some will argue that steel mesh pour overs are the clearly superior pour overs. Others will argue for ceramic or glass. The choice is yours, we remain neutral.

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Coffee Saver

58) Coffee Saver

Coffee should be stored on a countertop, in an airtight container. This way the coffee retains its flavorful oils. Don't let your friends put their coffee in their freezers. Get them this instead.

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World's Biggest Coffee Mug

59) World's Biggest Coffee Mug

I wonder if a person could realistically drink this much coffee and what it might do to them. I wonder...

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Java Sok

60) Java Sok

The Java Sok is designed for iced coffee lovers. It works just like a coozy to keep the coffee cold and moisture from the drinker's palms. On hot sunny days, your iced coffee drinking pals will be thrilled to have this item between them and their drink.

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Vacuum Coffee Maker

61) Vacuum Coffee Maker

Vacuum coffee makers extract flavorful oils from ground coffee before any precious aroma can escape. Danish and Dutch coffee drinkers have sworn by vacuum coffee makers for years. They produce remarkably smooth and rich pots of coffee.

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Perkatory Mug

62) Perkatory Mug

Never let a coffee lover remain in Perkatory for long. Because everybody in earshot will pay the price when the caffeine runs dry. This mug is the perfect reminder to keep that java river flowing.

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