55+ Hilarious Funny Gag Gift Ideas For Women

The best gag gifts for women give ladies what they need a little of every day, which is laughter.

funny gag gifts ideas for her

Whether you’re looking for a perfect gift for a White Elephant Exchange with your lady friends at work, a unique present for your lighthearted female BFF, or an item to give to that special woman in your life to bring the two of you closer, consider choosing one of the countless funny gifts for girls on the market. Their reaction will be priceless, and gag presents are sure to spice things up at any gathering!

funny gag gifts for women
Tell her how you really think of her by getting her this fun Wonder Woman apron. She'll never look better cooking up your favorite meal.
“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents,” is just one of the sayings featured in this book full of quotes from the gentle-natured, eccentric painter whose odd how-to-paint videos have spawned an ironic cult following. This tribute to his quirky wisdom makes a fun, subtle funny gift for girls out there who know about the artist and internet icon that is Bob Ross.
The revolutionary bathroom tool that meets women’s need to pee like a man is just outrageous. Show your female gift recipient the extent of your support for feminism with this device that brings equality to restroom-using rights between men and women!
Does the lady you’re shopping for take her wine very seriously? Give her this funny concept of a trivia game that puts her knowledge of her best beverage to the test!
Though it often goes unspoken in polite circles about the just plain nasty state of most public restrooms, the struggle when using a communal restroom is real for all women. Help your gal out with this gag emergency kit, equipped with tools and instructions for surviving a trip to a public toilet!
It’s a cookbook with a title alluding to another, more risque novel whose success on the market proves that many women have read it (most likely in secret.) The names of the recipes are reminiscent of this “other book” and will get your female giftee’s heart racing as she simultaneously ROFLs!
If you’re shopping for the best gifts for pregnant women, this is sure to be met with much hilarity to her! The book parodies the must-read What To Expect When You’re Expecting handbook that all soon-to-be-moms are all too familiar with.
Everyone’s got a passive aggressive lady in their life. This handy dandy notepad full of notes they can fill out when they need to “suggest changes in others’ lives” is the perfect choice to aid them in what they do best!
Trip out your girl with this gift box featuring the ridiculous (fake) Bathe & Brew, which combines two essential morning routines into one! This joke product brings to mind those silly as-seen-on-TV late night commercials and will make any woman crack up at the idea of it.
Is your girlfriend not exactly the most bubbly, cheery person out there? Help her vent with this 3 pack of notebooks designed for her to have a place to rant all about all the daily annoying things and disappointments in life.
We’ve all experienced an embarrassing autocorrect situation. If your girl has a particular problem with her phone misunderstanding what she’s texting, give her this relatable book. She’ll be comforted to know that she’s not the only one out there who’s sent an autocorrected message that totally changed the meaning of what she meant to type!
Help your girlfriend take out all her pent up emotions and stress on this doll, designed for all the times she just wants to yell, “Dammit!” She can beat it up, squeeze it, throw it against the wall or anything else that she sometimes wishes she could do to the people causing the “dammit moments” in her life!
Walmart is great for people watching, as we all know! This brilliantly funny adult coloring book displays the very best Walmart shopping trips have to offer. As your female giftee flips through the pages of her new coloring book, she is sure to laugh and have her self-confidence boosted!
Whether the woman you’re shopping for is a wine aficionado, chocolate connoisseur, or coffee lover, these soft, cute, funny socks will be much appreciated by her, as they tell anyone close enough to read her socks to bring her some of her favorite treat!
No, it’s not explicit. Instead, it’s full of images the girl you’re shopping for truly fantasizes about – folded laundry, dinners she doesn’t have to cook, and husbands cleaning the house for once. This gift is guaranteed to please any adult woman there is.
Cats are funny, and if your female giftee has a pet cat, she’s sure to have plenty of stories about all the ridiculous things her cat has done (which may or may not include pee). This book full of hilarious poems written from a feline perspective is sure to tickle the funny bone of any cat parent.
It’s a book full of movie quotes taken out of context to fit moments of real life. If you gal is a movie buff, consider this novelty book full of movie quotes to fit all occasions in life.
Everybody poops, but some are more concerned about what their poo means for their health than others. If you are looking for funny gifts for women who are sort of health freaks, this gag journal designed to help keep track of daily poops coupled with explanations by doctors of what different types of turds mean will make her burst out in laughter.
Whether she’s a teacher, administrator, or student herself, this book full of hilariously, cheeky test answers will make her laugh.
If you’re shopping for a proud mommy, she’s guaranteed to have a handful of funny memories of things her kid(s) said in the past that make her laugh. This fill-in diary make a fun novelty gift for a parent to actually use as a keepsake in the future.
