100 Christmas Gifts For Kids

A comprehensive list of top gift ideas for kids of all ages that will surely make this Christmas one to remember

Kids agree – the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Few things are more heartwarming than seeing a child’s face light up on Christmas morning. But finding the right gift can be difficult! One day they like dinosaurs, the next they’re chasing Pokémon. Our curated list of top gifts for kids will help you find the perfect Christmas present for that special little one in your life no matter what stage they’re in. Whether they like building, drawing, playing outside or fighting zombies in a virtual world, there’s a present to match the personality of every child.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art Kit

1) Magnetic Mini Tile Art Kit

Make Arts and Crafts fun again with a kit that's full of fun for any kid. Create a masterpiece on one of the many included tiles, then attach a magnet and show it off to the world.

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R/C Wall Climber Car

2) R/C Wall Climber Car

Who needs the floor for a remote control car when you can drive it up the wall...literally. The SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber is becoming an instant favorite for kids everywhere.

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TwinStar Telescope

3) TwinStar Telescope

A great gift idea for any science and astronomy enthusiast is a state-of-the-art telescope. The TwinStar AstroVenture is easy to install and comes with a secure adjustable tripod so you can gaze up at the stars and planets for years to come.

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R/C Construction Tractor

4) R/C Construction Tractor

A heavy-duty remote control crane tractor that looks and feels like the real thing. Great for indoor and outdoor use, the crane can rotate 680 degrees and it has up to 17 channel controls.

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Razor Dune Buggy

5) Razor Dune Buggy

It's impossible not to have a smile on your face riding a dune buggy and Razor has created the best one on the market for older kids and teens. The bucket seat, diamond plate floorboard, and durable tires are perfect for any terrain.

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Barbie Fairytale Doll

6) Barbie Fairytale Doll

Meet the perfect Barbie dress up doll that every girl wants. With three complete fairytale outfits, including a mermaid, princess and fairy, this barbie doll can do it all.

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STX Lacrosse Miniature Sticks With Ball

7) STX Lacrosse Miniature Sticks With Ball

A great gift idea for a youngster looking to start playing the popular game. Each stick is built to last and has a soft mesh pocket and orange lacrosse ball.

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Talking Chewbacca Mask

8) Talking Chewbacca Mask

The toy that had everyone racing to the stores can be all yours. Kids of all ages and adults too, have found so much joy putting on the mask and creating the best wookiee sounds.

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Creative Standing Easel

9) Creative Standing Easel

Let your kids' creative imagination run wild as this Deluxe standing easel comes with a chalkboard, dry-erase board, and paper roller. Your kid can spend hours drawing, painting, and sketching their next great piece of art.

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Craft Animals Sewing Kit

10) Craft Animals Sewing Kit

Another great arts and crafts gift for both boys and girls. Craftster's put together the perfect sewing kit to teach your kid how to follow instructions and craft an adorable stuffed animal.

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Fujifilm Instant Film Camera

11) Fujifilm Instant Film Camera

What's not to love about this compact instant film camera? It fits right in your pocket and lets you take high-quality photos anytime, anywhere.

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Lip Balm Party Pack

12) Lip Balm Party Pack

Pucker up and give your best smile thanks to the Lip Smacker sunscreen lip balm pack. With 8 different flavors and SPF protection, you're ready for smooth, delicious lips anytime of the year.

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American Girl Doll, Book And Backpack

13) American Girl Doll, Book And Backpack

Enjoy the classic Maryellen American Girl Doll with its own backpack carrier and exciting storybook. With so much fun and love packed in one kit, every little American Doll lover will want one.

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Candy Land Board Game

14) Candy Land Board Game

The classic board game is back and better than ever. Take a trip down memory lane with your kids and have everyone join in on the fun as you move your gingerbread pawn through rainbows and candy to save King Kandy.

