Best Star Wars Gifts For Him

With the pending defense of the New Republic fast approaching, we’ve put together a list of the best Star Wars gifts for men. Whether your dad is an original fan of Luke, your boyfriend grew up with Anni, or your little brother can’t get enough of Rey, you’ll be sure to find cute gift ideas here.

With the last film set to release at the end of this year, there is a fever pitch building all over the world, which will surely end in tunic clad, lightsaber equipped fans camped out in line at movie theatres everywhere.

Before we get there though , the Jedi in your life is going to need something to keep his inner geek at bay. Lucky for him, there will be no shortage of Star Wars merch on shelves to hold him over until December.

Not to mention, at some point over the next seven months, he is going to need a birthday gift, and if he is an Aquarius or Pisces, some cool Star Wars swag makes for the perfect Christmas shopping solution!

gift list for boyfriend and star wars fan

Novelty Items ($5 - $30)

When it comes to Star Wars apparel, some are wittier than others, but there are a ton of options that are very fitting (pun totally intended) for different men in your life.

Our personal favorite is this gem from the Ann-Arbor T-Shirt Company. If your boyfriend, brother, friend, or cousin was a big Star Wars fan growing up, then you likely still have nightmares where you hear his laser and spaceship sounds.This t takes onomatopoeia to a galaxy far, far away. What’s more, Ann-Arbor makes a fantastic t-shirt! This particular one is hand-drawn and screen printed on high-thread count, 100% American grown, cotton t’s.


There are even some examples for slightly trickier relationships. Maybe your boss is a Star Wars super-fan. What could be more perfect than Darth Vader on 100% cotton reading “How to Be a Better Boss: Tips and Techniques from the Dark Side of the Force.”

Keeping with the Vader theme, and with father’s day around the corner, check out this officially licensed Rogue One iteration for dad’s with a sense of humor.

This Yoda shirt is the best gift for brothers, regardless of birth order. Nothing says I love you like a Star Wars pun, right?

Lightsaber Chopsticks

These lightsaber chopsticks combine two mutually exclusive, yet somewhat niche interests, into one magical experience, which is the absolute perfect recipe for a novelty gift. Perhaps your boyfriend took you for sushi for your first date, or maybe it’s how you and your best bud, brother, or dad make time for each other in the midst of busy lives. Whomever the Sushi king is, if they are ALSO a Star Wars nut, then these chopsticks are among the top cute things to gift this year.

Star Wars Music Box

Yes, you read that right, and it takes the cake as far as cool and unique gifts for the guy in your life go. Made of 100% birch plywood and quality metal, the music box is not for the fair weather fan. This is a true collectible, with seemingly no practical uses so be sure your boyfriend or brother is an actual nerd- in the best sense of the term- before making the purchase. The box is relatively small (roughly a 3-inch cube), and plays the popular melody that accompanies scrolling text at the opening of each of the eight films. You can bet your life savings the same will be true of episode nine.

Games and Toys ($30 - $50)

The latest trilogy has brought put the franchise back on the map for the next generation. Now, more young boys are arguing at recess over who gets to be Luke than at any point in the last decade (even despite special effects).

For these young fans, the gifts below are primed for birthdays, holidays, or just because they’re cute.

Character Lego Sets

Lego sets are some of the best gifts for brothers, nephews, or any young person for that matter. Kids, and young boys especially, love the hands-on experience of recreating the worlds of their favorite movies and television shows and Star Wars fans are no exception. There are SO many options for Star Wars themed Lego sets, you can even specify the thoughtfulness of this gift down to the favorite scene, character, or spaceship model of the budding nerd you are buying for! For fans of the dark side (watch out for them in a few years), check out this 168-piece buildable of Darth Vader’s figure complete with arm-swinging function and red lightsaber.

A slightly more manageable undertaking is the 80-ish piece character building sets. This one of Luke Skywalker, a name you’re likely to know even if you’ve never seen a single second of George Lucas’ masterpiece, is perfect for the Jedi purists.

Model Kits

Some boys are more creative than others, and while Lego sets offer a hands-on experience, model sets take this experience to the next level. The cool thing about Revell Kits like this one is kids can be as true to form or inventive as they would like. In this case, it’s the Millennium Falcon, the iconic space craft of outlaw smugglers, Han and Chewie, famed for making the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs!

Little Boy Bed Sheets

Speaking of the Kessel Run, these Jay Franco bed sheets serve as a reminder for your nephew, little bro, that the Millennium Falcon is in fact the greatest ship in the Star Wars Universe.

Replica Toy Lightsaber

The lightsaber replica is a fundamental, boyhood toy. We all had them, but these new-fangled designs are something special.

