48 Best Gifts For Tea Lovers

For those people who just love their tea, this is a list of the best tea drinker gifts.
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With so many flavorful teas to choose from, it’s no wonder tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Any tea drinker enjoys exploring new blends and flavors from the different regions of the world and they also love the best toys and tools to help savor their favorite beverage. That’s why we put together a list of the best gifts for tea lovers everywhere. From tea kettles to fun tea infusers, there are plenty of great ideas here that will help enhance the way anyone drinks a delicious cup of tea.

Fantastic Gift Ideas For The Tea Lover In Your Life

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A fun and functional tea gift idea. These cute infusers make great companions and conversation starters for your tea time.

Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation, and when packed with the wonderful skin care benefits of matcha green tea, it's a double win. Plus, the smell of natural pepermint oil!

This delicate pendant necklace is reserved for only the classiest of tea connoisseur. But you can make classy mean whatever you like. Your favorite brewer, at home or in your local cafe will cherish this ode to a fresh hot cup.

tea lover gift ideas

For the girlfriend who loves drinking her daily cup of tea, blow her away with this gorgeous tea cups with glass lids and perfectly crafted spoons.

A hot cup of your favorite tea is meant to be sipped nice and slow and that's why this fun sloth tea infuser from Fred & Friends is another cool tea gift. It's made with heat resistant silicone and designed to slowly brew so you get the best tasting tea in every cup.

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Victoria magazine takes the reader on a fun journey full of gorgeous pictures and amazing recipes to make your next tea ritual and tea tasting party all the more exquisite.

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Cape Shore's durable products are always a smart gift choice. This stoneware mug will her go-to pick for when she pours her tea in the morning.

The poetic swirl of bright milk as it travels to the bottom of a cup of tea is a universally soothing image. But it's not for you or whomever you get this gift for. You don't have time to ponder the nature of an endless spiral of milk, you just want your tea stirred. NOW

tea lover gifts

Now you can smell like your favorite cup of green tea thanks to these shea butter enriched hand made soap bars from Pre de Provence. Not only do these soap bars leave your skin exceptionally smooth, but the infused green tea scent is a delightful touch, making these amazing gifts for tea lovers in your life.

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Enhance your next tea date with the elegant look of these great silver plated spoons. Featuring four different decorative teapot designs, each spoon is both beautiful and functional.

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A book that all tea lovers need to read. It goes through the fascinating history of the different teas and where they came from, plus how they get their delicious flavor.

gifts for a tea drinker

Wear your love for tea with this stunning white gold teapot pendant necklace. The intricate details and beautiful white gold are what makes this chain necklace a must-have for tea lovers and one of the coolest tea gifts for her.

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Another great gift idea for tea lover that features an attractive and durable tin box set with 15 pyramid tea infusers. Includes Tea Forte's popular tea flavors of Black Currant, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, White Ginger Pear, and Chamomile Citron.

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The best tea gift idea for tea drinkers everywhere. All-Glad makes great gourmet kitchenware and the stainless steel tea kettle is built to make your favorite tea for many, many years. It heats water extremely fast and whistles to let you know your water is ready.

tea lover gifts ideas

Tea drinkers will love the cute and effective design with the Baby Nessie the Loch Ness Monster infuser. Simply fill the body with tea leaves, snap the top on and place it in your cup of hot water and let your tea brew.

loose tea gift set

An absolutely beautiful glass tea pot that includes a pack of blooming tea duo. The teapot is made from heat resistant glass and features a stainless steel wire strainer on the spout. Each bloom included brews up to 10 cups of tea and the teapot can also brew loose-leaf teas perfectly.

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Always trust Manu Home to create delightfully scented candles for the home and now for tea lovers. The soothing aroma of black tea leaves and bergamot fills the air from this great candle that comes in a beautiful glass case.

The baddest tea spoon gift pack on Amazon for the coolest tea lover you know. Includes two skull designed stainless steel spoons perfect for adding sugar to your tea.

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As a tea drinker you hate sticking your hands in boiling hot water to get the tea bag. That's why a great tool to have are these tea bag tongs. Grab the bag and squeeze the remaining flavor into your tea with ease.

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A great tea maker that you can place on the top of your mug and let the tea drain right into it. The innovative design has made it a top seller on Amazon and the four piece construction makes it easy to clean and assemble.

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Taylor's of Harrogate has been creating delicious teas since 1886 in the UK and the attention to detail and variety of tea blends is what separates them. That's why this 48 count tea box is a great tea gift idea for drinkers who want to try teas from the true specialists.

Enjoy 80 bags of a variety of deliciously crafted teas from Israel. Wissotzky teas have been loved since 1849 and this wooden gift box comes with eight different teas such as black, fruit, and other herbal infusions. Hands down one of the best gifts for tea lovers!

When you love a nice cup of tea you have to let the world know it and there is no better way to do that than this funny "Tea Rex" t-shirt. The fun design features a classy looking T-Rex sipping on a small cup of tea. Friends and family will love this tea gift.

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A great Christmas gift for tea lovers. This stainless steel herbal tea stick gives you a fresh cup of tea on the go. Simply place the tea leaves in the leaf holder, put the stick in your cup, and enjoy.


