16 Best Men’s Clothing Subscription Boxes 2019

The subscription boxes business has seen a massive rise in popularity and nowhere is this more apparent in the success of clothing subscription boxes.

All these subscriptions are incredibly unique and different from each other, so you know you’re getting the most diverse of choices here. So, without wasting any more time, here are 15+ men’s clothing subscription boxes to help you look good effortlessly.

Best Men's Clothing Subscription Boxes

Image source: SprezzaBox | Instagram

1. SprezzaBox - Our Top Choice

The SprezzaBox is the best clothing subscription box for men currently available online, and for good reason. Starting from $28 every month, the SprezzaBox offers four to six lifestyle and fashion forward accessories to help you look your best at all times.

The accessories contain a pocket square, a tie, a pair of socks and other fashionable accessories. The accessories included in the SprezzaBox retail for nearly $100 in total, which allows you to upgrade your style without breaking the bank. Coupon: Use promo code GIFTBETA for​ 10% off the first box of monthly subscriptions and entire store purchase!
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2. ​Stitch Fix Men

Moving on from accessories, the Stitch Fix Men offers you an incredibly unique style catered to your personal preference. Choosing clothes can be quite frustrating, especially when you don’t have a friend to help you decide on what looks good.

Stitch Fix Men assists you with that certain dilemma by assigning you a personal designer that will show you clothes based on a style quiz that you give. Once a stylist handpicks five garments for you, they deliver them to you, where you can try, keep, and purchase the garments that you like and return the rest, all for free.
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Image source: Trendy Butler | Instagram

3. ​The Trendy Butler

The Trendy Butler is a fashion subscription box, which makes you feel like royalty and makes you look your best. The trendy butler specializes in keeping you up to date with all of the latest styles, and keeps track of any new or changing trends so you don’t have to. 

At $65 every month, you get between one and three clothing items that you can keep. These items are personally catered to your preference and taste, all of which they know, thanks to the style quiz you first answer. All of the items that they provide in the box are designer products that make you look your best without breaking the bank.

Image source: ArmourBox | Instagram

4.​ ​​ArmourBox by Under Armour

Having trouble reaching your 100% during workouts? Sometimes all you need to improve your exercise performance is good exercise apparel, something the ArmourBox from Under Armour can help you out with. 

The ArmourBox has no prior subscription fee and allows you choose and pay for the items you want, and send the rest back for free. But if you keep all of the items in the box, you get a discount of 20%. 

The process of signing up for the subscription box is in-depth and incredibly easy. After filling the quiz, a stylist will choose certain products according to your preference, to help you look good and improve your performance. 

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Image source: Blue Apron | Instagram

5. ThreadLab

The ThreadLab Offers you a wide range of fashionable clothing items to help you stay up to date with all of the recent trends. At $99, it offers you up to four different clothing items that have a total value of over $150. 

While you may be thinking that the ThreadLab subscription box for men is just another subscription box on this list, there are a multitude of benefits they offer. Not only do you get a handpicked selection of clothes, but you can also check your order before shipping and change any items that you don’t like. 

You can even return and exchange the clothes that you received within a year, making it all the more flexible for you.

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Image source: Menlo Club | Instagram

6. ​​​Menlo Club

If you happen to be looking for a one-stop shop for all of your clothes and accessories, Menlo Club is for you. Menlo Club has a large assortment of clothes and accessories that completely eliminate the need for shopping. 

At $60 every month, you will receive two to three clothing pieces or accessories which you can also preview before shipping. The items in all of your shipments are picked by their stylists that choose on the basis of an extensive quiz that will let them know of your preferences.

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Image source: Gentleman's Box | Instagram

7. Gentleman’s Box

The Gentleman’s Box is the go to subscription box for anyone looking to keep their professional, classy wardrobe up to date with all of the latest trends. They do not offer any clothes, rather just accessories like ties, socks, and pocket squares. 

At $30 a month, The Gentleman’s Box offers you a massive variety of ties socks and pocket squares, all at your doorstep. The box will also sometimes contain grooming samples and skin care product samples. All these accessories come in a custom-made box, for the gentleman in you. 

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Image source: Bombfell | Instagram

8. ​​Bombfell

While working in particular might not be the most exciting or fun activities in your day, that shouldn’t stop you from looking good. Bombfell ensures that you look sharp everyday for work with their selection of pants, shirts, and sweaters. 

The stylists at Bombfell handpick clothing items according to your taste, size, and preference, and ship them off to your address. With only a $20 stylist fee, you can try and buy the items that you like and send the rest back without spending an extra dollar. The box will also come equipped with certain accessories like belts and socks, making it the go-to place for your professional clothing. 