The Best Star Wars Gifts for (sort of) Adults ($50-$100)

We all know at least one fully grown man whose inner child is just dying to work some cool Star Wars stuff into their adult lives. These gifts are delightfully ironic, allowing guys to show off their fanaticism slightly more responsibly. Wall Art!

These reprinted design patents are the coolest Star Wars gift for adult men! You can purchase patent replicas of seemingly every character, spaceship, and piece of fictional technology from any of the films, which also makes the gift highly customizable.

This particular one, features the intellectual property behind the Emperor’s Royal Guard, and comes framed, with many color and size options.

The prints are a slightly more mature way of celebrating fandom. In fact, at first glance, you might not even realize you’re looking at the design ideas for an X-Wing Starfighter or an Old Republic Walker, both available as part of this set.

If less maturity is what you’re after, check out this Serenity by Bucket – Star Wars Darth Vader Parody Canvas. Yes, it is Darth Vader on the toilet. No, we are not kidding. Yes, it should probably go in the bathroom.

There is a similar one of Boba Fett, too. Each of these range in price by size, and can get up to almost $500 in the high end. We know what you are thinking, but in another ironic twist, these prints come gallery wrapped on a hardwood stretcher.

If you’re seeking a gift for your husband or live-in boyfriend, however, it might be best to outline some conditions, especially if you aren’t a huge Star Wars fan yourself!

Encourage your guy to create a Star Wars focal point in their office, workshop, or studio depending on the way he makes his living.


On the subject of professional life, these Star Wars themed neckties are another great gift idea for the working man. Even if they don’t wear a tie to work, these ties are subtle enough to pass at formal social events. Plus, they’re quite the conversation starter.

This one is flavored with Imperial symbol (those are the bad guys in the original movies, in case you were wondering). If you didn’t know the logo, this tie could easily be mistaken as a conventional patterned design. No one would be the wiser except, of course, the person wearing it since it bestows upon them the power of the dark side.

There are certainly no shortage of dark side characters and iconography to choose from like this Vader Tie.

This one featuring Stormtrooper Helmets is also great for gearing up for the big movie release in December.

There are also some choices for the other side of the force including Yoda in plaid or the red and navy, rebel alliance symbol pattern.

Each of these ties is officially licensed by Star Wars and are made from 100% imported silk. Not too shabby for a bunch of sci-fi geeks!


Socks are another of those extremely customizable gifts that go a long way in showing thoughtfulness and caring for the guy you are buying for. In other words, do some digging into their favorite aspects of the films. It could be a character, a ship, or even a side of the fight.

This collection, while available on Amazon, is made by Stance, the undergarment juggernaut and the official sock of the NBA and MLB. In fact, stance has a separate page on their website dedicated to their expansive Star Wars line.

For Boyfriends, Husbands, and Jedi Knights ($100 +)

These next few items are exclusive to the guys we love, for better or worse. In an attempt to tell them this, here are some of the cutest things to get boyfriends and husbands on birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

Let your geek flags fly, fellas. Your lady still loves you!

Rings, Cufflinks, and Other Things That Shine for Guys

Before you read any further, ask yourself how much you really love the man you’re with and how far you would go to show that love? As far as replacing his wedding band with this Death Star Space Battle Black Tungsten Ring?

Or how about this much more subtle Rebel Alliance engraved, gold ring? We know it might seem crazy, but don’t you want your guys to smile each time he looks down on his ring, thinking about how lucky he is to have someone like you?

This is especially true for guys that wouldn’t otherwise wear jewelry. What a way to incentivize them to be a more active participant in the wedding planning process than a squadron of X-wing engraved across eight millimeters of silver tungsten?

If wedding bells are not quite yet in the air, you can help your guy clean up with a pair of cufflinks. These are great way for him to boast his Star Wars fandom in a slightly reserved and classy way. 
 The cuff links, made from plated base metal and enamel, are a quality product that even come gift boxed!


These gift boxes come complete with all types of practical collectibles for Star War fans. Past boxes have featured desktop bobble heads and action figures of favorite characters, a Boba Fett luggage tag, and even some sweet, stamped shot glasses.

Some Star Wars gifts pack a bigger punch than others. While it seem like just another piece of Star Wars wall art, this original Star Wars movie poster is actually signed by John Prowse, the guy that actually wore the Vader suit (James Earl Jones famously voiced the Sith Lord).

Another option for men’s’ birthdays and holidays is the gift that keeps on giving like the Funko Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Box. This subscription box runs about $180 for the year with $30 worth of collectibles shipped every two months.

Just remember, the best Star Wars gifts are not merely Star Wars gifts, but combine that love with another aspect of his life. Maybe its love for sushi. Maybe it’s an affinity towards Yoda puns.

But whatever the case may be, we hope the list above proves helpful in your search for the perfect Star Wars gift. Good luck and may the force be with you!

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