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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Toy

15) LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Toy

If your kid loves Star Wars then this LEGO Imperial Troop Transport model is perfect. Featuring space for four Storm Troopers and a dual flick missile turret, you're ready to take on the Rebel force.

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ArcEnCiel Kid's Backpack

16) ArcEnCiel Kid's Backpack

Every kid needs a backpack that is not only functional but shows off their unique personality. The whimsical robot design looks cool and has all the room and pockets for your kids most prized possessions.

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Authentic Play Kitchen

17) Authentic Play Kitchen

Kids love cooking up some fun in the most popular play kitchen set from KidKraft. It has all the appliances and equipment needed for your kid to feel like the next top chef.

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Razor Scooter

18) Razor Scooter

The classic way to get around the neighborhood just got better. The original A5 Lux Scooter from Razor is enhanced with extra large wheels and high-speed bearings to make it a smooth and better ride.

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Play Princess Castle

19) Play Princess Castle

Get the little princess in your life her very own play castle. It's the perfect addition to her playroom and for her to use her imagination and become the princess she always wanted to be.

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Perfume Science Kit

20) Perfume Science Kit

Have your kids discover the science and art of making scents. Let their nose and brain do all the work as they experiment with a variety of fragrances and learn how to make the perfect perfume.

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Duncan Ultimate Yo Yo

21) Duncan Ultimate Yo Yo

The classic Yo Yo toy never goes out of style and it's a gift that every kid can enjoy. Duncan has built a strong reputation to build the best yo yo's that light up and can spin for days!

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LED Soccer Ball

22) LED Soccer Ball

Now you can play soccer at anytime of the day as the Light Up Soccer Ball uses LED lights to help track the ball and enjoy the game when the sun goes down.

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Horse Stable Toy

23) Horse Stable Toy

Schleich has created the best and most authentic horse stable toy for kids. Each piece is hand painted and the details are as close to a real stable as you can get. Plus, all the accessories give you a taste what it's really like raising horses on a farm.

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Melissa & Doug Suspend Game

24) Melissa & Doug Suspend Game

This fun and challenging balance game is a top-seller on Amazon for a reason. Take your turn using your pieces to add to the structure and make sure it doesn't lose balance. It helps improve cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Thinking Putty Kit

25) Thinking Putty Kit

Educational toys are always a smart buy and now kids can create the same putty using the same ingredients master-putty creator Crazy Aaron uses. The kit includes 5 tins of putty to create your very own color and fun texture combinations.

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GoldieBlox Storybook Toy

26) GoldieBlox Storybook Toy

The only children's book featuring a girl engineer - "GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine" is an educational and construction toy that girls have come to love. Follow along as you need to help GoldieBlox build a machine to help out her friends.

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Rock'em Sock'em Robots

27) Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

Remember how much fun this game was?...well it still is that much fun. The popular toy is still around to deliver knockout punches and provide entertainment for the whole family.

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VTech Action Camera

28) VTech Action Camera

Adults aren't the only ones who can use live-action cameras on the go. The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam lets kids capture up to 2.5 hours of live videos of all of their fun adventures.

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Nerf Strong-arm Blaster

29) Nerf Strong-arm Blaster

The quick-draw fire motion of this Nerf gun makes it a popular choice for kids everywhere. It can fire 6 darts up to 90 feet and you can attach other Nerf accessories for more fun and accurate shooting.

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Indoor Soccer Table Game

30) Indoor Soccer Table Game

Get as close to the real game of soccer as you can with plenty of non-stop table foosball action. Hathaway is known to build quality and fun-filled table games and kids will love challenging their friends to a match.

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Snap Circuits Light Kit

31) Snap Circuits Light Kit

Elenco has created one of the coolest toys that lets kids create an awesome music light show. The lights will change to the beat as you control it with either an iPod, MP3 Player, voice or finger.

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5 Second Rule Game

32) 5 Second Rule Game

Better think fast or you'll lose out in one of the best party games around. Draw a topic card and name 3 things about that topic in 5 seconds - prepare for some funny answers!

