105 Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Unique, practical Christmas gift ideas for men including the best in tech, shavers, watches, tools and tons more

It’s that time of year again to try and find a perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life. If you’ve drawn a complete blank, you’re not alone! However, don’t just settle for something easy like a gift card or new boxers… get him something that he’ll truly cherish! We’ve compiled a list of over 100 out of the box best Christmas gifts for men that will suit your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, uncle or any other guy. These gifts will not disappoint! Sit back, relax and enjoy these unique hand-picked items.

Double Edge Razor

1) Double Edge Razor

For guys who enjoy good shaving equipment, this wet shave kit will by Shaveology is a must have! Includes one premium razor, replacement blades, a leather blade protector and polishing cloth!

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Survival Card Tool

2) Survival Card Tool

Sporting 11 awesome uses, this stainless steel multi tool card is perfect for using as a beer bottle opener, ruler, flat screwdriver, butterfly wrench, saw blade and more! Fits in the wallet and great for everyday use. These make great Christmas gifts for him!

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Tire Pressure Gauge

3) Tire Pressure Gauge

A must have for every car is a pressure gauge for your tires. This is one of the better gauges on the market that has a digital reader and blue LED for easy use at night

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Men's Wooden Watch

4) Men's Wooden Watch

Ditch the silver and gold and rock this sweet watch made from natural sandalwood with a genuine leather band to go with it. It's lightweight and really comfortable on the wrist

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Wusthof Knife Set

5) Wusthof Knife Set

Every man in the kitchen deserves a solid piece of cutlery and this 3-piece knife set is THE knife set to get. Made in Germany since 1814 and made with only the highest quality materials

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Hot Sauce Gift Set

6) Hot Sauce Gift Set

Who doesn't like hot sauce?! This gourmet box of sauces contain the best from Louisiana and has flavors like their award-winning traditional cajun, garlic cajun and more

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Stainless Steel Travel Mug

7) Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This travel mug literally has all the bells and whistles you could ever need. Vacuum insulation for maximum temperature regulation, spill-proof autoseal technology…ok I'll stop there!

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Black Leather Wallet

8) Black Leather Wallet

Alpine Swiss is well known for their quality leather wallets and this thin, slim front pocket wallet also has a money clip as well.

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Professional Studio Headphones

9) Professional Studio Headphones

If you've been used to Bose headphones in the past, it's time to move on. These Audio-Technica headphones crush the competition and let out some serious audio

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Canvas Messenger Bag

10) Canvas Messenger Bag

For guys on the go, a shoulder or messenger bag is necessary. This durable bag made by ibagbar is extremely well made and has a total of 9 pockets to store all of your essentials

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Sphere Ice Mold

11) Sphere Ice Mold

Calling all whiskey drinkers! It's time to upgrade from those weak ice cubes and start drinking in style. Not only are these cubes awesome looking, they are very functional. No more watered down drinks!

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Paul Smith Socks

12) Paul Smith Socks

The best men's socks on the market by a mile. High quality and made in London, these fashionable socks come in more than 50 patterns and styles

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Thug Kitchen Cookbook

13) Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Really? A cookbook as a Christmas gift for men? Yes! This cookbook is not just any cookbook. It's hilarious; the recipes are delicious. And we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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Quadcopter 4K Drone

14) Quadcopter 4K Drone

Flying RC helicopters is a thing of the past. Welcome to the new age of drones. The DJI Phantom 3 is a leader in the industry and it even comes with a 4K UHD video camera! Hands down one the best Christmas gifts for guys.

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Apple Watch

15) Apple Watch

You can't go wrong here… this is literally the most beautiful watch on earth, besides of course…Rolex's and the sorts. But who can afford them? This is one of the most technology advanced watch on the planet. One of the coolest Christmas gift ideas for him!

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Corkcicle Beer Chiller

16) Corkcicle Beer Chiller

Ever have the problem of hanging on to your beer too long? Introducing the Corkcicle beer chiller, a stainless steel chiller that has an airtight seal and thermal coolant. No more worrying about warm beer! Our top choice when it comes to Christmas gifts for him this holiday season!

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Leatherman Multi-tool

17) Leatherman Multi-tool

Another must have tool in every mans arsenal is a Leatherman. This amazing little tool has 14 different features like a spring-action needlenose plier, wire stripper, wood/metal file and tons more. One of the most practical Christmas gift ideas for him!

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Omaha Steaks

18) Omaha Steaks

Mmm….a man's dream come true. High quality steaks delivered right to his doorstep. Go ahead and buy him some filets…and while you're at it, throw in some NY strips as well!

