31 Buzzworthy Gifts For Stoners (Yeahhhhhh!)

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

When the time comes to gift your stoner friends, these items are almost as fun to receive as an actual bag of weed. Marijuana has become pretty ubiquitous, and the idea of the dopey, teenage, trustafarian smoker is something of a relic. Today’s smoke accessories are smarter, more stylish and, well, just cooler than ever before. We all know a multitude of folks who like to take a hit every now and again, and this gift list has a little something for all of them, from the casual smoker to the committed stoner. Hey, practice safe consumption y’all, and stay chill AF.

I Like Big Blunts Tshirt

1) I Like Big Blunts Tshirt

When you like big blunts, you probably couldn’t lie about it if you tried. Your glazed, red eyes told everyone how you felt about blunts before they had a chance to read the shirt – but you should still double down and get this shirt anyway for Christmas.

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Stoner’s Delight Cookbook

2) Stoner’s Delight Cookbook

For the boyfriend that would look amazing in the Fresh Baked apron, this is a great addendum to that gift. It will help put that apron to good use a.s.a.p. Bonus – reciprocal weed delights. Hands down one of the best gifts for stoners

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Rolling Tray

3) Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are a necessary item for all dedicated stoners. Rather than having their stash spread out across album covers and back issues of High Times, your buddies could be breaking up their buds on this top of the line tray.

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The Stoner’s Coloring Book

4) The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Looking to mellow out with some trippy visuals? A relaxing activity – aside from smoking – is coloring. The Stoner’s Coloring Book is full of trippy images to zone out to after along day of…smoking. Put your pipe hand to good use!

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Weed American Flag

5) Weed American Flag

For the true weed patriot in your life, a flag they can proudly salute. Maybe don’t hang it from your porch though (unless it’s 4-20), this lands squarely in the “dorm room decor” style section.

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Cannabis Killer Candle

6) Cannabis Killer Candle

Beamer has made a scented candle that completely erases the smell of marijuana smoke. Get that skunky funk out of your living space before your family shows up for dinner with this acid green, scented candle. Bonus – reusable glass mug!

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High Times Official Activity Book

7) High Times Official Activity Book

It’s like Highlights for stoners and I think we’ll start seeing these in waiting rooms any day now. Zone out with these fun activities after a long day of hanging, kicking it, chilling, and/or mellowing out.

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Stoner Coffee Table Book

8) Stoner Coffee Table Book

John Waters said, “if you go to someone’s house and they don’t have any books, don’t f*ck them.” Good advice. Enter this very sophisticated coffee table book full of very interesting things to stare at for long periods of time. What more you need on a coffee table likely already covered in smoking supplies?

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Flame-less Lighter

9) Flame-less Lighter

Bravely face the wind with this flame-less, pocket sized torch. At the beach, on a mountaintop or wherever the elements are in full swing, this lighter makes it very easy to light ’em up whenever, wherever, no matter the weather.

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Hemp Skincare Kit - Gifts for Stoner Boyfriend

10) Hemp Skincare Kit - Gifts for Stoner Boyfriend

Even the most hesh bro requires some basic grooming. Don’t let his habit turn his money maker into a leathery mess. This hemp moisture kit will keep his skin supple no matter how much smoke gets blown in his face.

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Weed Leaf Socks

11) Weed Leaf Socks

Weed leaves make a style statement. There’s no arguing that. These summer socks say, “I’m here to party, but I practice good foot hygiene as well.” I can think of worse statements a pair of socks can make.

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Weed Word Magnets

12) Weed Word Magnets

Stoner poetry doesn’t have to happen at a coffehouse or open mike night. It can, and should, happen in front of a fridge, post smoke session. In fact, my petition to keep stoner poetry in front of the fridge and out of public starts now.

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Lighter Bro Multi-Tool

13) Lighter Bro Multi-Tool

A Swiss Army Knife is missing one key component – fire. The lighter bro took care of that! It’s the best parts of a multi-tool, but you can also use it to light up. A perfect gift for the Maguyver-esque smoker in your life.

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Wooden Cigarette Holder

14) Wooden Cigarette Holder

One of best stoner gifts out there! It's hand made from Brown Knotwood and has gotten rave reviews. Very reasonably priced too!

