Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Men, Women & Kids (2019 Update!)

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Men, Women & Kids (2019 Update!)

No more wasting time looking for Christmas gifts. You've come to the right spot! Kick back, relax and check out our unique finds


Tick, tock – time is ticking. Christmas will be here before you know it. Have you checked everyone off your list yet? If not, don't worry – there's still time! Are you stuck on what to buy weird Uncle Ted or I-have-everything Nancy? No problem, we've got you covered. Your tough to buy for dad and mom? Check. What about the kids… or the dog…or cat? Of course we have some surprises for them too! In fact, we have everyone covered here at Giftbeta!

All of our unique, cool Christmas gifts in the lists below were hand-picked and curated from around the web just for you. We spent hours and hours trying to find only the best of the best this year, so enjoy browsing around and have a blast picking out some gifts!

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Christmas Gifts for Dads

Dad may not admit it, but he gets just as excited as the kids unwrapping his presents under the tree. Forget the usual gifts of socks and ties (unless that's his thing). Think outside the box, and get dad something a little more personal and thoughtful this year.

Not sure where to start? Use the guide below to find a gift that will make even the pickiest of dads squeal like a kid on the playground.

How to Choose the Right Gift for Dad

Stumped on what to get dad for Christmas this year? Use the tips below to find a gift you know he'll love.

  • Consider His Hobbies: What does your dad do for fun? Does he have a thing for vintage cars? Does he play a round of golf to blow off some steam? Maybe he enjoys brewing his own beer on his downtime. No matter his hobby, there's a gift he's sure to love. And if you don't know your dad well enough to know his hobbies, ask mom for some hints.
  • Know His Style: Just about everyone (including dad) likes getting clothes for Christmas. That is, until someone buys them something they would never be caught dead in. To get dad clothes he'll actually wear, you need to know his style. Is he preppy? Does he spend most of his day in a suit? Or does he prefer a casual or athletic look? Pay attention to what he wears to work and out to dinner to get a better idea of his style.
  • Find Something that Matches His Personality: What's your dad's personality? Is he funny, goofy, serious, or quirky? Maybe he's a little on the geeky side. Maybe he's just a big kid. Whatever he is, there's a gift out there that matches his personality. He might be pining for a USB-powered coffee cup warmer, or he might be dying to get his hands on that new PS4 game he's been raving about.
  • Keep His Favorite Movies and Music in Mind: When in doubt, go with gifts related to his favorite movies or music. Whether he's into superhero movies or has a secret thing for heavy metal, there are so many entertainment-related gifts to choose from. While DVDs and digital song downloads are a great place to start, you can also go outside the box. Maybe he'd love a pair of concert tickets, or maybe the vinyl version of his favorite record may send him over the moon.
  • Ask Around: If you can't think of a gift on your own (it happens to the best of us), try asking around for some advice. Mom might have some great ideas, and probably knows dad a little better than you do. Aunts and uncles may have tips, too. It never hurts to ask friends and loved ones for some recommendations. And if you can get them to spill the beans about what they bought, you may be able to use that as inspiration for your own gift ideas.

No matter what gift you get dad this year, he's sure to love it. Still, you want only the best for your father. Our list of best gifts will help you find the perfect gift.

Christmas Gifts for Men

Looking for the perfect gift for that special man in your life? Whether you've known him a month or ten years, you want to make his Christmas brighter with a gift that shows just how much you care.

Maybe you need a gift for your quirky cousin or your best friend. Whoever it's for, there's a gift out there waiting for you to pluck it up.

But where do you start? What do you buy? They may not like to admit it, but men are difficult to buy for - especially if he's the guy who has everything.

How to Choose the Right Gift for Him

Don't just settle for socks and t-shirts this year – get him a gift that will really make him smile. If you're not sure where to start, use the tips below to find just the right gift for him.

  • What Makes Him Smile? If he has any hobbies, you can find a gift that will encourage him to spend some more time doing the things that make him smile. Maybe he builds model cars, or maybe he likes to play with K'NEX. Maybe he skateboards or bikes. Make a list of all his hobbies, and think of gifts that may fit in with them. If you're not sure about his hobbies, ask his friends, or hint around about it without being too obvious.
  • What Does He Do For Fun? What does he do in his free time (outside of hobbies)? Does he like to go to the movies? Maybe he has a favorite spot he likes to eat, or a theme park he loves going to. Movie and restaurant gift cards are always great gifts, and will encourage him to get out and enjoy himself (without having to pay out of pocket).
  • Is There Anything He Needs? It may seem like an obvious thing to consider, but it's easy to overlook the things we need in favor of the things we want. Maybe he needs a new toaster. Maybe he's been wearing the same pair of socks for months. If there's something (anything) he needs, he'll appreciate getting it as a gift. And he'll love how thoughtful you were for thinking about his needs.
  • What About Jewelry? Yes, men wear watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings, too. If he wears any type of jewelry, he might appreciate this type of gift. If you have the budget, spring for something really nice that he'll wear for years.