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Death Wish Coffee

19) Death Wish Coffee

Quite possibly the strongest coffee in the world (or so they claim), this will certainly wake you up and keep you focused for a long time. Another great thing about this coffee? It's USDA Certified Organic!

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Magnetic Wristband

20) Magnetic Wristband

For all the handymen and construction guys out there, this will become a lifesaver. Use this wristband to keep tools on your wrist while hard at work! Great for holding screws, nails, wrenches and other small tools

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Folding Knife Key

21) Folding Knife Key

Such a handy little key that will surely come in use for so many different things: opening a box, cutting rope, severing threads…and hey, it's ever a great fingernail cleaner!

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Ghost Pepper Nuts

22) Ghost Pepper Nuts

Get ready to grab some milk, because these nuts have some serious kick to them! These things are addicting to say the least - a must try and one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men who love spicy food.

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Reversible Leather Belt

23) Reversible Leather Belt

What a genius idea! Levi's has crafted this quality leather belt that is interchangeable from brown on one side to black on the other. Now you can essentially buy two belts for the price of one!

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Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

24) Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

A go-to winter jacket for men is this highly durable, well made down jacket by one of the top brands out there. There's no denying that Patagonia has perfected the down jacket

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Drink-a-palooza Board Game

25) Drink-a-palooza Board Game

Look no further, we have found the "Monopoly" of drinking games for adults. This board game features classics like beer pong, flip cup, quarters, kings cup….and the list goes on

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Bialetti Espresso Maker

26) Bialetti Espresso Maker

Make the best coffee right in your home with this authentic stovetop espresso maker. Made from only the highest quality polished aluminum in Bialetti's classic octagon shape

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Electric Wine Opener

27) Electric Wine Opener

This stainless steel electric wine opener by Secura is not only highly functional, it is also very modern and stylish. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and an elegant blue LED in it's charging base.

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3D Printer / Maker

28) 3D Printer / Maker

One of the most sought after toys for all men out there (especially tech geeks!) is a 3D printer. The FlashForge is no joke and is ranked as one of the top machines out there. This will be a gift that's never returned…promise us!

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Grid-It Organizer

29) Grid-It Organizer

A well-made organizer for him to store all of his gadgets nice and securely. There are so many different configurations with this organizer, the possibilities are endless!

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Roman Knight Beanie Hat

30) Roman Knight Beanie Hat

For all the men that have always wished in becoming a Roman Knight, we have found the perfect beanie for you! This hat also makes a perfect wind mask for when your shredding down the slopes

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Tactical Flashlight

31) Tactical Flashlight

Finding a really good flashlight isn't easy. This powerful LED light is just like what the pros use and we can assure you that this will be the last flashlight you ever will need. It carries 750 lumens of blinding light!

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Insulated Growler

32) Insulated Growler

Cold beer all day? How does that sound? This vacuum sealed growler is a necessity for all the guys who love camping and tailgating. It's made of solid stainless steel and is naturally BPA-free

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Stainless Steel Mug

33) Stainless Steel Mug

Sticking with the beer theme is another product that will keep your beers nice and frosty. This double-walled mug has some serious insulation and will even keep your hot drinks toasty as well.

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Virtual Reality Headset

34) Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality has finally arrived and now you can play games and watch movies in your own private movie theater! This Samsung Gear VR headset is lightweight, affordable and will make all the other guys jealous

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Portable USB Charger

35) Portable USB Charger

Anker provides the highest quality and leading technology in the portable charging category. This charger is extremely compact and delivers a fast recharge for your devices!

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Convertible Pants

36) Convertible Pants

This pair of pants made by Columbia knocks out two birds with one stone as they say… Turn your pants into shorts in seconds and then back again.

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Braun Series 7

37) Braun Series 7

The #1 electric razor for men and a must have in the bathroom. This shaver is packed with intelligent technology that allows for a superior shave. Don't waste your time on any other shaver.

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Nest Thermostat

38) Nest Thermostat

Control your homes temperature more efficiently with Nest's Learning Thermostat from the palm of your hand! This device will learn your schedule and help save you money on your next energy bill.

