Best Stocking Stuffers – 250+ Unique Ideas (2019 Update!)

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Best Stocking Stuffers – 250+ Unique Ideas (2019 Update!)

Don't settle for the same stuffers everyone else is getting this Christmas. Fill that special stocking with cool, unique little gifts that will guarantee smiles!


The holidays are right around the corner and if you're like me, you don't have a clue what to get your friends and family. You would think that knowing someone well would make it easier to shop for them, but it seems as though it just makes it harder. Instead, you agonize over finding the perfect gift and whether that person will like what you got for them.

Luckily, you've come to the right place! We've scoured the internet high and low for the best, most unique stocking stuffers and curated them into some awesome lists.

What are you waiting for?! Go ahead... start browsing these amazing stocking stuffer ideas below and thank us later!

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A Few Tips On Buying Stocking Stuffers For Men

Guys always love new wallets. There's no doubt he wouldn't appreciate a nice slim leather wallet or maybe even a solid money clip. Make sure that you pick a wallet or money clip that matches his personality. Is he a leather kind of guy? Does he prefer black over brown? For a money clip... what about gold? Or maybe he likes silver better? There are tons of options out there and you don't need to break the bank in order to get him something unique and good looking.

For lounging around the house on those lazy Sunday afternoons, a comfortable T-shirt with either his favorite sports team or favorite character is always much appreciated. If he doesn't have a favorite sports team or another favorite character, find a shirt that has a nostalgic character from his youth. Show him how much you care and give him the gift of downtime watching his favorite show on TV and relaxing in his new T-shirt.

Nothing can help save your marriage faster than a pair of headphones. Whether your man likes blasting the TV or listening to podcasts, this can be the perfect gift.

If you like your man to have a clean shaven appearance, maybe a new shaving kit is in order. Make sure that when you purchase a shaving kit, that it is of good quality. You don't want something that is going to rust after only a few uses.

For those long boring days when you're not around, pick out some of his favorite guy movies. If he is more into books, then get some light hearted reading material. Or maybe he is the type of person that can't sit still. Then how about an old-fashioned toy like a yo-yo.

Maybe he is a coffee addict and requires a daily caffeine fix. How about a gift card to his favorite coffee shop (Starbucks or Peet's?). Or maybe you could go with a personalized coffee cup that compliments his personality.

Is your man a grilling enthusiast. Some new grilling tools could go nicely with that grill. Make sure that the grilling tool items that you purchase are also easy to store in the winter months.

Maybe you have a space set aside for his man cave and it is in need of some décor items. Find a sign memorabilia to spruce it up. This could be something as simple as a framed poster.

Does it seem like he is never without his electronic gadgets. Maybe a portable charger could come in handy. Or if he is mechanically inclined and is always 'tinkering' with cars, a small tool kit that fits in the trunk of the car could be a good option.

You could find a Christmas tree ornament with a sports theme or his favorite cartoon character on it too. Or maybe you want something a little more sentimental and could find something that represents your life together. This would be a gift that he could put on the tree every year.

Stress-Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Her

Maybe the woman in your life likes to write letters or keeps a journal. Stationary is a good option. Make sure to find something that has a high weight. Thicker paper is less likely to bleed with the ink.

Most women always have cold hands. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate. A nice pair of gloves can solve that problem on those cold mornings. Or you could also consider some socks or slippers that are soft and comfortable but will still keep her feet warm.

The ever classic gift is jewelry. This does not need to be an expensive gift depending on the recipient. Focus on finding either a necklace or earrings that compliment her personality.

If she likes to take long baths, consider getting a nice smelling bubble bath and some scented candles. Or getting her lotion to put on after taking a bath or an artisan tea mix to sip on while she is in the bath. Or maybe she might enjoy some decorative soap to help dress up the bathroom.

If she is constantly telling you that she can't find anything in her purse, you might want to consider getting her a mini wallet. This will help her to organize the important items that she needs to find in a hurry. Make sure that you purchase a mini wallet that has enough space for all the items that she needs to have on hand.

Maybe she is into fashion. Find a decorative scarf that would go with her outfits. Make sure that the scarf is something that compliments her style.

