52 Best Gifts For Husbands

You can always find a reason to show your other half a little love.

Celebrating the little things is a big part of romantic partnerships. Relegating gifts only to birthdays, father’s days, anniversaries and holidays is a sure way to get bored of each other, and you have your whole lives to do that. Instead, splurge on a fleece robe when your hubby cleans the gutters after a heavy, late fall rainstorm or gift him a pair of classic Wayfarers to make mowing the lawn in summer a little easier. Bonus – if you surprise him with a stylish mid-century bartending set he’ll probably make you cocktails all night, and that’s a gift to you both. Appreciation in the form of a perfect Manhattan is top shelf appreciation, remember that.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

1) Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

What does your man smell like? If the answer is anything other than Armani you are due for a level up. Start with the fragrance Acqua Di Gio but prepared to swat away (or enthusiastically welcome - I won't presume) potential suitors.

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Apple TV

2) Apple TV

If we've learned anything from the viral phenomenon that is recordings of cable companies giving terrible customer service, it's that cable is a relic. Apple TV is the logical streaming service for the iOS family. Don't let your husband get caught on a six hour call with an outsourced IT dept - switch him to Apple TV.

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Apple Watch

3) Apple Watch

If you love your man enough to splurge on tech that's still new enough to qualify him as an early adopter, there is no better gift than the Apple Watch. Everyone who lays eyes on this opulent piece of sleek machinery will drool themselves into a weird puddle. #stylegoals

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Assorted Pocket Squares

4) Assorted Pocket Squares

Fancier, tonier husbands agree - you are not performing your gender to the best of your sartorial sensibilities without a variety of pocket squares. Burlier men may disagree, but these aren't for them.

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Bartender Set

5) Bartender Set

Everybody wins when there is a classy cocktail set in play. Hubby can play mixologist and you can play couch bound lush who lives only to receive stiff drinks, bonbons and the occasional cuddle.

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Bluetooth Earbuds

6) Bluetooth Earbuds

It's time to ditch the cords since we now live in the world of bluetooth. Get your husband these top quality earbuds that will supercharge his audio and make him looking stylish

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Camelbak Hydration Pack

7) Camelbak Hydration Pack

Outdoorsy husbands will appreciate the Camelbak Hydration Pack next time they're rigorously enjoying the out of doors and they don't have to fumble with a water bottle. It's especially perfect for the avid rock climber or aggressive hiker.

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Complete BBQ Tool Kit

8) Complete BBQ Tool Kit

When you're partner is a grill master, you have to support that. That's what marriage is - supporting your lover and encouraging them to feed you delicious smoked meats. But I digress. This kit has everything a novice or grill master in training needs to rock some savory grilled foods.

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Cordless Drill Kit

9) Cordless Drill Kit

What husband's marital life is complete without at least one cordless drill? None - my husband has no less than three (that I know of). Don't make your hubs struggle through another day without the ability to drill anything to anything else anytime he wants.

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Cordless Shaver

10) Cordless Shaver

Adulting while hairy can be such a drag. Everyday manscaping is a serious chore that requires equally serious tools, so make sure your dude is grooming efficiently with this cordless shaver.

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Cuban Cigar Cologne

11) Cuban Cigar Cologne

Hubby have a thing for cigars? This is the perfect give for him! While these aren't the real deal, it's the perfect replacement and he'll be just as happy. This 4 pack of delicious smelling cologne's will have all his friends asking where he got them

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Cupsy Portable Drink Caddy

12) Cupsy Portable Drink Caddy

If your hubby is a weekend couch warrior (aka potato) and you are supportive of that lifestyle, then a Cupsy is a necessity. Make couch camping complete with this drink caddy that also works for armchairs, recliners, and beds and holds a couple of drinks (even wine glasses!), snacks and remotes.

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Dollar Shave Club Membership

13) Dollar Shave Club Membership

The amount of money shaggy men spend keeping their faces smooth, supple and hair-free is dizzying. Dollar Shave Club aims to squash the expense of regular shaving, so if you're dealing with a hairy fella who prefers himself whiskerless, this membership will fulfill your gift requirements.

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Dumbbell Necklace

14) Dumbbell Necklace

Does your husband spend hours pumping iron in front of a full length mirror? Has he ever flexed and then kissed his bicep? Does he have a full collection of shirts with the sleeves cut off? Is he covered in thick, ropy muscles, even his neck? Do you like it? Then put a dumbbell on it.

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Eat Like A Man

15) Eat Like A Man

Esquire's food editor, Ryan D'Agostino, has compiled the mag's favorite recipes, both classic and modern, that every foodie dude (or food person in general) should be able to re-create. Some seriously delicious meals in here!

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Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses

16) Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses

Fair warning; this list assumes your husband is a drinker. If he ain't one for the booze, he can enjoy milk, mountain dew, iced coffee or even candy out of these etched globe whiskey glasses.