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Shredder Claws

39) Shredder Claws

Satisfy the hunger of pulled pork loving men with these awesome shredder claws. They will literally tear up that piece of meat in no time! They can also carve and lift hot foods well too

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DIY Whiskey Maker

40) DIY Whiskey Maker

Ever wanted to make your own whiskey? Now you can with this American white oak barrel. It features a medium toast char for perfect aging. Make your own spirits 10 times faster with this kit

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Manicure/Pedicure Kit

41) Manicure/Pedicure Kit

Mani's and Pedi's aren't just for women! Men also need to take care of their nails too. This traveler type kit comes with everything needed to keep well groomed

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Whiskey Wedge

42) Whiskey Wedge

One of the coolest ice cube molds ever created is the Corkcicle whiskey wedge. Sip in style and don't worry about your drink being watered down…it just won't happen with this wedge cube

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BBQ Bros Sauces

43) BBQ Bros Sauces

Do you have a BBQ lover on your hands? This set of 3 sauces has ranked as one of the best for the past 5 years and gets many awards. No MSG in these sauces and gluten free

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Terry Bathrobe

44) Terry Bathrobe

Upgrade his bathroom garb with this Turkish cotton terry robe. It got nice weight to it and fits both tall and shorter men just fine

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Beard Ski Mask

45) Beard Ski Mask

Going skiing or boarding anytime soon? Rock out in style with this fashionable, waterproof mask and have all the heads turning your way

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Ticket Stub Organizer

46) Ticket Stub Organizer

If you know any guys who are obsessed with going to concerts and addicted to saving their stubs, this will be the perfect gift. Also great for storing sports ticket stubs too

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Fitbit Blaze

47) Fitbit Blaze

Yes…this is another smart watch…but no, this isn't an Apple Watch. It's still just as good and focused only on fitness. They are masters at innovating the workout experience

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Indoor Putting Green

48) Indoor Putting Green

Great for the office or just for putting around inside the house/apartment. Features a ball return system and is a long enough at 9 feet to instill confidence in your golfing game

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Wood Sunglasses

49) Wood Sunglasses

Handmade wooden sunglasses with polarized lenses and anti-glare. Comes with a free bamboo case and also a cloth pouch and microfiber! Can't go wrong here

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Portable Wireless Speaker

50) Portable Wireless Speaker

A premium Bluetooth wireless speaker system that pumps out some serious volume with thumping bass for such a little unit. Over 8,000 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars - good enough for me!

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Bonavita Coffee Maker

51) Bonavita Coffee Maker

Enjoy a fresh cup of delicious coffee every morning with this modern coffee maker. One of the faster brewing machines on the market with plenty of bells and whistles. It also brews in a quick 5-6 minutes!

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Bamboo Cutting Board

52) Bamboo Cutting Board

A premium eco-friendly cutting board that is perfect for chopping up all those veggies and even using as a cheese platter. These types of cutting boards are easy on the knives and a breeze to clean

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Glass Beer Boot

53) Glass Beer Boot

The perfect gift for men who absolutely love their beer. This glass boot holds up to 2 liters (or 67 fl ounces)! That's almost a 6 pack of brew that can fit in this thing! Wow…

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Double Wall Drinking Glass

54) Double Wall Drinking Glass

Another whiskey man's favorite, these two glasses are made of lead-free borosilicate glass and are extremely durable. They feature a double wall that will help keep your drink nice and cold for longer

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Hatsan 95 Air Rifle

55) Hatsan 95 Air Rifle

Coming in both .177 and .25 calibers, this well built air rifle features a sleek walnut stock and comes with a scope so you can pin point your prey. It's a spring-piston break barrel, so all you need to do is cock it!

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Gold Money Clip

56) Gold Money Clip

This isn't just any random money clip. This is made from premium brass and has a smooth finish that looks high-end. Ditch your old school bulky wallet and use this money clip instead

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Segway miniPRO

57) Segway miniPRO

Ride around in style with this smart self balancing Segway. It claims a speed of 10 MPH and will go the distance of about 14 miles on a full charge. Every guy will have such a blast on this thing!

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CamelBak Hydration Pack

58) CamelBak Hydration Pack

For all the avid runners, hikers and such, a CamelBak is a must. Very lightweight, has a simple, yet low profile design and contains a 100 ounce bladder to hold enough water for long distances

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59) GoPro HERO4

Every man dreams of capturing that awesome moment or action shot and there's no better equipment to do so than a GoPro. Featuring a built-in touch display, WiFi + Bluetooth and more

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Camping / Outdoor Hammock

60) Camping / Outdoor Hammock

A simple, yet versatile hammock that can be taken anywhere with you for a nice, comfortable rest. Great for camping and even better for keeping all those mosquito's out with a mesh net

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Hot Dog Toaster

61) Hot Dog Toaster

Such a cool retro / old school looking hot dog toaster that is able to fit two regular sized hot dogs plus buns. It really works…and works well!