Does she need her caffeine fix daily? Consider getting her a travel mug so that she never has to go without her favorite drink. Make sure that you find a good quality one though... there are a lot of cheapies out there! Another thing to consider is one the she can wrap her hands around and is easy to drink out of while driving.

If you are looking for more of a sentimental gift idea, try a custom Christmas ornament. Consider something that symbolizes the life that you have together. Or maybe something that commemorates a special time in your life together.

Practical Stocking Stuffers For Kids

All kids, whether they are teenagers or young children want to express themselves. You could consider art supplies. This could be something as simple as a box of crayons. For the older ones, you might want to consider modeling clay.

Maybe you want to go with a more practical approach. Children are always outgrowing their outerwear. Maybe it's time for a new pair of gloves. You could consider chapstick or lip gloss, or a new hair brush in their favorite color. You might want to give them a new water bottle for their nightstand. And of course there is the ever classic socks and underwear gift that they may not appreciate but always seem to need.

If your child still has a fear of the dark, you could get them a flashlight that could hang on the their bed. You could also give them glow sticks. Then they could have a new one each night and the light would be soft enough to not keep them awake.

Maybe you would rather go with the more traditional gift of toys. This does not have to be something expensive. It can be something as simple as a Lego mini set or Hot Wheels. Or maybe your child likes to read. You could go with a kid focused subscription to a magazine or a book that is age appropriate.

It seems like so many parents stuff the kids' stocking with more candy than they need or should really be eating. Instead of going with the candy theme, maybe try a healthy snack alternative. This could be an applesauce pouch or fruit snacks.

Maybe you want to go with more of a personal gift. You could try writing a letter from you to your child. The letter could be about how much they mean to you or a favorite holiday memory that you have. For the younger ones, you might want to consider storing this in a safe place after reading it to them so that they can have it when they are older. Another alternative would be to make up child/parent date voucher cards for future use for one on one time with you.

Don't Forget About Your Pet! Here Are Some Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Dogs & Cats

Dogs are a man's best friend so let's not forget that and leave them out of the festivities. You can never go wrong with getting your dog a treat. Rawhide is always a popular chewing treat for dogs.

Maybe your dog is in need of a new collar and leash. For those dogs that love to pull you along, consider a harness. This will make that walk a little more comfortable for your dog.

Like so many other dogs, maybe he or she likes to fetch. Consider getting some tennis balls. Try finding tennis balls that are brightly colored so that when your dog fails to retrieve, you will still be able to find them. They also make cool squeaky tennis balls too that dogs love!

A stuffed toy could be a good option for your dog to play with or snuggle with in their dog bed. If your dog is destructive, then you might want to consider a floppy toy. It is similar to a stuffed toy but it is lacking the stuffing.

Not to be outdone by the dogs, cats and kittens love the holidays just as much. A wand toy with feathers or cords can provide you and your cat with lots of entertainment. Maybe your cat is a fierce hunter. Consider getting them some toy mice. Maybe you don't want to advocate for your cat to hunt small animals, then consider balls with bells inside or one that crinkles. A laser pointer might be another good option. Cats love to chase that small dot around.

Maybe your cat is in need of a new collar. Pick out a collar that has a breakaway action. This will keep your cat from getting hung up on tree branches if the collar were to get stuck.

Cats also like treats just like dogs. You could try growing some cat grass for them. You can buy wheat berry seeds and plant them in a cat friendly container. This is a good way for your cat to get some vegetables into their diet.

Find something that your cat can scratch on besides the furniture. This can be something as simple as a corrugated cardboard scratching post. Your cat will thank you and your furniture will last longer.

Wrapping Up...

There are so many options out there depending on your lifestyle and personality. Stocking stuffers don't have to break the bank in order to be unique. Pick gifts that are simple and classic. You don't have to buy items that are trendy. Chances are pretty good that the trendy items will be out of style quickly. When buying a gift for someone, know what type of person that they are. For example, are they practical, sentimental, quirky, etc. The options are limitless, just know your audience. And remember that the holidays are supposed to be for spending time with your family, friends and loved ones. If you find yourself getting caught up with the gift buying frenzy just for the sake of buying gifts, take a step back. You don't have to spend a lot or buy tons of presents. You just need to make the gift meaningful. It will mean much more to the person you are giving it to if the present is well thought out.

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