25 Fun and Creative Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter is a wonderful time of year, full of gifts, baskets, and friendship. Here are some Easter gift ideas for kids of all ages.

Easter for kids is such a fun time. There are many reasons to celebrate, and everything feels fresh and brand new. Kids are excited to be outside, finally being able to get out of the house after being cooped up for so long.

You can almost feel their excitement with all the possibilities that could be in their Easter baskets. They are also happy to attend as many Easter egg hunts as they can. What a wonderful time of year, full of gifts, baskets, and friendship!

easter gifts for kids

Toddlers Easter Basket Ideas

Finding Easter basket ideas for toddlers can be a little tricky. With so many toys having small parts that can be a choking hazard, it can feel like your options are limited. This is why we’re here to help. You can still find some great gifts for your little one. Here are some toddlers Easter basket ideas that are sure to make their Easter morning.

This fun toy is two matching games in one. Each egg has a unique color and shape and cracks open to reveal a chick. If you press softly on the chick’s head, they make a cheep noise, and toddlers can sort them by their unique place in the box. These toys are perfect for little chubby hands.


This adorable plush rabbit is an excellent gift for the little ones in your life. This bunny features soft, plush fur and floppy ears, this toy is perfect for cuddle time or bedtime.


This book in the Llama Llama series is an excellent idea for a gift. The story in this book has short rhyming text which is perfect for little ones who aren’t ready for a full-length story yet. This book is a board book which is excellent for babies hands, and because it’s a board book, it should last quite awhile.


Your child will love this toy for its music and lights. This little guy flaps his wings and has lights on the ends of them. This toy also plays 7 melodies, plays songs, makes cute sounds, features a heartbeat sound to soothe, and quacks. This is a great toy to keep baby entertained.


These are great Easter gifts for toddlers. These crayons are made with non-toxic ingredients, these crayons are a great fit for little hands. Your little artist will be scribbling to their heart’s content. Did we also mention that these crayons won’t get their hands dirty and they are washable? Eggcellent!


Your toddler can work on their shape matching and color recognition with these eggs. Each egg comes in different shapes and color, and your baby has to match them up.


These cute ideas are great for toddlers. Just like with older children, Easter baskets for toddlers don’t have to be full of sugary treats.

Easter Gifts for Kids - 5-year-olds down to 2

If, the five-year-old in your life, loves Hatchimals, this is a must-have gift. Filled with six eggs, the child in your life will enjoy adding some new animals to their collection as well as having a place to display them.


Does your five-year-old like STEM and love building things? This educational building blocks set is an excellent way for him or her to show their creativity while building fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Night Light Moon Star Projector-Do you know a budding astronomer in your life? Then bring the solar system home to them. This projector allows them to watch the solar system and stars in various colors anywhere they want. Also, quiet sounds will help lull them to sleep each night.


Does your four-year-old like to create things? Then they will love these butterfly magnets. This set includes pre-cut magnets, the actual magnets, and all the gems, glitter glue, and paints for a fun and creative afternoon.


Now you can play the classic game “hot potato’ in an egg version! This egg features 40 different funny sayings and turns off automatically so the batteries won’t wear down. This is an eggcellent idea for your three-year-old.


This fun toy plays “Pop Goes the Weasel” until the little brown hare pops and says “hello.” This is an excellent gift for your little ones.


Your baby can join Biscuit on a “touch and feel” adventure. This board book is perfect for little hands.


This, cute board book, is about a little tiny bunny who is doing his best to plan for Easter Day.


This fun toy plays “Pop Goes the Weasel” until the little brown hare pops and says “hello.” This is an excellent gift for your little ones.


Easter Ideas for Kids

There are many other gifts that we can give at Easter. Do-it-yourself gifts, gifts of experience and time and togetherness. These ideas are gifts that will make your bond with family and friends that much stronger.

mother and daughter easter craft

1. Family Easter Egg Coloring

Gather all generations of the family and color Easter eggs together. Make sure you get a few various kinds of coloring kits, so your eggs are all different. You can get coloring kits that make sparkle eggs, glitter eggs, tie-dye eggs, and just about everything in between. This will also help with knowing whose eggs are whose. Depending on how many you have leftover, add them to colorful baskets and give out to friends.

2. Bake Easter Treats

Get Easter bake n break cookies or make your own with colorful Easter candies like M&M’s or crushed malted milk eggs. Have your child’s friends over for a cookie and movie night and watch the movie Hop.

4. Easter Egg Hunt with Friends

Invite some of your child’s friends over for an Easter egg hunt. Have parents fill eggs with candy, play jewelry, tattoos, stickers, and other fun things and drop them at your house a week ahead. On the big day, hide the eggs and let the fun begin.

5. Easter Photo Bomb

Buy props and Easter headbands and have a crazy photo shoot with the family. Then make a photo book as a keepsake.

6. Easter Crafts

Sit down and make some Easter crafts with your kids and then hand them out to friends and family. You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest. Here are some ideas to get you started.

7. Easter Printables

Have a coloring contest among your children and give out a prize to everyone. Have different categories like, “Best at staying in the lines.”, “Most colorful.” and “Most Original.” When they are done, hang them on the fridge for a while and then make a binder to keep them in as a cherished memory. You can find Easter printables on Pinterest.

8. Visit the Nursing Home

Fill plastic eggs and take them with you to pass out at the nursing home. Many elderly people don’t get visited by their families, and your child will add a ray of sunshine to their day.

9. Volunteer at a rabbit rescue

Your kids hear about the Easter bunny all the time, why not take them to see some real rabbits? Take them to visit a rabbit rescue where they can pet and play with rabbits as well as learn more about them and how to take care of them. You could even call ahead and see if they need any donations like pellet food, hay, or whatever they use for litter.

10. Play some Easter games

Gather friends and family and play some Easter games. See if you can pin the tail on the rabbit, pick up jelly beans with chopsticks, or play catapulting Peeps. These games are for playing inside, so you don’t have to worry about a rainy day. Your kids will have a blast laughing and playing with their friends. Adults will get a charge out of watching them. Here are some fun ideas for a great afternoon.

Take some time this Easter to do some crafts and play games with your kids. Gather your child’s friends together for some fun and bonding time. They will enjoy getting a breather from school to relax and spend some quality time with their favorite people. They will also enjoy spending time with you having new experiences and letting their creativity run wild. These ideas of gifts, crafts, and experiences will help you have your best Easter yet. If you need more ideas for gifts, please sign up for our newsletter.

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