Best Gifts for Pregnant Women and New Moms in 2019

Frustrated with spending lots of time on finding the right pregnancy gifts? Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work and researched the best gifts for new moms out there.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but it isn’t always easy. It’s a full-time 24/7 gig, and expectant moms-to-be often struggle with nausea, backaches, fatigue, sore feet, and weight gain as their body changes to grow the new life inside of them.

Whether you’re looking for first mother’s day gift ideas, push gifts for new mom and baby, birthday presents for expecting mothers, all of the best gifts for pregnant women fall into one of these three categories:

  • Practical Items: Products that moms-to-be really need to help with the more difficult parts of their pregnancy and with the new baby when it arrives are always a safe choice to gift.
  • Keepsakes: There’s nothing more precious to a mother than her newborn child. Items that allow mom to freeze sentimental moments of her pregnancy and new baby in time to forever be remembered make some of the best gifts for a new mom.
  • Pamper Gifts: Even the toughest pregnant woman out there needs time to soothe and relax during her pregnancy for both her and her baby’s well-being. Providing her with spa treatments and other pamper products allow for her to take care of herself while she is expecting.

Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager

1) Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager

Back pain is just a fact of pregnancy for many expectant mothers, but there are tools out there to help get rid of the pain. Any pregnant woman would appreciate being gifted a soothing, deep kneading back massager like this one made by Shiatsu as a present for any occasion.

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Pearhead Pregnancy Journal

2) Pearhead Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a special time, and this pregnancy journal guides expectant mothers through their pregnancy journey, allowing them a place to record every “big pregnancy moment” from the time they first find out that they are bringing a new life into the world to the moment their new child is born. It includes pages for sonogram photos to be framed in and is a gift that harbors memories that will last a mother her lifetime.

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Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

3) Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping is just plain hard during pregnancy, especially as one’s belly just keeps growing larger in the second and third trimesters. At night, pregnant women's bellies get in their way, and it can be very difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Coupled with the fatigue that many women experience during pregnancy, lacking a good pregnancy pillow can make your friend just plain miserable. Give her the gift of a good night’s sleep with this top-rated pillow designed just for expecting mothers.

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Letters to My Baby

4) Letters to My Baby

This special, cute book is full of prompts for expectant mothers to write to their child during their pregnancy and baby’s first days to be opened by their son or daughter when they grow up. If you want to give a truly thoughtful gift, consider gifting your pregnant loved one this book. She will be sure to enjoy creating a heartfelt time capsule for her precious newborn.

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Magic Bullet Baby Bullet

5) Magic Bullet Baby Bullet

Help your pregnant loved one plan ahead for feeding her baby pureed foods in a few months. Every new mom cares about giving her baby top-notch nutritious food and her budget (those diapers really pile on expenses!) The Baby Bullet is designed to help her achieve both goals by allowing her to make her own baby food at home.

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Mopping Robot

6) Mopping Robot

Cleaning is difficult to say the least for pregnant women, and bending down can be just plain hazardous, especially in the third trimester. It’s impractical for you to go over there and help your pregnant friend keep her house in order while she’s expecting, but you can do one better and gift her a floor mopping robot to be her cleaning companion both during her pregnancy and after. Trust us, she’s not going to want to mop the floors with the new baby taking up all her time the first few months after it is born!

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Exercise Ball

7) Exercise Ball

Exercise balls like the Trideer Exercise Ball make great practical gifts. Your expecting wife can use the ball to do pre-natal exercises that help prepare her pelvis for childbirth. She can also use it during the early stages of labor to help with the pain of intense contractions. The ball also helps with relieving back pain, which many women experience during pregnancy.

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8) Bellybuds

This neat invention allows expectant moms to play music for their baby in the womb. It’s a fact that babies in the womb can start hearing what’s outside their mommy’s belly at 20 weeks and can remember what they hear starting at 30 weeks. Allow your pregnant loved one to create memories with her baby as it develops inside her by gifting her this cool, innovative product.

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The Belly Book

9) The Belly Book

This diary book for moms-to-be is divided up by trimester and contains unique pregnancy-specific prompts so that a new mother can remember all the details of her pregnant. Some pages are dedicated to time-lapse photos of her pregnant belly and others for sonogram images. Although at times your pregnant loved one may just want her pregnancy to finally be over, in a few years time, she will appreciate looking back at this special time in life, remembering all the changes her body went through to give her a sweet, one-of-a-kind baby.

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Maternity Belt

10) Maternity Belt

Maternity belts are a must-have for pregnant women. They provide much-needed support for expecting mothers’ heavy bellies to reduce discomfort and back pain. This particular one is adjustable, so that your pregnant friend or family member can use it throughout her entire pregnancy up until her baby is born.

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Boba Wrap

11) Boba Wrap

All new moms should have a Boba wrap. No longer do active mamas who want to take their babies with them everywhere they go need to strap on bulky baby carriers. This simple piece of fabric can be wrapped in numerous ways to securely and comfortable carry a baby from the age of newborn all the way up to 18 months. It can also double as a way for your mom-to-be to discretely nurse.

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Earth Mama A Little Something For Mama To Be

12) Earth Mama A Little Something For Mama To Be

This bag full of pure, natural, organic products designed with mamas-to-be in mind and packaged in a handy, Eco-friendly gift box, makes the perfect present for your beloved pregnant lady. It contains tea, mists, and creams to help keep your expectant friend in tip-top shape throughout her pregnancy.