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Leica 24MP Camera

62) Leica 24MP Camera

Most people that have a DSLR go for either Canon or Nikon. But folks, if you have a serious photographer on your hands, step into the world of Leica. They make one of the best camera's in the world. No joke.

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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

63) Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Surfer dudes and paddle boarders will appreciate this 11 foot inflatable board. The Atoll is ultra light weight and 30% lighter than comparable models.

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Shun Chef's Knife

64) Shun Chef's Knife

Another top quality knife just like Wusthof is the brand Shun. You can't go wrong with either, but this 8-inch knife is a classic and should be in every man's kitchen.

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Bushnell Falcon Binoculars

65) Bushnell Falcon Binoculars

Any guy who enjoys outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, sports, etc could use these Binoculars. Few specs: HD clarity, 7x magnification, 35 MM lens diameter and extremely affordable

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Portable Breathalyzer

66) Portable Breathalyzer

Stay safe at all times and never drink and drive! Use this professional breathalyzer to test your BAC before you step behind the wheel. It will save you lots of money and lives

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Man Can Gift Set

67) Man Can Gift Set

One of the most favorited gift sets for men on the market is 'The Man Can'. It contains 100% all natural skin care products like soap, shave gel, bay rum oil and more. Great gift!

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Acoustic Guitar

68) Acoustic Guitar

For the avid music lover or the guitar shredding maniac, the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar features a spruce top, laminated nato back and sides plus a satin finish. It's time to pluck some strings!

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Swiss Army Pocket Knife

69) Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Face it… a Leatherman is not enough for a guy. He needs as many on-the-go tools as possible and the Swiss Army Knife is a staple that should be in the man's possession

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Dolce and Gabbana Cologne

70) Dolce and Gabbana Cologne

The best smelling cologne for men that has that light, elegant and rich scent to it. Recommended for casual wear. It's a great every day spray that never gets old

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Full Body Massage Chair

71) Full Body Massage Chair

What man doesn't love a nice full body massage? He will love coming home from a hard day of work to this high-end chair that will work out all his kinks, so you don't have to!

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Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

72) Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

There are plenty of ways to make coffee these days, whether it’s a French press, Moka pot, traditional drip… but this hourglass shaped flask is made entirely from glass and produces delicious coffee

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Cuba Variety By Cuba

73) Cuba Variety By Cuba

No…these aren't real Cuban cigars! It's a cologne, but has a close resemblance and comes in a box that looks like them. It's a tad on the musky side, but sweet like a cigar. The women will dig it, no doubt!

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Neff Men's Beanie

74) Neff Men's Beanie

Made from 100% acrylic and available in over 25 colors, the Neff ribbed beanie is perfect for every day use and is super soft and slouchy. Worn by celebrities like Bieber, Zac Efron, Matt Damon and more!

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Guitar Pick Puncher

75) Guitar Pick Puncher

Create your own guitar picks with this Original Guitar Pick Punch by Pick Punch. It has a heavy duty design and can make an endless supply of picks from credit cards, hotel key cards, plastic material, etc

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Homemade Gin Kit

76) Homemade Gin Kit

Make your own delicious home-blend of gin in the comfort of your home with this awesome little kit. It contains all of the necessary equipment and is easy to make!

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

77) Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall creates some of the best and most classic speakers out there and they really crushed it with this small little portable speaker. Weighs under 7 pounds and lasts 20 hours on battery!

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Mantry Food Subscription

78) Mantry Food Subscription

Selecting only the finest and most unique foods that every man will absolutely love, Mantry delivers 6 amazing products curated just for him every 2 months. An awesome gift indeed!

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Portable Outdoor Speaker

79) Portable Outdoor Speaker

If you know a guy who likes rockin out in the shower, this wireless speaker is perfect for him. Durable, powerful, waterproof are a few words to describe this top quality speaker

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Credit Card Folding Knife

80) Credit Card Folding Knife

A great gift to have in case of emergencies is a knife. This travel size, multi-purpose knife is lightweight, extremely durable and thin, so it can fit in your pocket or wallet

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Bullet Casing Cufflinks

81) Bullet Casing Cufflinks

Handmade from 40 caliber bullets and made in the USA, these manly cufflinks will surely give him the attention he's been seeking. These are from real former bullet casings with brass centers.

