Best Gifts For Men – 400+ Unique Ideas (2019 Update!)


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Best Gifts For Men - 400+ Unique Ideas (2019 Update!)

We've scoured the internet high and low to find the best, most unique gifts for every type of guy. Go on! Take a look at these amazing gift ideas.


Finding the perfect gift for that man in your life can be a daunting task. For the guy who has everything or keeps all his personal details to himself, choosing a gift can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Where do you even begin your search?

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Whether you’re trying to find unique gifts for your brother, husband, boyfriend, dad, cousin or son, we have so many cool things for men that will make him the happiest guy on earth. Some of these would even make great retirement gifts for men too!

How to Find the Right Gift for Him

You could go out and buy the first “guy” thing that you find on the store shelf (he might even like it). But putting a little extra thought and effort into choosing a gift can go a long way in making the occasion memorable – and letting him know you care.

Where do you start your search? First, check out these top gift lists for men below! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for him.

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What Does He Do For Fun?

Gifts related to his hobbies or favorite pastimes are always great options. Whether he loves to play sports on the weekends or paints in his free time, there are cool gifts for guys related to just about every hobby on the planet. Maybe he likes to travel? Well, we have the best travel gifts for men here!

A hobby-related gift is thoughtful because it shows that you really know him and you care enough to give him the tools to continue with his hobbies.

What if you don’t know what his hobbies are?

If you’re not sure what his hobbies are (or if he even has one), you can subtly ask friends and family for some advice. If he’s a cousin, friend or someone you just started dating, other people who know him well would be happy to help share this information with you.

If he doesn’t have any hobbies, but he’s expressed interest in a few, now is a great opportunity to help him get started.

When in doubt, make him go out on a limb and try something so uncharacteristically him that it makes him grow as a person. Better yet, go on the adventure with him. An adventure can be a gift to go rock climbing indoors, skiing, fixing that old clunker that’s accumulating rust in the yard or anything you know he would never do on his own.

Go For the Classics

Classic, crowd-pleasing gifts are always a great go-to if you can’t nail that perfect, personal gift. And you don’t have to stick with something boring, like a gift card (although those are still great).

Some classic gifts that will make every guy happy are:

  • Self-care products (skin care products, massagers, colognes, etc.)
  • Shaving items (brushes, kits, razors, beard oils, etc.)
  • Watches and other jewelry
  • Chocolate (or any type of food basket)
  • Belts
  • Sunglasses

Even if he has a dozen watches or ten different belts, he’ll be happy to get another one. And who wouldn’t love a big basket of delicious treats?

Classic gifts are a great option for guys who are new to your life, or for someone who has everything and can be very picky about gifts.

What Does He Need?

Everyone (or just about everyone) needs something. Think about some things he may have mentioned that he needs.

Maybe a new set of power tools will help him finish that project he’s been putting off. He might need a new man bag because the straps on his old one fell apart. Maybe he needs a new pair of running shoes because he ruined his last pair on the track.

It may take a little time and effort to find something he needs (guys don’t always like to admit they need something), but this type of gift is very thoughtful and much appreciated.

With these three tips in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best guy gifts.

Must-Have Gadgets

Every guy loves a good gadget, and this category is usually where you find the most unique gifts for men who have everything. Whether he’s a tech nerd or just loves his iPhone, you’re sure to find a gift here that will make him smile.

And if he’s a serious geek, you won’t find a better gift anywhere else.

There are gadgets for every personality, need and hobby. For the coffee connoisseur, there are high-tech, high-end espresso makers. For the smartphone junkie, there’s a portable Bluetooth keyboard. And for the tech guys, there are 3D printers, USB-powered speakers, wearables, smart thermostats and more.

There’s something for every budget in this category, and there’s something for every taste.

If he’s a guy who appreciates high-tech and quirky little toys, you’ll find a gadget gift for him on this list.

Hilarious Gag Gifts

Give him the gift of laughter with funny gag gifts. For guys with a sense of humor, these sometimes-childish but always hilarious gifts will be the talk of the town.

From innocent and silly to downright crude, you’ll find a gift for all flavors of humor.

There’s bacon-flavored toothpaste (for the guy who takes the Paleo diet a little too seriously), a toilet mug for the man who hates going to work, and exploding golf balls to tee off the golf player in your life.

Gag gifts aren’t for every guy. If he can’t take a joke, move along and find something that won’t send him crying in the corner – or fuming from anger.

If he can take the heat, a funny gift may be just the thing to make his special occasion memorable. And one thing’s for sure – everyone will remember your gift.

Unique & Cool Gifts

You want to be remembered as the person that gives people great, unique gifts – not the person who gives little-to-no thought about the gifts you buy. Unique and cool gifts are available for men if you know where to look.

And you might be a little jealous about all of these cool gifts that are perfect for him.

Beer guys – most men – will love the idea of a corkcicle beer chiller that eliminates drinking a warm beer (yuck). Men who spend a lot of time grooming and want to look their best every day of the week can always use a fogless shower mirror.