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Fresh Baked Apron

15) Fresh Baked Apron

Your favorite baker of all things dank totally needs this adorable apron. Bonus – you know said baker is going to reciprocate with the tastiest edibles, made with pure love and pure marijuana butter. This truly is one of the best stoner gifts.

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Hemp Wick Lighters

16) Hemp Wick Lighters

Forgo the fuel in the standard lighter for the long burning, non toxic alternative; hemp wicks. They’ll extend your lighter’s life and reduce the amount of fuel you may inhale. These wicks are also refillable, making disposable lighters something a smoker might end up hanging onto for a long time!

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Rolling Tray/Paper Phone Case

17) Rolling Tray/Paper Phone Case

This phone case features a sleeve for stashing rolling papers and also serves as a discreet rolling tray. It’s a great way to travel with your stash, though that’s not something I’d recommend.

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Roach Clip Charm Bracelet

18) Roach Clip Charm Bracelet

There is always a cool person at the party who has a secret clip somewhere on their body. When the blunt gets a little too short for fingers, the discreet clip on this not-so-discreet bracelet will thrill the whole party.

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Flameless Lighter/ Case Bundle

19) Flameless Lighter/ Case Bundle

This slick attachment case for your phone holds pre-rolls plus a flameless lighter. Everyone knows those are two stoner necessities – and these are both very discreet. This is a great unit to have while camping, climbing, or just running around (catching Pokemon).

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Lincoln Bud-Beard Shirt

20) Lincoln Bud-Beard Shirt

The subversive message in this shirt is only truly understood by career stoners. That being said, I don’t understand this at all – but if you know someone who might, definitely get it for them.

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Rainbow Skull Grinder

21) Rainbow Skull Grinder

You might not be able to pick it up at Hot Topic or Spencers Gifts, but this cute accessory is perfect for the emo/scene stoner. Gift them by summer and make sure they’ll be the most popular joint roller at this year’s Warped Tour.

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Smoke Buddy

22) Smoke Buddy

Personal air fresheners are a crucial tool for sneaky smokers. When smoking in public you simply exhale into the smoke buddy to remove traces of fragrant terpines. Not that we endorse smoking herb in public (or anyplace else it’s not welcomed) but hey, smokers ‘gonna smoke, am I right?

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Handmade Stash Box

23) Handmade Stash Box

Handmade stash boxes are always a thoughtful gift for the smokers and tokers in your life. This hand burned box is not only a work of art, the wood will help keep the stash fresh and moist – almost like a miniature weed humidor.

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THC Molecule Mug

24) THC Molecule Mug

Fill this THC molecule mug with a warm tea to soothe your throat after a particularly rough toke, or with cannabis infused cocoa to relax away tension. Either way this mug is best used in conjunction with THC.

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THC Molecule Necklace

25) THC Molecule Necklace

Discreet stoner fashion that you can comfortably rock in front of Grandma. If she asks what this is, just tell her it’s helium or something equally neutral.

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Vape Hoodie

26) Vape Hoodie

True innovation is a hoodie allows you to vape straight from the pull cords. The vape elements are hidden snugly in the hood and are virtually imperceptible. This is next level discretion, people. Weed science is the future and the future is now.

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Vegan Stoner Cookbook

27) Vegan Stoner Cookbook

Some stoners are all about the ethical munchies. Make sure those munchies are delicious and not just ill concieved with this Vegan Stoner Cookbook. Bonus, these recipes are very easy to follow post smoking session.

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Weed Beanie

28) Weed Beanie

Don’t let winter hamper your desire to advertise your pot enthusiasm. This fuzzy beanie is on trend and super-wearable. Rock it all winter so everyone you see will know you’re ’bout “that life.”

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Marijuana Cookie Cutters

29) Marijuana Cookie Cutters

Baked goods and baked people just go together. These cookie cutters really cash in on that connection. The dank baker in your life seriously needs these in their kitchen, and you seriously need to eat the cookies they make with them.

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Puff Puff Pass Ashtray

30) Puff Puff Pass Ashtray

There is no rule that says ashtrays can’t be classy. In fact you can have a totally posh smoking experience with this gilded butt collector. The mantra inscribed within will keep any long winded smokers from jamming up the circle.

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Stash Tray

31) Stash Tray

Talk about a quality stash place for your goodies! This high-quality, stainless steel stash tray comes packed with tons of features like a bowl stand, mini ashtray, rolling tray and more!

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