One of the best gifts for tea lovers! This perfect gift set from the popular Numi Organic Tea features six tea blossoms, a 16-ounce glass teapot and a decorative bamboo chest to hold the tea. Numi specializes in making premium loose leaf teas and herbs that are both healthy and packed with flavor.

A great healthy tea blend that is rich in vitamins A, C, and D and minerals such as iron, zinc and potassium. The organic dandelion root tea is mixed with cinnamon and hibiscus for a sweet taste and helps increase energy and kidney and liver function.

Enjoy the lovely scents of some of your favorite tea smells with the Earl Grey lip balm from Ora's Amazing Herbal. Infused with bergamot and mandarin essential oils, this lip balm will remind you of sipping from your favorite cup of hot tea. These make great gifts for tea drinkers.

This tea is for the new mom tea drinkers. The organic blend uses European herbs used to help nursing mothers with breast milk production. The case contains 6 boxes with 16 tea bags in each - another great tea gift idea.

The tea pot shaped ceramic tea bag caddy has a cute "swee-tea" graphic and comes with a cute black tray display box. These make great Christmas gifts for tea lovers in your life.

Bella is a top-selling manufacturer of some of the best kitchen appliances and this ceramic tea kettle proves just that. The electric kettle boils water faster than a microwave and with one simple click you are boiling water for tea, coffee, soups, oatmeal and more.

The savory and flavorful tea from Paris is another great tea gift to give. Harney & Sons takes a lot of pride in their history and dedication to make easy-drinking delicious tea. This blend features the taste of fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors.

The fun snail designed tea bag holders are great gifts for tea lovers. They are the perfect symbol for steeping a hot cup of tea nice and slow. Made from heat resistant silicone, these snails are a fun new tool for anyone who enjoys tea.

It comes with an infuser basket so you can put your tea leaves and hot water in the bottle and within minutes you're ready to enjoy your tea wherever you are. This is one of the best gift for tea drinkers.

An all-in-one tea system that comes with a beautiful floral designed ceramic cup with matching lid and stainless steel infuser basket. It makes steeping loose tea simple, keeps your tea hot longer, and is easy to carry on the go. What a perfect tea lover gift!

This natural bamboo box from Oceanstar is one of the best gift ideas for tea lovers. The durable bamboo will always look and feel great, plus it has eight compartments to hold all your favorite teas with a clear acrylic bamboo framed lid for easy viewing.

Download this cute poster digitally in no time at all! It's available in a high resolution digital format so you can choose the frame first and then print to fit. Perfect self-affirmation gift for a tea lover in your life.

Gift your tea-loving grandmother a set of various tea essences and flavors for her birthday or Christmas. The set consists of flavors, like lemon honey, green tea, English Breakfast Black Tea, and French Vanilla Black Tea, among other flavors for her to discover. The included beautiful packaging and 80 individual packets make the process of making tea all the more seamless.

These most adorable miniatures are perfect for the coffee obsessed dollhouse enthusiast, or the tea obsessed charm bracelet enthusiast, or the bracelet obsessed charm enthusiast currently sipping tea.

Lots of tea lovers store their tea in the freezer. I have no idea who told them to do that; tea quality deteriorates quickly once you take it out of the freezer. So, if someone you know is ruining their tea by giving it frostbite, maybe these fridge magnets will remind them to cut that out.

With its many health benefits, tea makes an amazing ingredient for body wash. This clinically approved body soap is just the perfect gift to get someone who loves tea.

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most cherished. This personalized tea spoon is perfect to put in the a tea gift basket. Don't forget to say whatever heartfelt few words that hold the most weight and pair best with sugar and milk.

Make every fantastic, over-the-top tea drink your heart has ever desired with this comprehensive guide to delicious tea drinks and appreciation!

The single serve tea buddy brews up the perfect cup every time, because the brewer controls the strength. Don't tell anyone I said this but it's fabulous for coffee drinkers too.

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If your female friend enjoys a nice warm cup of her favorite tea then she'll fall in love with this gorgeous tea infuser. It makes the perfect cup of tea in just three easy steps and allows the tea to fully expand and ensures that you get the true and full flavor of loose leaf teas.

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A perfect travel mug that keeps your coffee and tea hot for hours. Bodum has created a top-selling quality insulated mug that features a non-slip silicone grip and spill-resistant lid. If you're looking for the right travel mug to gift, you found it!

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We all know you can easily ruin a tea by not setting the right temperature. This electric kettle comes with 6 different temperature settings and auto-off feature, making it one of the best tea gift ideas for the tea connoisseur in your life.

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Say hello to their new favorite tea mug, especially when the temps drop. They will be ready to roll with this beautiful clay hand-warmer mug.

These funny tea towels with excellent absorption quality make awesome gifts this holiday season!

Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers | FAQs

What are some popular gifts for tea lover?

One of our favorite tea gifts for her is a tea sampler. This is a great way to introduce the tea lover in your life to a variety of different teas. A sampler typically contains several different types of tea, each in a small package. This is a great way to try out a variety of different flavors and styles.

If the tea lover in your life is already well-versed in the world of tea, consider giving them a tea brewing set. This will allow them to brew their own tea at home, exactly the way they like it. Brewing sets come with everything the tea lover needs to make a perfect cup of tea, including a teapot, cups, and a steeping basket.

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