Whether you're buying for your husband, boyfriend, cousin, friend or brother, you're sure to find a gift that he'll love on one of our lists above. Check out one of our most popular gift lists for men here - 50 Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts For Men.

Christmas Gifts for Women

Make her feel special this year with a gift that will make her eyes sparkle. Whether you're buying a gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, cousin or friend, you want only the best for the women in your life.

But wanting the best and knowing what to buy are two different things. Even if you know her well, you may not have a clue what to get her this year.

We're going to help you find the perfect gift. Here are some things to keep in mind when browsing our list.

How to Choose the Right Gift for Her

  • Pamper Her: If she loves being pampered (what woman doesn’t?), she'll appreciate a thoughtful self-care gift. From natural beauty bars to diffusers, bath bombs, monthly makeup boxes and spa days, there are so many gifts to choose from. Even if she's not the type to hit the salon or spa every month, she secretly loves being pampered.
  • Wine and Dine Her: A good bottle of wine and a delectable dinner will make any woman happy. Take her out to dinner at a fine restaurant, or cook at home. Gift her a set of wine glasses and her favorite bottle of wine. If she's a serious wino, she might like a mothly wine gift, or maybe one of those brilliant bathtub wine glass holders.
  • Go Green: Does she like to garden? Go green this year with a gift that will help her grow – plants. From heirloom seed kits to air plants, there are dozens of garden gifts to give this year. Don’t forget to make sure she has everything she needs to get started, like potting plants, soil and fertilizer.
  • Make Her Sweat: If she's active, give her a gift that will help her stay in shape. Try a good pair of running shoes or a cute new workout outfit. If you know what type of workouts she prefers, you can gift her gear or equipment. Maybe she kayaks (that would be a generous gift), or maybe she does CrossFit. From kettlebells to yoga mats and outdoor sports gear, you're sure to find just the right gift for the active woman in your life.
  • The Gift of Beauty: She's already beautiful, but if she's a makeup junkie, she might like the latest Urban Decay palette, or that new lipstick she's been eyeing. And if you're not sure where to even begin with makeup, ask her friend or mom for some advice.
  • Keep Calm, Caffeine On: If she can't live without her morning cup of coffee or tea, you've just found yourself the perfect Christmas gift. Get her a box of assorted imported teas, or a new tea infuser mug to brew the best cup of tea. If she's a coffee nut, a Starbucks gift card might be appreciated, or a new coffee maker if her old one is burnt out.

She's sure to love whatever you give her this holiday season (it's the thought that counts). But if you want that perfect gift, you'll find it on our list. To view our list of unique gifts for women, click here!

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Spoil the kids (even the naughty ones) this Christmas with a tree-full of gifts. Nothing beats watching a child's face light up when opening their gifts on Christmas morning.

And there are no shortage of gifts for the little ones. Your kids are sure to have given you a laundry list of things they want this year, but if you're looking to surprise them, you may not know what to buy.

How to Choose the Right Gift for Kids

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect gifts for the kids.

  • What are the Kids Into? You know your kids, and you know what they love. They'll talk to you day and night about their favorite movie, book, character or TV show. Write down all of their favorite things, and look for gifts related to these things. It may sound obvious, but parents are often focused on the hottest toy of the season rather than what their kids really like or want.
  • Keep Them Active: Getting kids in the habit of being active while they're young will instill healthy habits early on – habits that will stick into adulthood. Give gifts that encourage them to stay active, like bikes, scooters, soccer balls and other sports gear. Making exercise fun will make kids more likely to stay engaged in these fun activities.
  • Nurture Their Education: Kids always need school supplies. While this may not sound like a fun or trendy gift, pads, pens, notebooks and markers can make great gifts for kids. And if they love science, you can buy gifts that encourage them to experiment, think and strategize.
  • Have Fun: Consider gifts that the whole family can enjoy, like board games. Even R/C cars, drones and block sets can be used on family nights. Any gift that encourages everyone to get involved will help you all spend more quality time together as a family.

When buying for the kids, it's not so much not knowing what to buy, but knowing when to stop. But if you're hard-pressed for ideas, we have a slew of gift ideas kids of all ages will love.

Unique Stocking Stuffers

From gag gifts to chocolate, razors and quirky unique gifts, stocking stuffers are some of the best and most fun gifts to give. From whoopie cushions to carry-on cocktail kits, there are so many great stocking stuffer gifts to choose from.

Whether you want to make them laugh, cry or just keep it clean (hello soap and perfume), there's a stocking stuffer for everyone – even crazy Aunt Betsy.

Not sure what to stuff the stockings with this year? Check out our extensive list of cool stocking stuffers for every personality and taste (or lack of!).