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This adult coloring book is both cute and funny. Provide your female giftee something to do in her spare time by gifting her this gag gift full of hilarious illustrations of just what the title says.
This cheeky book is full of remarks perfect for all the times where it is quite necessary to have an intelligent, snarky insult on hand. Give the gal you’re shopping for ample study material so she’s always prepared for these inevitable situations that arise in life!
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This mug that says what we’re all thinking after attending a long, boring and totally unnecessary work meeting makes a great gag gift for your female co-worker who needs coffee every time she’s forced to suffer through another drawn out conference!
The blobfish is silly itself, bearing the official title of World’s Ugliest Animal. Gifting the girl you have in mind a blobfish stuffed animal makes a hilariously outrageous gag present.
This silly gag action figure depicting a Crazy Cat Lady makes a great gag present for your female friend fitting the bill of “Crazy Cat Lady” herself! It’s totally ridiculous, like all good gag gifts for women are.
We all know the popular game Mad Libs, which most of us enjoyed playing as children. Well, this version of Mad Libs is made for adults! If she is a food lover, she’ll be sure to chuckle when opening this funny gag present.
If she is getting up there in terms of age and enjoys a bit of self-deprecating humor, give her this book parodying Dr. Seuss’s children’s stories made for aged people to relate to. It is sure to bring some laughs for women old in age, but not in spirit!
If the girl you’re shopping for has made a name for herself as the girl who probably drinks too much coffee or likes her coffee a little too strong for most people, give her this world’s strongest coffee. There’s only one way to find out if it lives up to its name, and the woman you gift this to will be eager to find out!
This funny ggift for women is both hilarious and tasty! It’s cotton candy branded as “Unicorn Farts” to make it absurd sounding as well as whimsical, which is sure to tickle the funny bone of the woman you have in mind to gift this to.
We don’t know where in the world the idea for making this one came from, but its origin story is probably hilarious and ridiculous, just like the product itself. If the woman you’re looking to buy a gift for has a random sense of humor, this yodeling pickle is sure to make her crack up when she sees it!
This shower curtain depicts a sloth version of Godzilla climbing the Empire State building. It’s a crazy, absurd scene that every woman dreams of having in her bathroom! This hilarious restroom décor is sure to make any girl laugh at the prospect of having it featured in her home.
If the woman you are shopping for is a doting cat mother, this funny gift can turn her darling pet into a mystical unicorn! She’s sure to LOL when she opens the present you give her at the very thought of it!
Have you had to hear the girl you’re shopping for complain about how she just can’t find the perfect man to date? Well, now you have a way to assist her. Give her the ability to grow her own boyfriend! This one will be the best listener she’s ever dated!
Sometimes dogs are bad. If your female giftee has a pet dog, she’s sure to know that man’s best friend isn’t always so obedient. In fact, sometimes they do the opposite of what they’re commanded, which these tumblers hilariously depict.
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Help your friend remember to drink all the water she needs to be healthy every day! This cheeky water bottle encourages its owner to keep drinking water throughout each day so that they get their full servings of H20.
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This combination of pamper gift and gag present is just plain outrageous. If the girl you’re looking to surprise with a gag gift is prone to having an outlandish sense of humor, these massive bunny balls bath bombs make the perfect shocking gift!
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Everyone has awkward family photos, and this calendar full of the worst of the worst ones will make any woman laugh. Especially if the girl you have in mind needs a little help with time management, this funny present will make the perfect gag gift this holiday season.
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If the gal you’re shopping for loves some good Asian cuisine, give her this hilarious design of a purse that is modeled in the form of a Chinese takeout box! Fast-food loving women are sure to be delighted at this funny gift.
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It’s a necessity for introverts to spend ample time by themselves, but often, they’re too shy to speak up about it. Help out your female introvert friend with these socks that let others know about her needs for her!
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Does the woman you’re shopping for drink tea frequently? This funny device is a tea infuser disguised as a flamingo that floats in the tea cup. It makes making tea more fun and is a great gag gift for women who enjoy their daily cups of tea.
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If the girl you’re gifting to is a middle child, she knows all about the difficulty of being stuck in the middle of her siblings. This hilarious bar of soap made just for middle children echoes that struggle and will absolutely make your giftee burst out laughing when she sees it.
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If your friend loves wine, get her this funny shirt instead of yet another decorative or witty wine glass. Bonus: Unlike a glass of wine, she can actually take this gift out of the house with her so that the whole world will know how much she loves her vino.
