63 Stocking Stuffers For Kids

The most epic list of stocking stuffers for kids has arrived! No more looking around needed! Scroll down for some seriously awesome fillers.

The most important part to finding the best stocking stuffers for kids is to first understand their personality. Are they the artsy type? Maybe they are obsessed with sports? Or what about science? Whatever it is that they are into, we definitely have you covered. Take a look below and skim through all of our top stocking stuffer ideas for kids this year. We guarantee that you will find something just right for your kid! Also, make sure to check out our other Christmas lists at www.giftbeta.com/unusual-unique-stocking-stuffer-ideas.

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Art Mini Notes

1) Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Art Mini Notes

When it comes to quality and educational toys, Melissa & Doug reign supreme. Let their creativity shine as they can write notes, doodle, and make illustrations on 125 rainbow notes. It comes with a wooden stylus and a reusable dispenser box.

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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty (Liquid Glass)

2) Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty (Liquid Glass)

If you haven't introduced Crazy Aaron's to your kids yet, they are seriously missing out. This putty brand comes in over 20 wacky colors and types. Glow in the dark, lava, heat sensitive and so many more! Just get it, your little ones will love you!

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Molding & Sculpting Sticks

3) Molding & Sculpting Sticks

Let's keep the creativity juices flowing for your boys and girls with these amazing molding and sculpting sticks. This awesome stocking stuffer comes with 24 Wikki Stix and kids can stick them to any smooth surface and start designing. There's no right or wrong way with Wikki Stix, just a great way for your kid to get creative.

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Color Bath Dropz

4) Color Bath Dropz

Bath time will never be the same once they get their hands on these color bath dropz from Crayola. Choose from 60 fragrance-free tablets and turn bath water into a rainbow of bold and fun colors to mix and match. Don't worry mom and dad, the colors wash off quickly.

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Christmas Mad Libs Book

5) Christmas Mad Libs Book

Christmas Mad Libs is great for some good old-fashioned family fun and tons of laughs. With holiday-themed stories, the whole family can participate in creating hilarious, silly, and entertaining stories to tell around the Christmas tree or fire this holiday season.

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Knock Knock Jokes

6) Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock...Who's there? Oh, just the greatest book of knock knock jokes that will turn your kids into instant comedians. With 128 pages of funny knock knock jokes, boys & girls will be entertained for hours and have all the adults rolling on the floor.

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Build Your Own Snowman Foam Putty

7) Build Your Own Snowman Foam Putty

Who says you have to go outside in the cold to make your very own snowman. Kangaroo's "Do you want to build a snowman" toy features foam putty that allows children to form their perfect snowman. It also includes eyes, carrot nose, arms, and a smile mouth to help bring the snowman to life.

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Scented Gel Pens

8) Scented Gel Pens

Every time they go to write with these gel pens, they are in for a colorful surprise. Each pen has gel ink that changes color when you draw and puts off a wonderful scent of either orange, strawberry, apple, grape, lemon, and more.

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Colorful Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner

9) Colorful Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner

Don't let your kids miss out on the frenzy that are Fidget Spinners. These toys have taken the world by storm and teens deserve the coolest spinner on the market. This multi-color, stainless steel fidget spinner has 3-5 minute average spins and is super easy to carry around.

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The Original Slinky

10) The Original Slinky

For 70 years, Slinky has kept kids entertained as they watch it bounce and walk down stairs. It truly is a choice that stands the test of time and makes one of the best stocking stuffers for kids this holiday season.

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Rubik's Cube

11) Rubik's Cube

Here's another classic item that has kept generations of both kids and adults busy and puzzled. The Rubik's Cube continues to be the world's number 1 brain-teasing puzzle with billions of combinations but only one solution. It's a great stocking stuffer due to its compact size and that it challenges your kid with every move.

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Dig For Dinosaur Fossils

12) Dig For Dinosaur Fossils

Does your boy love dinosaurs? Get them this sweet product that lets them dig for their very own dinosaur. Watch your kid pour out the sand and dig for fossils of an ancient beast - then they can re-assemble the dinosaur to put it on full display - It's so cool!

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Turtle Rock Pet Kit

13) Turtle Rock Pet Kit

Take a look at the new and improved pet rock! No more looking for rocks outside, this turtle-shaped rock comes with six waterproof paints and a brush that lets them get creative and design a beautiful pet rock turtle. It's a perfect gift for a rainy day and to display in the garden or in their room.

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Easy To Do Origami Set

14) Easy To Do Origami Set

Origami is the ancient art form of Japanese paper folding and is a superb way to get your kids thinking and using their motor skills to create beautiful designs out of paper. This easy-to-do project book features 17 designs with step-by-step instructions and different difficulty levels.