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17) Fitbit

Hubs can coordinate and track all his fitness goals with the ubiquitous fitbit. This gift is perfect for the husband new to working out who needs a little accountability and encouragement.

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Five Four Club Membership

18) Five Four Club Membership

Style is innate. You either have it or you don't. For men that don't, Five Four Club will deliver curated fashion packages to your door each month. If your man is a disaster when it comes to styling himself, you can make both of your lives easier by gifting him a Five Four membership.

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Fleece Robe

19) Fleece Robe

After bath luxury, your name is ultra-plush fleece bathrobe. Keep all that freshly washed husband skin softy swaddled in this luxurious robe that's perfect for snuggling up in. Pro tip - you can wear it when he's not around!

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GoPro Hero

20) GoPro Hero

Adventure time is one thing, but impressing all his pals with HD footage of his adventures is something altogether different. Give the gift of high def memories with the GoPro Hero and you might end up with a YouTube star as a hubby.

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HD Camera Quadcopter Drone

21) HD Camera Quadcopter Drone

Just make sure your husband doesn't get himself into any Rear Window type foolishness with this HD Drone. As long as he stays out of the neighborhood windows, you should be okay.

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Heavy Bag Kit

22) Heavy Bag Kit

Hanging up a heavy bag for your hub could go a couple of ways; he could train like a maniac, developing some serious upper body stength and agility or he could immediately sprain his wrist and start weeping. What I'm saying here is know your man and gift accordingly.

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Homeowner's Tool Kit

23) Homeowner's Tool Kit

Between you and I, you don't need to own a house to own tools, so don't let the name of this item turn you off. It's a simple, basic tool kit that every bill paying adult should own some iteration of.

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iSmart Home Security System

24) iSmart Home Security System

Is your iHubby concerned with the iSafety of your iHome? Introduce him to the iSmart Home Security Solution that is controlled via his Apple device. He'll feel so much iSafer knowing his iFamily is secure in the iHouse.

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Kindle Paperwhite

25) Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle holds over a thousand books, has a library borrowing feature, and even offers unlimited titles for a small monthly fee. If your husband is a literary type, you can likely thin a bit of his bookshelfs with a Kindle - but don't you dare touch the first editions.

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Kiss The Cook Apron

26) Kiss The Cook Apron

All suburban dads and husbands are required to own some variation of the Kiss The Cook apron. This is just a fact of American life. Don't let your hubby get caught grilling burgers without one or the entire cul de sac might implode.

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Leather Watch

27) Leather Watch

Before we all had smartphones with time displays on their home screens, we wore watches. Make your partner's wrist harken back to a time, about fifteen years ago, when cell phones were a boxy-yet-flashy demonstration of excessive wealth, and they didn't even tell time.

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LED Flashlight

28) LED Flashlight

My husband keeps these LED flashlights in every corner of the house. Need to find some random toy the kids shoved under the couch? Boom - flashlight. Something stuck in the dog's nose? Boom- flashlight. Windstorm takes out the whole city's power? Boom - flashlights!

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Light Up Bar Caddy

29) Light Up Bar Caddy

If your man is a weekend barmaster or amateur mixologist gift his bar with this light-up bar caddy. Every bartender should have safeties in place to make sure he never mistakes the dry vermouth in your dirty martini for sweet vermouth, effectively ruining the cocktail experience.

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Magnetic Wristband

30) Magnetic Wristband

Crafty, builder-type husbands will be thrilled with this handy addition to their toolkits. This magnetic wristband will grab all the loose screws, washers, nuts and bolts that inevitably try to escape whatever project he's currently laboring over.

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Mangroomer Back Shaver

31) Mangroomer Back Shaver

Feel however you like about masculinity - hair shirts can be hot, scratchy and uncomfortable. If your dude is naturally a sasquatch but prefers to present himself as a human and is averse to having his thick pelt ripped out via hot wax, this is an investment you're going to have to make.

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Meat Claws

32) Meat Claws

Meat Claws make the shredding of roasted meats and veggies into some type of primal, bacchanalian activity. Your husband probably wants to shred meat with his own hands, I mean, what self respecting carnivore doesn't?

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MeUndies Membership

33) MeUndies Membership

Monthly membership boxes have really come a long way since Cheese of the Month Club. For example, MeUndies will deliver designer chonies to your husband each month. What a world we live in.

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Motorized Tie Rack

34) Motorized Tie Rack

For every father's day, birthday, and Christmas tie your dude ever received, this tie rack will store and display them all in a clean and organized manner. It won't take up too much room and even has built in LED lights!

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

35) Noise Cancelling Headphones

You might not be able to put your hubby on a plane and send him to vacay in the Virgin Islands, but you can hook him up with some headphones to cancel out the myriad cacophony of family life. Cue up the ocean sounds playlist and it's the next best thing to an actual vacation.