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Miposaur Toy

33) Miposaur Toy

Is there a better combination than dinosaurs and robots? We couldn't think of anything either - The Miposaur follows the sensor tracking ball to navigate around the room and do commands such as dance, chase and feed.

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Snow Cone Maker

34) Snow Cone Maker

Kids can now make their favorite summer treat with the professional snow cone maker from Waring Pro. Pick your favorite syrup, shave the ice and throw the ultimate snow cone party.

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Illuminating Wheel Light

35) Illuminating Wheel Light

Turn a bike ride into an instant party scene as the Monkey Light M232 is one of the coolest toys on the market today. It creates stunning patterns on your bike wheel at 10 to 40 MPH - riding your bike at night will be the new cool thing to do.

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Nerf Tactical Vest

36) Nerf Tactical Vest

Show them that your kid's not messing around as the Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest looks and feels like what the professionals wear. The vest comes equipped to hold all the ammo you need for an intense Nerf gun battle.

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Craft Jewelry Kit

37) Craft Jewelry Kit

Creating your own jewelry is a great way to spend hours of fun indoors and the Shrinky Dinks kit comes with 68 pieces so kids can make the coolest bracelets, charms, necklaces and so much more.

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Hamper Hoop

38) Hamper Hoop

Turn putting away dirty laundry into your kids favorite activity. Attach the basketball hoop to the bedroom or closet door and be amazed that your kid actually keeps a clean room.

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Crane Truck

39) Crane Truck

Kids love this toy because it performs like the real thing. The Bruden MAN Crane truck can pick up heavy objects and swivel 360 degrees just like an actual crane! Great for both outdoors and indoors.

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American Girl Memory Book

40) American Girl Memory Book

Nothing is more precious than a young girl's journal and the American Girl Memory Book kit has everything they need to write down all their thoughts in a fun and creative way.

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Light Up Tracing Pad

41) Light Up Tracing Pad

Crayola has created the ultimate drawing pad for kids. Use the included design sheets or download one of the hundreds online and use the light up sketch board to trace and create plenty of fun and cool designs.

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Magic Science Wizard Kit

42) Magic Science Wizard Kit

Every kid dreams of being a wizard with magical powers and now their wish has come true. Inside the magic science kit comes tons of cool educational science experiments for kids to learn and get creative.

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i-Loom Starter Pack

43) i-Loom Starter Pack

Take an interactive approach to creating the coolest friendship bracelets ever. The i-Loom device and app lets kids choose from multiple designs and patterns to create bracelets effortlessly.

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Science Experiment Book

44) Science Experiment Book

One of the best gifts to let kids creativity and curiosity take over. The Everything Kids' Science Experiment Book teaches kids multiple ways to create and test exciting science experiments using objects they can find in the home.

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American Girl Crafting Kit

45) American Girl Crafting Kit

The American Doll experience keeps getting better as this crafting kit comes with all the essentials to create beautiful accessories for you and your doll.

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Riding Digging Crane

46) Riding Digging Crane

For the kids who love to dig and play in the sand, the Big Dig Ride-on digger is a great toy for all-season outdoor fun. The two-handed controls make digging easy and enjoyable and help with hand-eye coordination.

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Stomp Rocket

47) Stomp Rocket

Run, jump and stomp on everyone's favorite outdoor toy. Launch the rocket up to 200 feet in the air and see who can launch it the farthest. This toy flat out rocks!

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Fleece Headbands With Speakers

48) Fleece Headbands With Speakers

Say hello to the headband that is not only cozy and adorable, but also comes with built-in 1/8 inch speakers. Now you finally have a headband your kid will love and never want to take off!

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Remote Control Helicopter

49) Remote Control Helicopter

Good luck keeping your kids away from this remote control helicopter. It flies in 3 different directions and is made with a durable and lightweight aluminum frame, making it crash-dummy approved.