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Magic 8 Ball

15) Magic 8 Ball

Your kids will love asking the Magic 8 Ball questions and then turning it upside down to see what answer is revealed. There is a reason this product has been keeping us entertained for years - this is a no-brainer.

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Lip Smackers Lip Balm

16) Lip Smackers Lip Balm

Here's a great-tasting gift that's one of the sweetest stocking stuffers for kids. Lip Smackers come in a variety of delicious flavors such as vanilla, watermelon, tropical punch and more. Each lip balm stick helps moisturize and soften lips and are perfect for collecting and sharing.

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Bathtub Crayons

17) Bathtub Crayons

Turn bath time into an art show with these bathtub crayons from Crayola. Your bathroom walls will become masterpieces as your kids choose from 9 different colors to make their designs. And yes, they quickly wash off the walls by simply cleaning with water.

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Ocean Explorer LEGO's

18) Ocean Explorer LEGO's

Have your boys explore the deep sea as they build their very own LEGO Ocean Explorer. This awesome product features a ship with a movable crane boom, large captain's bridge, navigation lights, radar, antennas, funnel and a yellow submarine with movable arms. But wait, there's more! It's a 3-in-1 toy that can build into an airplane or submarine.

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Mini Purell Hand Sanitizer

19) Mini Purell Hand Sanitizer

Here is a can't-miss gift that should be in every stocking this holiday season. That's right, travel size hand sanitizer. Let's be honest, you never know what your kids will get their hands into and having these around makes sure they don't spread harmful germs as they go out and explore.

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Extra Large Koosh Ball

20) Extra Large Koosh Ball

Imagine your child's excitement when they look in their stocking and see this classic ball. The Mondo Koosh ball is named after the sound it makes when it lands, and for years, kids have enjoyed tossing around and playing with this fun product.

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Tattoo Pens

21) Tattoo Pens

Let your young ones create their very own temporary tattoos with these awesome gel pens. The pack comes with six different colors and three plastic stencils that feature a variety of designs for some awesome tattoos. Again, these are temporary so parents, you have nothing to worry about.

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Orbeez Water Beads (20,000 Pack!)

22) Orbeez Water Beads (20,000 Pack!)

This great variety pack comes with multiple colors that you just put in water and watch them expand. They are a great sensory item that helps children with color recognition, counting, and fine motor skill development. There are so many possibilities with these creative toys, just watch their faces and you'll see just how awesome these water beads are.

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Shopkins Chef Club Pack

23) Shopkins Chef Club Pack

Here's the best stocking stuffer for all the Shokpkins lovers out there. These toys are great collectible items and the 12-pack Shopkins Chef Club features two cookbooks with plenty of tasty recipes and two hidden Shopkins. Your babies will love collecting all the recipes and seeing what they can cook up.

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Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

24) Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

The 11-inch long Amazing Flying Monkey can be launched like a slingshot by holding its stretchy arms, then pulling back the feet and tail. Bang its chest and it screams like Tarzan as it flies up to 50 feet! The hands have slots to fit children and adults with stretchy rubber tubes hidden in the arms.

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Assorted Funky Sticker Roll

25) Assorted Funky Sticker Roll

Stickers are always a good choice when it comes to stocking stuffers for kids. The Funky Star sticker, available on Amazon, roll comes with 100 vibrant stickers kids can stick anywhere. They'll love decorating their room, notebook, computer, iPad, and so much more with all the amazing designs.

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2 Pounds Of Kinetic Sand

26) 2 Pounds Of Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand where you can actually FEEL the fun! Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, it sticks to itself and not to you! Kinetic Sand allows kids to get creative and they can create anything they imagine - and yes, it is very easy to clean up.

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Fingernail Stickers (Zoo Friends)

27) Fingernail Stickers (Zoo Friends)

Fingernail friends are tiny colorful characters that girls love to use for decorating nails. They are easy to apply and remove, simply stick a zoo animal to each nail and show off your new look.

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Comic Strip Bandages

28) Comic Strip Bandages

Holy awesome band-aids Batman! The OUCH! adhesive bandages come in different shapes and sizes and feature a variety of cool comic strip phrases. The next time your toddler suffers a cut, blister, or small boo-boo, their band-aid will look like a fight scene from the Batman series or other popular comics.

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Animal Cookie Cutters

29) Animal Cookie Cutters

Baking cookies just got a whole lot better with this Wilton 50-piece cookie cutter set. Featuring a variety of favorite animals, your kids will have a blast baking. It includes shapes of cats, birds and butterflies, reptiles and more!

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Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

30) Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

This tin Kaleidoscope from Schylling Toys lets children see the world in a new and colorful way. Watch their faces light up when they point it toward the light and experience an explosion of vibrant colors and stunning patterns.

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Purse

31) Peanut Butter & Jelly Purse

The Yummy Pocket zip coin purse is meant to look like a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich and your little ones will love showing this off to their friends. It features two zip pockets that provide seperate compartments for accessories such as phones, pens, pencils, lip gloss, and of course, money.