The survivalist man appreciates the unique outdoor gadgets: water filter straws, tactical pens or gazing at the stars with an Orion SpaceProbe telescope.

Ditch the boring gifts that collect dust in the closet and give him the gift he’s sure to remember.

Luxury Gifts

Life is meant to be enjoyed. He may spoil you, but when it comes to himself, he’s a little frugal. It’s time to make his gift the pinnacle of luxury.

Every man loves entertainment. An outdoor entertainment system? Check.

Crystal clear pictures via a curved QHD monitor? He’ll be floored the next time he watches a YouTube video, movies or plays a game on his computer.

Designer home foosball tables? Yeah, they have that, too. There’s even a luxury edition of Monopoly that many people never even heard of before. But, it’s even harder to beat the quality, prestige and joy he’ll find with a natural gas grill with a rotisserie and sear burner.

Luxury isn’t just for the rich anymore.

Every man can have these once-in-a-lifetime gifts. And you know what? He deserves it.

It’s time he’s spoiled for once.

For the BBQ-Lovin’ Man

Forget cooking on the stove when spring and summer roll around. Men will fight their way to the grill to cook up a delicious steak that’s large enough to feed an army. Chopping French fries, serving ribs, watching the coals sizzle.

A BBQ-lovin’ man deserves the best.

Brand those meats with a branding iron, serve the food on a BBQ serving table and make quick work of those French fries with a state-of-the-art French fry cutter. Men who want to smell bacon in the air, hear the popping of grease or can’t wait to sink their teeth into a sirloin will appreciate a BBQ-themed gift.

He’ll be so happy, you might even be invited to eat one of his famous steaks this year.

If he is a true BBQ-Lovin’ man, he’ll love the gifts on our list.

Christmas Gifts

Don’t listen to the man who says he has everything he wants and doesn’t want a Christmas gift. Men may be bashful, but it’s time to make your man’s eyes light up with excitement when he opens up that leather travel duffel bag that’s perfect to replace that worn, tattered bag he has now.

Men who spend hours tuning and perfecting their audio systems can always use more power. A new home theatre system – he’ll love it.

What about tools? Televisions? Whiskey edge? He’ll fall over with excitement when he sees that survival card tool or the tire pressure gauge he’s been eyeing. There are hundreds of options to pick from, and our updated list has the hottest items of the year for every man.

From tech genius to the rugged mechanic, there’s something for every man on our list, whether he’s a bachelor or a dad.

Christmas comes only once per year, and this time, you’ll be armed with gifts for even the pickiest man on your list.

Gifts All Men Will Love

Some gifts are reserved for a very specific type of gentleman. Other gifts are great for guys of all ages. Because no matter how old you get, you still need to shave, eat, drink, fix things and drink (did we mention drink?).

These gifts will please any man. Whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, cousin, dad, friend, brother, son or co-worker, there’s not a gift on this list that most men wouldn’t appreciate.

From power tools to outdoor gear, drinking supplies, clothing, tools and gadgets, you’ll find all the classics on this list – and they won’t disappoint. Splurge and go for that Apple watch, or please his inner musician with a new pair of wireless speakers.

If you cant’ find the right gift anywhere else, you’re sure to find it here.

Rugged Gifts for Masculine Men

Don’t even bother with those sissy personal care items or high-tech gadgets. Your man is a manly man. He’s too busy climbing mountains and wrestling up dinner with his bare hands to be worried about whether his smartphone is compatible with that app.

For the outdoorsy guy in your life, you’ll find plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts that will make even the manliest of men crack a smile.

Maybe he needs a new tent or a fleece pullover to stay warm on those mid-fall camping trips. The only personal care item he’ll appreciate is some beard oil and a nice wooden beard comb.

Actually, anything wooden will make him happy. That includes bow ties, watches and sunglasses.

Whether he’s a lumberjack, hunter, climber, camper or a wannabe outdoorsmen, you’ll find a gift on our list for the rugged man in your life.

First-Time Dad Gifts

Show the first-time dad in your life some love with a gift to celebrate his new arrival. Dads are just as intimidated, overwhelmed and excited about their new bundle of joy as moms. Bring him some comfort with a gift that will help him take on fatherhood with confidence.

From new dad manuals to strollers, dad-themed apparel, dude diaper bags, you can find everything he needs for life as a dad.

Dad-themed baby gear will help him tackle his duties as a dad with dignity. Trade in those floral diaper bags for something a little more manly. Hand him a book on how to be a prepared dad, or get him a baby carrier sweater so he doesn’t have to wear that ridiculous strap-on contraption.

Let’s face it – mom is getting most of the attention right now. She probably has everything she needs to be supermom. Dads need a little help and support, especially if this is his first child. There are dozens of dad-themed gifts for men that will make him feel more prepared and ready to start this exciting new chapter in his life.

No matter his personality or personal style, you’ll find a new-dad gift he’ll love and appreciate.

Find cool stuff to buy for kids or retirement gifts for women at Giftbeta too!