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Remote Control Moon Room Decor

50) Remote Control Moon Room Decor

What better night light for kids than a model of the moon in their room. It hangs on the wall and kids can use a remote control to see the different phases of the it. So cool!

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Nerf EX-3 Blaster

51) Nerf EX-3 Blaster

One of the most top-selling Nerf guns may look small but it packs tons of power. It shoots darts up to 90 feet and can even fit in your pocket!

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Electronic Pitching Machine

52) Electronic Pitching Machine

The best youth pitching machine that helps young hitters develop their swing. It adjusts to a batters height and shoots out a ball every seven seconds. Get ready to swing for the fences!

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RipStik Ripster

53) RipStik Ripster

For the kids who love scooters, there aren't many better than the original Razor RipStik Ripster. Designed to move around with ease and the lightweight frame helps perform more head-turing tricks up and down the neighborhood.

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Crystal Growing Kit

54) Crystal Growing Kit

If your kid is a science enthusiast then there's nothing cooler than growing your own crystals. The Crystal Experiment lets kids learn how to perform seven different crystal growth experiments.

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Pogo Stick

55) Pogo Stick

Give your kids an extra bounce in their step with the original Maverick pogo stick from Flybar. With a secure foam grip and durable steel frame, it's no wonder this toy is always a favorite for kids everywhere.

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VTech Smartwatch

56) VTech Smartwatch

The top-selling smartwatch for kids comes loaded with fun games and activities any kid can enjoy. Take pictures, record audio, play games, and enjoy everything this cool touchscreen smartwatch has to offer.

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Tub Of Dinosaurs

57) Tub Of Dinosaurs

A must-have for Dino-lovers everywhere as the tub comes with 40 different prehistoric creatures. It also comes with real-life looking trees and rocks to help create the ultimate jurassic environment.

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NeoTracks System

58) NeoTracks System

Your kids love for cars and building things will go to a whole new level as they construct a thrilling track and watch the cars go speeding by. With 228 pieces, there are plenty of ways to create a dynamic race track.

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Children's Tool Kit Bag

59) Children's Tool Kit Bag

All the tools a kid needs to be the ultimate handy man are in this 9-piece kit. Each tool is built with durable steel and ready to use for their next big or small project.

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Magnetic Wooden Block Set

60) Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Tegu Blocks have become an instant favorite for kids who love to build things and use their imagination. The possibilities are endless with this block set as each piece contains a magnet for you to connect and build creative structures.

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Magna-Tiles Building Set

61) Magna-Tiles Building Set

For the young builders out there, the Magna Tiles are perfect for developing motor skills and recognizing shapes and patterns. The 100-piece set comes with all different shapes and sizes to build away.

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American Girl Buildable Home

62) American Girl Buildable Home

The top-selling American Doll accessory is a two-story house with plenty of real-life details. Build a living room, kitchen, and bedroom for the 3 included dolls. It's a perfect addition to a young girl's doll collection.

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Spirograph Set

63) Spirograph Set

Remember this classic toy? Bring Spirographs back into your life and get creative with the whole family. This tin set comes with all the tools and designs to spend hours of fun making the coolest spirograph art.

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Star Wars Lightsaber

64) Star Wars Lightsaber

Feel the force with the most authentic Star Wars lightsaber toy out there. It uses accurate sounds and lighting, plus comes with a lightdagger. Any Star Wars fan will enjoy this great toy.

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Saucer Tree Swing

65) Saucer Tree Swing

Kids can enjoy a new take on the classic tree swing with the spacious, comfortable, and safe Swinging Monkey Saucer Tree Swing. The 40 inch diameter gives room for multiple kids to enjoy the swinging action and encourages group play.

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Frisbee Rings

66) Frisbee Rings

Tell your kids to put away the video games and electronics and get outside with the fun Activ Flyer discs. Lighter and softer than a frisbee, these discs are meant to be played anytime, anywhere.