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Image source: ThreadBeast | Instagram

9. ​ThreadBeast

The best urban street wear all at your doorstep at the tap of a finger, ThreadBeast provides you with a massive selection of street wear brands, such as Primitive, Stance, PSD, and Champion. ThreadBeast is also one of the few subscriptions that offer you different monthly packages to suit your needs.

Each box can contain two to seven items, including tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, to keep you ahead of all of the street trends. Starting from $55, stylists at ThreadBeast handpick threads for you with the help of your style profile.

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Image source: Blue Apron | Instagram

10. ​​Trunk Club by Nordstrom

Finding the right clothes, especially when you don’t happen to be following all of the new fashion trends, can be quite a pressing issue. With Trunk Club, let their designated stylists worry about the newest trends as you simply have to tell them of the clothing you prefer.

Trunk Club offers a unique feature where you can chat with a stylist in real time as they show you some of the latest trends, and you can show them your preferred clothing. Nordstrom’s distinct style is simply amazing to look at and works well for both formal and formal casual events. 

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Image source: London Sock Co. | Instagram

11. ​​London Sock Co.

Bored and tired of seeing the same old plain and bland dress socks? Well, for $34, for three months, you can get dress socks with new and exciting colors. The London Sock Co. Provides you with a collection of some of their finest and best looking socks for all of your events. 

The $34 package by the London Socks Co. offers you three different pairs of dress socks with amazing colors. You can of course cancel or pause your subscription, no questions asked. Furthermore, you can return or exchange the socks that you receive if you don’t happen to like them, no questions asked. 

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Image source: Frank & Oak | Instagram

12. Frank and Oak

If you happen to be a fan of the Frank and Oak brand, the Frank and Oak style plan is just the subscription for you. The box will include two to three items each with their own individual cost that you can send back if you don’t happen to like something. 

With only $25 for a styling fee, and the individual price of the items, you can have Frank and Oak products at your doorstep specifically tailored to your preferences. The subscription charges are also incredibly lenient and diverse to better suit your needs. 

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Image source: Basic Man | Instagram

13. ​​Basic Man

Sometimes all you are looking for are the everyday essentials, a pair of briefs, socks, and maybe a new t-shirt. Basic Man, at the low price of $20, offers you the day-to-day essentials that every man needs. Each box carries these three essentials with different colors every month. 

Basic Man offers a destroy-by-date for all of its products that encourages you to toss away your essentials once they reach a certain point. You can depend on Basic Man to send you all of your daily clothing necessities so you can focus on your other clothing needs. 

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Image source: Loot Crate | Instagram

14. ​​Loot Wearables

Loot Wearables provides you or the person you love with some of the most popular pop-culture related tees and other seasonal items. Each box will contain a seasonal item that will heavily feature pop culture references from various mediums, like comics, movies, games, and TV shows. 

For the price of $18, you will receive a random clothing item for the geek inside you. All the pieces designed by Loot Wearables feature pop culture references from the likes of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Rick and Morty, and Stranger Things. 

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Image source: Shirt Cycle | Instagram

15. Shirt Cycle

Looking for something that can not only fit your lifestyle but also your body type, Shirt Cycle is just the subscription for you. Each of these boxes contains three tailor-made dress shirts with matching ties and socks that fit your lifestyle and your body type. 

Although the subscription is a little pricey, sitting right at $250, all of the shirts in the box are custom-made to fit your body precisely. These shirts offer an unparalleled fit that you cannot get with other subscriptions boxes. This price is further driven with the addition of matching ties and socks, so you can look your best, always and effortlessly. 

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Image source: Urbane Box | Instagram

16. Urbane Box

The Urbane Box provides you with some of the best fashion-forward clothing that you can currently find. From shirts and pants, to shoes and socks, the Urbane Box ensures that you are looking your best, whether at work or at a formal occasion. 

At $70, you will receive a custom box containing two to three clothing items to enhance your wardrobe. Each of the items in the box will specifically cater to your personal preference, handpicked by stylists. Before subscribing, you will have to fill a form about your size and tastes, so they can send you items that you better suit you. 

All these subscription services that we selected have something incredibly unique to them, ensuring that you find exactly what you are looking for. So, with the list finally over, which box did you find gives you the best bang for your buck?
Clothing subscription boxes for men are one of the best innovations if you are looking to get the most of your day in style. Keeping up with fashion trends these days can be quite stressful, as they change so frequently. These best clothing subscription boxes for men ensure that you look good without having to frantically keep track of all of the new fashion trends.