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Diaper Bag Backpack

13) Diaper Bag Backpack

Diaper bags are essential, but they don’t have to be bulky and cumbersome. This stylish diaper bag backpack is easy to carry around and has many compartments for your new mom-to-be to hold all of her new baby’s things on her back, freeing up her arms to shop or carry her precious sweetheart.

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Maternity Belly Band

14) Maternity Belly Band

Help your expecting mom extend the life of her jeans with this maternity belly band with waist extenders. She is sure to appreciate this practical item and will make good use of it as she progresses towards the later stages of her pregnancy.

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White Rose & Jasmine Spa Gift Basket

15) White Rose & Jasmine Spa Gift Basket

One of the great pamper presents for expecting moms from dads is this beautifully put together gift basket. It’s full of luxurious items including body scrubs, bath bombs, and bath salts packaged neatly in a re-usable gold basket crafted to look like a bath tub. Give her the opportunity to pamper herself and luxuriate with a home spa day.

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Tea Gift Set

16) Tea Gift Set

Staying healthy is at the top of every pregnant woman’s priorities. Tea is full of health benefits, and this array of various Indian tea leaves, including chair, green teas, and black teas makes one of the best Mother’s Day presents. Your pregnant woman is sure to enjoy many cups of delicious, relaxing cups of tea with this gift set.

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Essential Oils & Diffuser Gift Set

17) Essential Oils & Diffuser Gift Set

Aromatherapy is well-known to produce a wide array of effects on one’s health, depending on the particular oils use as each has specific properties. This set of essential oils and a diffuser will allow your pregnant friend or family member to practice aromatherapy herself and solve any of the variety of symptoms that she may experience while expecting.

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Foot Spa

18) Foot Spa

If your pregnant loved one has complained about her feet killing her, a nice foot spa to soak and massage her aching feet makes the perfect present. Help your pregnant friend melt away her stress and sooth her swollen feet with this thoughtful, practical gift.

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Baby Monitor

19) Baby Monitor

A reliable baby monitor to place in her new baby’s nursery makes a great gift that your pregnant friend will use every day to ensure her precious one is safe while he or she naps. This particular baby monitor also plays soothing lullabies for your friend’s new baby and has a night vision function so that it is useful at all times.

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UGG Ansley Slippers

20) UGG Ansley Slippers

A nice set of slippers is essential for the comfort of your pregnant friend. This slipper made by UGG Australia is one of the comfiest out there and is sure to be appreciated as a thoughtful gift by your pregnant loved one.

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Instant Pot Multicooker

21) Instant Pot Multicooker

Cooking is a chore that many pregnant women don’t want to have to worry about. Giving your beloved pregnant woman an Instant Pot Multicooker like this top-rated one will help her automate her meals so that she doesn’t have to strain herself and has more time to relax during her pregnancy.

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Wireless Portable Photo Printer

22) Wireless Portable Photo Printer

Once her new baby is born, she will be wanting to snap a picture of every adorable moment and baby milestone. This wireless portable photo printer allows her to instantly print photos of her cutie, so she can get those photos framed and send them out to her closest companions as fast as possible!

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Air Fryer

23) Air Fryer

Air fryers are awesome, and there’s no better time to gift one of these nifty devices that fry food to perfection without the unhealthy excess oils to your beloved mom-to-be than during her pregnancy. Not only can it help her satisfy her cravings for fried foods in a healthier way, but air fryers can also be used to cook other foods much faster and easier than more traditional methods, which your pregnant loved one is sure to appreciate.

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Leather Journal

24) Leather Journal

Journaling is something your pregnant friend might be interested in picking up now that she is an expecting mother. It’s important for new moms to keep up with hobbies, and a journal provides a perfect outlet for her to express herself and cherish for years to come by looking back on what she wrote when she first became a mother.

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Leather Cross Body Purse

25) Leather Cross Body Purse

No pregnant woman wants to lug around a heavy, large purse on her shoulder. This perfect-sized simple, high quality, fashionable pure leather cross body bag is perfect for new moms to use both during and after pregnancy.

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Breast Pump

26) Breast Pump

If your pregnant friend is planning on breastfeeding, which has many benefits both for mom and baby, then you can help her out by gifting her this top-of-the-line, hospital grade breast pump. It will allow her to pump breast milk to store for her new precious angel so that she can give him or her the best natural nutrition available while retaining some level of flexibility of her own schedule.

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Mini Stroller

27) Mini Stroller

A stroller is a must have for a new mom. This particular one is one of the most light, mobile and compact ones on the market, which makes it perfect for packing up into the car and cruising around the town.

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UGG Bailey Bow Boots

28) UGG Bailey Bow Boots

It’s no secret that one’s feet can really hurt during pregnancy. Your pregnant loved one needs comfy shoes, and there are no shoes more soft on one’s feet than UGGs. This particular pair features fashionable bow accents, so your mom-to-be can walk around in both comfort and style during her pregnancy.

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Natori Women’s Sherpa Robe

29) Natori Women’s Sherpa Robe

This sherpa-lined robe is the pinnacle of luxury, which your pregnant friend deserves for all the work her body is doing to make a beautiful new baby! Give her the gift of a soft, luxurious robe that she will be sure to use and appreciate.

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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

30) Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

Stretch marks are a not-so-beautiful, inevitable part of pregnancy, but Bio-Oil Skincare Oil can drastically reduce or prevent them. All pregnant moms-to-be want their skin to bounce back to the way it was before their pregnancy, and you can help your pregnant loved one achieve this by gifting her this dermatologist-recommended stretch mark prevention serum.

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