funny gag gifts christmas
It’s a serious condition many women out there have to deal with on a daily basis but are ashamed to talk about. Let your female giftee know you care and that she is supported in her struggle by giving her this coffee mug proudly declaring the embarrassing issue caused by our favorite morning beverage that most of us try to hide!
funny gag gifts for christmas
Is the girl you’re shopping for still a child at heart? Help her be encouraged to “adult” on a daily basis with these funny, silly stickers she can give herself as rewards for acting her own age!
fun gag gifts for christmas
THE BUTT is a different type of desk décor. This tape dispenser that models a figure sitting on the toilet is definitely unusual and makes a great gag gift for women or an office buddy to place on their desktop.
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This cute magical unicorn plush transforms into something fierce when squeezed! Wrap up this gift and tell your female giftee to hug her new stuffed animal to surprise her with the ferociousness of the plush! Its an absurd creation that will shock the woman you’re shopping for and make for a great gag gift .
Add some fun and excitement to the party with these fun cat shaped ice cubes. The mould tray makes 10 ice cubes and is dishwasher safe so you can use it time and time again. Perfect gag gift for cat lovers out there!
Another great funny party game that is sweeping the nation is "Exploding Kittens" - This game is the most-backed project in Kickstarter history and for good reason. The object is to avoid choosing the "exploding kitten" card at all cost by using multiple different cards. Get ready for hours of fun and laughs thanks to this amazing new party game.
Entertain yourself the next time you take a shower with this interactive shower curtain. It features a full-size word search puzzle featuring over 650 movie titles to find. The vinyl shower curtain fits most showers and makes every shower more interesting.
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This pair of emergency underpants is conveniently compacted into a small pellet where all you need to do is add water. Yes, that's right, add water and watch the pellet expand into a comfortable pair of underpants. The pair fits most children and small adults.
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Give the delicious and amazing gift of the world's largest gummy bear. It's a whopping 51 servings of sweet goodness and is over 1,000 times the size of an average gummy bear.
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We all know someone who would love this giant coffee mug from BigMouth Inc. This fun gag gift for women always gets a chuckle because of the funny "I've cut back to one cup of coffee a day" message. It's made of high-quality ceramic and is perfect for your favorite beverages or can even be used to hold supplies at your office.
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A novelty coffee mug is always a smart choice for a white elephant gift and this mug proves that. It features a cat giving you the bird as it tells you it can do whatever it damn wants. Perfect for the bossy pants in your life.
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For the people who want to stick it to Donald Trump, then this gift is perfect! A hilarious gag gift that holds your pen right in Trump's rump. Made from high grade ceramic and hand painted, the details on this pen holder are great. It's time to show the boss who's really the boss.
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It’s hard to start a Monday morning in a bad mood when you’re drinking your coffee out of a toilet mug. Spark the conversation with some toilet humor and your friend will be delighted by this gag gift for women.
funny gag gifts
Star Wars fangirls will love the adorable BB-8 earring set. Not only are these earrings on trend, but your girl will also be able to rep the cutest Star Wars droid of all time! The dainty earrings will go with any of her outfits, so she’ll be wearing these all of the time.
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A Yoshi onesie is a funny gag gift for a girl who loves to play classic video games. Next time you get together on a Saturday afternoon to game, make sure your friend wears this cozy lounger. It might even give your sister an extra boost of speed during Mario Cart!

Funny Gag Gifts For Women Make Amazing Gifts

What to buy a female who has everything?

Gag gifts for women are a clever way to change things up and break the mold of giving the same old conventional presents that your close female friend, co-worker, or family member is used to receiving. Of course, it goes without saying that you must consider your giftee’s personality and sense of humor when choosing novelty gifts for her that cause her to burst out laughing when she sees it. You don’t want her to instead get offended, be confused, or simply not “get” the joke.

What is the best gift to give a woman?

Sometimes the best gift you can give a woman is laughter!

Whether you need some ideas for birthday gag gifts for her, novelty gifts for an upcoming holiday, or unique gag gifts for wife for your next anniversary, it takes thought and skill to pick out the absolute best item catered to your female friend or loved one from all of the popular gag gifts for girls out there.

Comedy is always appreciated, and we hope this list of curated funny gag gifts for women gave you some great inspiration on selecting gag presents that please the woman you need to find a gift for.

Looking for other amazing ideas? Check out our list of 200+ unique gifts for women and 50 gag gifts for men! You'd be glad you did!