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Self-Constructing Crazy Fort

67) Self-Constructing Crazy Fort

What kid doesn't love building a super sweet fort. Using their imagination and thinking skills, children of all ages can enjoy hours of fun building a fort out of balls and sticks.

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Boogie Board

68) Boogie Board

The coolest tablet for kids lets you erase messages or images with the touch of a button. The screen will flash when it's ready for a new post and the thin design makes it perfect to carry on the go.

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Car Designer Kit

69) Car Designer Kit

Kids love to use their imagination and build things with their hands and the ZOOB car designer lets kids create cars they can actually play with. Using the 76 pieces, create up to 3 cars or a sweet 12-wheeler!

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Chain Reactions LEGO Kit

70) Chain Reactions LEGO Kit

Watch your kid channel their inner engineer as they can create 10 different moving machines using over 30 different LEGO elements. It's so much fun even the adults won't be able to stay away from it.

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My First Science Kit

71) My First Science Kit

From chemical reactions to creating a color-changing volcano, this 20 piece science kit is full of fun and educational experiments that your kid will love to explore.

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Classic Operation Game

72) Classic Operation Game

Take your turn performing surgery on patient Sam in the classic Operation board game. An instant favorite, watch in amusement as each player uses the tweezers to help Sam out or set off the buzzer.

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Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

73) Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

Jump and dunk on the trampoline built for extreme safety and fun. Skywalker trampolines are one of the most trusted brands of trampolines and the added basketball hoop makes for more family fun.

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Butterfly Habitat

74) Butterfly Habitat

Playing with insects is now fun and educational for your kids. With the Butterfly Garden, each habitat container comes with feeder instructions and food so your kids can raise caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.

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Outdoor Buck Gun

75) Outdoor Buck Gun

Teach your kids how to shoot the right way with the Model 105 Buck Rifle. The level-cocked spring rifle is both lightweight and durable, making it the perfect rifle for beginner's. It can shoot BB's up to 275-feet per second and is made of solid wood.

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Electronic Hot Potato Game

76) Electronic Hot Potato Game

The fun-filled tater-tossing game never gets old and is a great game to play with the whole family. Don't get caught with the plush potato when the music stops or...well you know what happens!

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R/C Quadcopter With HD Camera

77) R/C Quadcopter With HD Camera

Drones are the future and the X5C Remote Control Camera Drone is perfect for beginners to understand how to safely and accurately fly one. It comes with an HD camera that lets you film action-packed videos both indoors and outdoors.

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Platform Swing

78) Platform Swing

This isn't the swing you played with at your Grandma's house. Your kids can enjoy more space and more fun outdoors with the durable and comfortable HearthSong Platform swing.

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Nerf Bow Blaster

79) Nerf Bow Blaster

Get your target in sight and line up the perfect shot with the electronic Nerf Agent Bow Blaster. With so many action-packed details, you can even send messages for your friends to decode with the included decoder.

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Nintendo 3DS

80) Nintendo 3DS

3D has become the future of video games and the new Nintendo 3DS is the future of hand-held gaming systems. Besides playing all the best 3D games available, it can play all Nintendo DS games.

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Bounce-Off Game Tray

81) Bounce-Off Game Tray

One of the most popular games for kids just got better with the Bounce Off "Rock N' Rollz edition. The new board will rock back and forth as you try to bounce the balls to match the design on the card you draw - making for more intense fun!

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Qwirkle Strategy Game

82) Qwirkle Strategy Game

Find out how smart kids really are with this fun and strategic board game. Enjoy outsmarting your opponents as the goal is to score points by creating lines of matching shapes and colors.

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R/C Rock Crawler Vehicle

83) R/C Rock Crawler Vehicle

Remote control trucks are way more fun when you can go off-road. The Rock Crawler from Maisto has upgraded suspensions and two motors to give kids the best off-road action experience.