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Electric Bluetooth Connected Toothbrush

32) Electric Bluetooth Connected Toothbrush

Introducing the better way to teach them proper hygiene. The Philips Sonicare toothbrush comes with its own interactive app that educates kids on good oral care habits.

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Flying Glider Planes

33) Flying Glider Planes

Heads up! There will be gliders flying all around your house once your boys get their hands on these. Another classic item that provides hours of fun. They can assemble their own glider and watch it soar through the sky. Even adults love creating them and seeing how far they can let it fly.

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Professional Yoyo

34) Professional Yoyo

Whether you're a beginner or pro, the Merlin YoYo is perfect for performing string tricks like the Trapeze, or Braintwister. It's designed and shaped for long-lasting spin times and entertainment. Any YoYo fanatic will love doing tricks and showing off with this Merlin YoYo.

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Emoji Face Squeeze Balls

35) Emoji Face Squeeze Balls

Stress relief meets Emoji's, it's a perfect combination and great stocking stuffer for kids. Choose from multiple Emoji faces and squeeze away. These foam-filled stress balls will come in handy at school or around the home to help ease some tension.

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Mini Hatchimal Eggs

36) Mini Hatchimal Eggs

Magical Hatchimals are hidden inside these speckled eggs. There are over 70 CollEGGtibles and each one features a new character. Simply hold the egg in your hands, rub the heart and when it changes from purple to pink, it’s ready to hatch! Press on the egg to crack it and discover which Hatcnhimal is inside.

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Liquid Motion Bubbler

37) Liquid Motion Bubbler

These multi-functional motion bubblers are a great stress reliever. Two bright colored drops rain down slowly when flipped, almost like a lava lamp or hourglass sand timer. The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep our young ones entertained for hours. Plus, these sensory toys have been proven to help improve visual tracking skills.

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Invisible Ink Pens

38) Invisible Ink Pens

They will write with the invisible ink pen then light their message with the flashlight on the cover of the pen and reveal a secret message. They can choose from multiple colors and create plenty of hidden messages with their friends. Who thought a pen could provide so much entertainment?

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Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

39) Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

What's a Christmas stocking without at least one gag gift - this funny nose-shaped pencil sharpener is perfect. Your young ones will have a ball bringing this to school and showing off to their friends. Every kid in their class will be asking to sharpen their pencil thanks to this hilarious gift.

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Color Changing Light-Up Lollipops

40) Color Changing Light-Up Lollipops

Lollibright Light-Up Lollipops replace your traditional lollipop stick with a color changing LED light stick - how cool is that? Simply unwrap the flavorful treat from its wrapper, click the light activation button, and enjoy! It’s that easy! And yes, they are safe to consume.

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Beanie Boos

41) Beanie Boos

Remember when Ty Beanie Babies were all the rage? Now Beanie Boos are taking over. The plush toy comes in a variety of animals. Can your child collect them all? Let's find out.

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Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

42) Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

One, two, three, four, I declare a Star Wars thumb war! This Star Wars game in a book is for thumb-wrestling masters or their apprentices. Opponents Velcro on the included lightsabers and open the book to one of seven durable "game board" pages depicting classic Star Wars battles. They stick their thumbs through the holes and use the Force to defeat the enemy.

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Cute Chopsticks

43) Cute Chopsticks

Spice up your next dinner with this delicate, yet functional chopstick set that is ideal for boys & girls looking to learn how to eat with chopsticks. Whether it's sushi or a favorite rice and meat dish, they will love learning how to use chopsticks to dig in.

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Dubble Bubble Mini Gumball Dispenser

44) Dubble Bubble Mini Gumball Dispenser

What's better than one gum ball? Having your own mini bubble gum ball dispenser. These makes great stocking stuffers for kids and you can always fill them up with more gum balls or your other favorite small candies.

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Doodletop Spinner

45) Doodletop Spinner

It's time to get creative with Doodletop! Take the spinner for a spin and watch it draw along the canvas. Your little ones can't wait to choose all the different colors and share the creation their spinners make. Oh, and the doodle pens have enough ink to doodle the length of five football fields. We know you're impressed!

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Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

46) Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

Watch your baby transform the bedroom into a stunning sky full of big bright stars. With this glow in the dark galaxy set, you can easily apply and peel off the stickers to add the look of a real night sky in any room.

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Scented Cupcake Surprise Princess Doll

47) Scented Cupcake Surprise Princess Doll

Girls everywhere love these pretty cupcake scented princess dolls provide. It looks just like a decorated cupcake until you transform her into a pretty princess. Each cupcake surprise princess doll comes with her own unique outfit and scent, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, grape and more. There are 12 different styles to choose from - collect them all today!

