25 Perfect Gifts For Knitters

Give the knitters in your life something to get excited about (besides more yarn) with these best gifts for knitters

christmas gifts for knitters

Knitters can already create all manner of gifts. We have all received their Holiday scarves, winter hats and thick wooly sweaters. So when it’s time to gift the perennial gifter, what are some unique knitter gift ideas? I’m going to say; tools that fuel their established pattern of endless knitted gifts. Everyone wins – they get cool accessories, and you likely get more knitted goodies. And the circle of gifting continues…

present for knitters
The knitter in your life will appreciate this incredibly cute and funny yarn bowl. This dedicated product is the perfect gift for knitters this holiday season. If your grandma has some interest in knitting, get her this No Probllama Llama Yarn Bowl).
holiday gifts for knitters
The hardest part of starting a project is just that; starting! The novice knitter will love this manual on the perfect start and end to every knitting project. It will save them hours of wondering when the scarf ends.
gifts for beginner knitters
Get ready for this truth bomb – knitters can never have too many knitting bowls. Okay, that might be hyperbolic but, really, this handmade ceramic knitting bowl is as lovely as a knick-knack on a shelf as it is to knit with.
gifts for knitters 2018
Knitters give the best holiday gifts. Celebrate all the years of matching hat and scarf sets, cozy sweaters, and thick socks with this knitting needles glass ornament.
gifts knitters fun gifts for knitters
Knitting can take up a lot of space; yarn, needles, yarn, counters, yarn, patterns, and more yarn. This useful gift for knitters help your friends before they drown in fibers with this vertical craft organizer.
gifts for people who like to knit
These sleek, birch wood, interchangeable needles are an ice cream pastel fantasy. For your friend who knits exclusively in cotton candy shades of lavender, pink and blue, this is the perfect gift.
knitting gifts for knitters
A knitter needs precisely pointed scissors, but no one wants the pointiest, sharpest snippers just laying around in their soft, cozy knitting nest. These classic folding scissors close up to protect the user from the points and protect the points from everything else.
gift for someone who knits
Imagine how frustrating it must be to be keeping track of your own tiny stitches, counting into the hundreds, and some jabroney comes along spouting off about sports scores or the price of salt. Argh! This shirt understands.
gifts for knitting lovers
The gift of picking out whatever the heck you want is always appreciated. If the only thing you know about the person you’re shopping for is that they are a knitter then you can’t go wrong with a KnitPicks gift card. Great if you're looking for gifts for knitters who have everything or gifts for advanced knitters.
gift for knitting lovers
If you’re not someone who knows a whole lot about the art of knitting, this kit will make you look like a freaking expert, which is great for a gift giver. It’s stocked with circular, double and single point needles, handmade stitch markers and knitters balm, all tucked into a handmade silk purse. Swoon.
gifts for beginning knitters
A knitting counter protects knitters from loud-counting jabroneys that distract them from keeping track of their stitches. That’s why every knitter needs a stitch counter.
best gifts for knitters 2018
Another great gift idea for the knitter on the go is this knitter’s tote that keeps 10 bundles of yarn, needles, and patterns all zipped up tight.
great knitting gifts
Never upset someone who’s primary hobby is making precise hand and finger movements with actual big honking needles. Just don’t do that. Don’t be like this pillow guy.
great gifts for knitters
Machinery like this takes a knitter’s whole game up a level. This is for detailed knot/stitch work that is more precise than the naked eye can handle.
knitting accessories gifts
Tell the master knitter in your life just how much you appreciate all their handiwork by literally having your feeling etched onto their knitting needles. These bamboo needles can be customized to say just about anything, so go ahead, get personal.
unique gifts for knitters
This popular yarn tote holds 8 skeins of yarn plus all the supplies a knitter on the go may need, in a handy waterproof shell. It’s available in three bright, show-stopping colors so that traveling, yarn drum carrying knitters can identify each other.
gifts for the knitter who has everything
Knitting isn’t relegated to cold weather accessories, you know. These looms assist in the creation of doilies, doll skirts, round topped hats and whatever else the designer can think up.
unique knitting gifts
Knitting bowls are a requirement, and for families with small, eager, child hands exploring every nook and cranny of the home, ceramic bowls might not be the best idea. That’s why this rubberized knitting bowl is such a thoughtful gift for the quick knitting mommy.
cool gifts for knitters
Intricate designs require a few more tools than needles, yarn, and dexterous fingers. Locking stitch markers ensure the cable knit sweater you’re getting for Christmas has a flawless teddy bear motif, and the knitter didn’t tear their hair out trying to nail the design.
unique gifts knitters
When your favorite knitter is working diligently on their next legendary fair isle sweater, these stitch markers will keep their colors separated, their designs crisp and their isle’s fair.
xmas gifts for knitters
Come to think of it, a lady never discusses the size of a lot of things. Or maybe she does. Actually, it’s none of my business how a lady chooses to live her life, and she is free to either discuss the heck out of her yarn stash or not. Her call.
presents for knitters
Working with several skeins of yarn at once can get really messy really quick. Yarn winders save a lot of time and energy organizing loose yarn so your knitter buddies can spend more time actually knitting.
top gifts for knitters
Blocking mats help knitters and crocheters stitch more accurately. This way their next set of Japanese lace and Turkish rug inspired socks will be impeccably knitted.
good gifts for knitters
Knitters often take their work with them wherever they go, so make it easier for them with this large tote bag. It’s waterproof to protect their materials and has several pockets to make storage and organization a breeze. It’s one of the best gifts for knitters you can find!
gifts for someone who knits
Knitting is a perfect travel pastime but knitting bowls are less than travel-friendly. This knitter’s bag serves the very same purpose, on the go!

FAQ About Gifts For Knitters

What is a good gift for a knitter??

A good gift for a knitter is one that would not collect dust in the closet or end up at the nearest Goodwill after the New Year. Find something that would make your knitter laugh, cry or appreciate you a little bit more. Set your gift budget and decide if you'll give them:

  • a knitting supply: knitting needle, storage bag, or crochet hooks...
  • a supporting tool: an organization item or arthritis gloves...
  • a knitting magazine
  • something wearble/ knitting accessories: a T-shirt, some enamel pins, necklaces or yarn charm braclets

What every knitter needs?

Every knitter needs more knitting ideas for inspiration and materials so they can practice and make more items. They will also need an organizer to store their products, especially when they're working on multiple projects. Something that helps them express their passion for knitting will be very much appreciated as well.

No matter your budget, we hope you found the perfect knitting gift. If you want to personalize the gift further, you could even choose a few of the affordable ideas on our list and create a custom gift basket.

What is the best yarn for beginner knitters?

The best yarn for beginner knitters is one that is smooth, can be easily stretched and easy to work with, so material like wool and of medium weight is ideal.

Looking for other great ideas for your female creative? We've spent hours curating more than 200 top gifts for women all over the internet so you won't have to!