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LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Castle

84) LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Castle

Bring one of the most popular Disney animated movies of all time right into your living room. LEGO lets you build Princess Elsa's castle from 'Frozen', plus it comes with all your favorite 'Frozen' characters.

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Snap Circuits Discover Kit

85) Snap Circuits Discover Kit

One of the top selling toys on Amazon for kids lets you build real-life working models of a photo sensor, flash light and so many more fun projects.

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Colorful And Stylish Headbands

86) Colorful And Stylish Headbands

With multiple colors to choose from along with rhinestones, flowers, feathers and more, your kid can create a headband that they can't wait to show off to all their friends.

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Razor Euro Electric Scooter

87) Razor Euro Electric Scooter

Cruising around the neighborhood never looked better while riding the Euro-style electric scooter from Razor. Reaching up to 15-miles per hour, this scooter is the best way to get around fast and in style.

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DIY Hair Chalk Salon

88) DIY Hair Chalk Salon

Colorful Hair, Don't Care! Show off a personal and unique style by designing hair with the chalk pens, hair beading tool and hair elastics.

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Portable And Adjustable Basketball Hoop

89) Portable And Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Who doesn't love a fun-filled game of backyard hoops? With the easily portable and all-weather basketball hoop, it's perfect for beginners or future pros looking to have a fun day of basketball with their friends.

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LEGO EV3 Robot

90) LEGO EV3 Robot

Ditch the LEGO's you're used to playing with and enjoy the advanced technology of the innovative EV3 Robot built with touch, color, and infrared sensors. The old LEGOs could never do this!

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Superhero Costume And Tattoos

91) Superhero Costume And Tattoos

Watch your kid transform into their favorite superhero with these fun-filled costumes. Includes an adjustable mask, cape, and washable tattoos that will make them look like the real thing.

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DIY Magic Kit

92) DIY Magic Kit

Impress everyone in the room with some of the best card and illusion tricks all in one magical suitcase. Next stop for your kid, Las Vegas!

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Hedbanz Card Game

93) Hedbanz Card Game

Who said using your head can't be fun? Be ready for loads of laughs with the goofy and fun award-winning card game that has you ask the question, "What am I?"

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Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

94) Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

Razor is taking it's top-rated products off the sidewalks and going off-road. The battery-powered motocross dirt bike is super-quiet and goes up to 12 miles per hour making it a fun and safe bike for kids 13 and older.

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Indominus Rex Chomping Action-Figure

95) Indominus Rex Chomping Action-Figure

Get up, close and personal with a prehistoric beast as the live chomping jaw action and color-changing skin Indominus Rex invades your living room. A great toy for all the dinosaur lovers out there.

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Hilarious Pie Face Game

96) Hilarious Pie Face Game

This game will get the whole family laughing out loud. The suspense builds as you turn the handle and see who's going to get a pie in the face. Fun for kids and adults of all ages!

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Gravity Maze

97) Gravity Maze

The ultimate logic game for kids is right here! Watch as they build each structure strategically to get the marble to the designated target. Even the adults will want to give it a shot.

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Exploding Kittens Game

98) Exploding Kittens Game

The hottest new game on the market is packed with kittens, lasers, explosions, and many more surprises. Get ready to laugh-out-loud and strategize as you try to avoid the exploding kitten card and survive. Exploding Kittens is the most-backed project ever on Kickstarter.

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Super Cruiser Longboard

99) Super Cruiser Longboard

The coolest way to get around these days is cruising the streets on a longboard and the super cruiser from Quest is one of the top boards on the market. Made of strong maple wood and bamboo makes it perfect for exciting, long-lasting rides.

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3-Piece Junior Drum Set

100) 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

If you're looking for the perfect starter drum set for your future drummer, Mendini has built a more than capable starter kit. It comes with everything a beginner needs; a snare drum, bass drum, cymbal arm, chair, and sticks - Get ready to Rock N' Roll!

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