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Washable Window Markers

48) Washable Window Markers

Coloring on paper is so last year. Have your little ones draw beautiful pictures on windows, glass, and mirrors with the Crayola Washable Window Markers. They are perfect for the holiday season as they can draw snowflakes or other holiday designs on the windows. It comes with eight bold colors and are easy to wash off, so let them draw away around the house.

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LEGO Buildable Watch Kit

49) LEGO Buildable Watch Kit

LEGO has done it again. They have come up with an awesome toy that your kids will love. This buildable LEGO watch comes with everything you need to make a fully functional wrist watch.

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Play-Doh Party Bag

50) Play-Doh Party Bag

Share the fun and share the creativity with this Party Bag full of 15 cans of Play-Doh. The classic product lets them mold cool things and let their imagination run wild. The best part is seeing all the different types of things your babies can create.

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Mini Colorful Geometric Pencil Erasers

51) Mini Colorful Geometric Pencil Erasers

Here's another great stocking filler that's perfect for your young ones to bring to school. The small sized eraser cubes are made up of smaller geometric shapes full of bold colors that kids can dissemble and put back together.

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Magnetic Tin Playset (Mermaids)

52) Magnetic Tin Playset (Mermaids)

The Daisy Girls Mermaids Magnetic Tin Playset is a fun idea and great travel companion. This Mermaids Magnetic Dress-Up set includes 46 illustrated magnets, 2 double-sided background sheets, 1 Sheet about Mermaids and a sturdy magnetic tin play case for travel and storage. The flexible magnets and underwater scenes provide hours of imaginative dress up fun.

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Flarp Slime/Putty

53) Flarp Slime/Putty

Why do they call it Flarp Noise Putty? Because when you play with it, it makes a hilarious fart noise but with zero smell. In fact, each jar of putty is scented with fruit flavors, like orange, banana, and strawberry. This disgustingly fun product is always a popular stocking stuffer. Get it today!

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3D Drawing Pad + Glasses

54) 3D Drawing Pad + Glasses

Experience the amazing world of 3D as you draw creative designs on a 3D drawing pad. Once you draw the design, put on the 3D glasses and see your work of art float above the page as if it's coming right at you. This enchanting illusion promises to entertain the whole family.

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4 Pack Of Playfoam

55) 4 Pack Of Playfoam

Get ready for squishy, squashy, shaping fun with the Playfoam Classic 4-Pack from Educational Insights. Creativity can be freely expressed with zero mess to clean up afterward! Playfoam can be squished and squashed again and again for hours yet never dries out.

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Original Parachute Man

56) Original Parachute Man

Look out below! Here comes one of the coolest stocking stuffers for kids you can get this holiday season. The Aeromax tangle-free, parachute is a fun product that they can toss up high in the air and watch it fly and land over and over again.

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Unique Graphite Twig & Branch Pencils

57) Unique Graphite Twig & Branch Pencils

We all know pencils come from trees, right? These pencils are the prime example of this as the TropicaZona Brand and Twig graphic pencil is a fun and functional stocking stuffer idea that are immediately ready to use.

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Rainbow Modeling Clay

58) Rainbow Modeling Clay

Let your young artist create a true work of art with these Rainbow Modeling Clays. Chose from 24 super bright and soft colors and create colorful three dimensional models. The soft clay is easy for little hands to shape and mold and will never dry out, harden, shrink or change shape so it can be used over and over again.

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DIY Flipbook Kit

59) DIY Flipbook Kit

Thanks to the Fliptomania Flipbook Kit, your DIYers have everything they need to make their very own flipbooks. Each kit includes perforated sheets with pre-drawn frames for two dynamic books, as well as sheets with blank frames for drawing two flipbooks of their own. Color in the pre-drawn frames, separate the pages along the perforations, stack the pages in order, and clip them together - it's that easy and tons of fun!

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Small Globe

60) Small Globe

Give your little adventurer the gift of holding the whole word in their hands with this 5-inch globe. It's a great, educational stocking stuffer gift that's perfect for the classroom or for them to have in their room.

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Snowball Maker

61) Snowball Maker

Here's the stocking stuffer that's ideal for the snowy weather - making the perfect snowball. Enter the Flexible Flyer snowball maker, which makes it easy to shape a precisely round snowball in seconds. Let the epic snowball fights begin!

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Head / Scalp Massager

62) Head / Scalp Massager

Say hello to instant relaxation. This innovative massager is made of stainless steel and will relieve tension as it softly massages the scalp. Not only will your young ones love massaging themselves but you'll love it when they allow you to use it.

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L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

63) L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

This very popular stocking stuffer gives toddlers seven layers of fun with every L.O.L. Surprise doll! As you unwrap the ball you'll reveal a new L.O.L. Surprise doll. Feed or bathe your baby for an additional water surprise: she might cry, spit, tinkle or change colors.

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