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Converse Chuck Taylors

82) Converse Chuck Taylors

One of the most popular shoes out there for men that can be worn either casual or dressed up. They are trendy, classic and very comfortable!

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iPhone Video Camera

83) iPhone Video Camera

Cinebody has released one of the coolest gadgets that turns your iPhone into a video camera and shoots 4K quality video

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Dewalt 5-Tool Combo Kit

84) Dewalt 5-Tool Combo Kit

A necessity in every man's garage is a tool set. This Dewalt set has everything he will need including a hammer drill, saw, work light, impact driver and more!

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Amazon Echo

85) Amazon Echo

Just like Apple's Siri, only in our opinion better, this hands-free speaker is at your command! Speak anything to Alexa like what the weather is, play some music or even control lights in your house

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Blox Ice Cube Tray

86) Blox Ice Cube Tray

Another awesome cube maker for your favorite cocktails or drinks, the Chillz Blox tray will give you jumbo sized square ice cubes that are perfect every time

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Vintage Leather Belt

87) Vintage Leather Belt

It's not easy to find a quality belt for men, but we found one at DSTLD. They make a premium vintage leather belt in brown and black that will last. It's sturdy and has a cool worn look to it

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Stanley Flask

88) Stanley Flask

If you already own Stanley's classic Vacuum Bottle, then it's time you also purchase this on the go stainless steel flask. It's rustproof and is durable enough to take the roughest beating

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4 Person Tent

89) 4 Person Tent

For all the campers out there, having a tent that doesn't fall down on you at night is kind of important. Sundome makes a high-quality tent, made in the USA that sleeps 4. It also has a nice height of 59" in the center

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Phone Car Mount Holder

90) Phone Car Mount Holder

The best phone mount for your car, the iOttie makes it a breeze to setup and attach to anywhere in your car (windshield, dash, etc). Highly adjustable and compatible with iPhones, Galaxy's and more

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Timex Watch

91) Timex Watch

This is one of the most comfortable, versatile and stylish watches made by Timex. It has nylon slip-thru straps, so you can change out the colors to match your outfit or mood

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How To Make Whiskey

92) How To Make Whiskey

A great guide on how to make and drink whiskey. Pairs well with the whiskey making kit mentioned earlier in this list and perfect for whiskey lovers

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Incase Sleeve For Laptop

93) Incase Sleeve For Laptop

Protecting your laptop is a must! Incase makes one of the classiest and highest quality carrying cases and we highly recommend this over anything else

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Vinyl Me, Please

94) Vinyl Me, Please

If you know a guy that loves music, this is a great subscription to get him. Special edition vinyl delivered straight to your door, complete with album art print and some other goodness!

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Pro Tech Toolkit

95) Pro Tech Toolkit

For all the tech guys out there, you will need this comprehensive kit that includes all the tools needed to fix your gadgets and keep them working in perfect condition

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Everything Meat Book

96) Everything Meat Book

Perfect for the meat loving man in your life, this book covers every type of meat out there and has mouthwatering recipes for pork, beef, veal, lamb and poultry

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Game Of Thrones Season 5

97) Game Of Thrones Season 5

This series can be watched over and over again…it's that good. Get this on Blu-ray and see how stunning the video and quality is compared to the regular version. You'll be amazed!

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Coffee Mug With Hoop

98) Coffee Mug With Hoop

Basketball lovers and all sports fanatics will go nuts over this. Play hoops with marshmallows while sipping on your favorite brew. It's quite fun at the office

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Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

99) Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

A great pan for guys who love to cook and whip up delicious meals in a jiffy. Skillets can be used for so many different uses like frying, sautéing, baking, stir fry and more

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Yourself As A Stuffed Animal

100) Yourself As A Stuffed Animal

Ever wished you could make yourself into a stuffed animal? If you answered yes, now you can! These realistic stuffed animals are almost scary! Look how identical they look like yourself

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Wooden Hair Comb

101) Wooden Hair Comb

Great for men with beards, long hair or mustaches, this wooden comb has anti-static properties and can detangle the most stubborn beards and head hair

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102) SCOTTeVEST Jacket

If you watch Shark Tank, you may have seen this a long time ago. Still one of the coolest jackets I've seen, it has 25 pockets to hold all of your gadgets, keys, sunglasses, water bottles and lots more!

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Video Enabled Doorbell

103) Video Enabled Doorbell

Never miss a visitor again! With Ring, you're always home. This doorbell is motion activated, has two-way audio and amazing wide-angle HD video. Access the video from wherever in the world!

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