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Refractor Telescope

36) Refractor Telescope

Stargazing is such a romanticly scientific activity. Pull out the picnic blanket, pour a couple of glasses of wine (or cheerios, I don't know what stirs your passion) and study the constellations with your sweetheart.

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Robotic Lawnmower

37) Robotic Lawnmower

Wearing Wayfarers, huaraches and sipping lemonade out on the deck is a pretty cool summer afternoon activity, but is it as cool as doing all of those things while a robot mows the lawn? Heck no. Robots make everything cooler, especially lawn care.

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Rox Sphere Ice Molds

38) Rox Sphere Ice Molds

A jigger of bourbon poured over this globe of ice is remarkably smoother than a shot poured over basic ice cubes or (horror) crushed ice. Show your fella you respect his whiskey connoisseurship with these ice molds.

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Shower Speaker

39) Shower Speaker

Does the man in your life take particular pleasure in caterwauling his fave song during his morning shower? You can either cover your ears for the next few decades or gift him with this waterproof speaker. Hopefully the speaker can drown out his enthusiastic hollering of Lady Gaga or Sir Mix A Lot.

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Silicone Oven Mitts

40) Silicone Oven Mitts

Oven mitts are a sentimental, antiquated kitchen tool. They're prone to burning, they pick up odors and food, and they are hardly ever easily rinsed. This silicone oven mitt is far superior. Ditch the knit mitts - this is the only mitt that belongs in your husband's kitchen/BBQ arsenal.

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Sorel Slippers

41) Sorel Slippers

I don't know what it is with husbands and soft, plushy house shoes, but I've conferred with all the other wives and partners and we all agree, husbands friggin love fluffy slippers. If your hubs recoils at the thought of fluffy bunnies on his feet, the next logical choice is this pair of Sorel slippers.

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Tactical Folding Knife

42) Tactical Folding Knife

He'll like having a high quality folding knife on his person for when emergencies strike; you'll like the oily, iridescent sheen of the blade as it hypnotizes you with rainbows. Everybody wins, and everybody gets rescued when your hypnotized self drives into a river and he has to cut you out of your seat belt.

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The Man Can Bath And Body Care Set

43) The Man Can Bath And Body Care Set

Men can love bathtime indulgences just as much as anyone else. The Man Can respects the idea that shower luxury is not relegated to the femmes of the world - sudsy, fragrant, bay-rum-infused bliss is for everyone.

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The Ultimate Bar Book

44) The Ultimate Bar Book

Pair this book with the bartender set to keep your husband from serving you his own creative libations that may or may not include vermouth, dry sherry, grenadine, cocktail onions and Apple Pucker with a salt rim.

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Ultra Slim Wallet

45) Ultra Slim Wallet

Dealing with a beau that sits crookedly on a 3 inch thick wallet he's had for the last 15 years? Declutter his backside with this super slim wallet that holds only necessary items instead of two years worth of business cards and Starbucks treat receipts.

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Wallet Ninja

46) Wallet Ninja

The Wallet Ninja covers a lot of bases. At the approximate size and shape of a credit card, it features an eyeglass screwdriver, letter opener, nail puller, inch/cm ruler, bottle opener, fruit peeler, cell phone stand, six different hex heads, four screwdrivers and so much more!

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47) Wayfarers

Ray Ban Wayfarers are the official sunglasses of cool dads everywhere. Don't let your other half be the dorky husband on the block - get some Wayfarers on his face asap! You can't go wrong with tortoise shell, but jazzy colors will get y'all bonus points with the neighborhood kids.

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Whiskey Crystal Set

48) Whiskey Crystal Set

If you've got a husband who indulges in the nightly finger of whiskey, and he's not drinking it out of this fancy crystal set, what are you even doing with your lives? Start living with this baller, CEO level, crystal bar set and watch your quality of life improve (maybe).

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Wireless Stereo System

49) Wireless Stereo System

No more wires. No hay mas cables. Pas plus de fils. Nessun altro fili. Kore ijō no waiyamasen. Keine mehr Drähte. All over the world, husbands are going wireless because the future is wire free. Don't let your husband get left with a fistfull of cords while global husbands all enjoy their bluetooth devices.

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Wireless Subwoofer

50) Wireless Subwoofer

Say it english, spanish, french, italian, japanese or german - wires are on their way out. Get that cluttered mess of cables out of your husband's beloved home stereo system and you'll both be thankful.

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Yeti Cooler

51) Yeti Cooler

Sports dads are at every game, cheering on kids through a mouthful of foamy brew and hot dogs. Make sure your other half is well equipped to scream encouragement through a couple of hours of game time with this lightweight cooler.

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Yeti Coolsters Colster

52) Yeti Coolsters Colster

The coolster is the ultimate koozy. It effectively makes all other neoprene koozies obsolete. If you've got a man-cave dwelling, can beer chugging, koozy collecting hub, the coolster will show him you not only respect his lifestyle, you full-on support it.

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