25 Best Gifts For Crafters & DIYers

If you’re tired of giving gift cards to their favorite craft store, check out our list of the best gifts for crafters.
gift ideas for crafters

We have crafter gift ideas for any budget that will help creatives discover new projects and will replace their most-loved supplies. You’ll also find helpful ideas for keeping your crafter organized and comfortable during and after a long day of working on projects. When you're done, don't forget to check out our awesome gift list for knitters.

The Ultimate Gift Guide To Find The Best Gifts For Crafter

gift ideas for crafters

If you know a frugal crafter, this book is a smart gift idea for her. Debbie Shore suggests easy, cute sewing ideas for crafters to use up leftover fabric scraps. Nothing needs to go to waste! Even if someone doesn’t have scraps on hand, the ideas in the book are so adorable that it’ll be worth a trip to the fabric store to rummage through the scrap bin.

gift ideas for crafters

Martha Stewart is the queen of crafts, so when she writes an encyclopedia about crafting, you’ve got to buy it for all of the creatives in your life. This is the best gift for crafters who need some inspiration, as well as those who are adventurous and like to experiment with new techniques. With instructions for over 200 projects, you’ll keep them busy for a very long time!

great gifts for crafters

Craft-lovers often have entire rooms devoted to their crafts, which means lots of products that need to be organized and put away. This storage cart has drawers in two different sizes to fit a variety of craft items. This cart will help crafters spend more time on their projects and less time looking for the correct supplies.

gift ideas for crafters

This product is the Mary Poppins of cake pans. Your crafter will be delightfully singing in their kitchen as they create a bundt cake from another world. Dancing penguins not included. Best gift for a crafter who loves baking!

ideas for crafters

If you want to dramatically upgrade a craft-lovers sewing machine, this computerized machine is the way to go. You can choose from 106 different types of stitching, so every crafter is sure to find the perfect stitch for each project. Brother brand machines are high-quality, and this particular model won the 2018 Women’s Choice Award for Top 10 embroidery machines.

crafters gifts

A set of watercolor pens is a thoughtful gift for outdoorsy crafters. These have the characteristic look of watercolors but in a convenient pen. Even if your recipient isn’t going to create watercolor landscapes, there are endless ways to use this beautiful set. Tip: Give them some watercolor art paper too to help these pens look their best.

crafting presents

Heat tools are useful for many different craft applications. This little handheld dryer is ideal for embossing, drying glue, shrinking plastic, and many other things. The dryer operates quietly and has a gentle airflow, so it won’t disturb your project when you use it or blow anything around your work station.

gift for crafter

Adults aren’t the only ones who love to craft. If you know a child who wants to be just like his/her crafty mom, this wooden loom is an excellent gift idea. It’s easy to use, so kids can take their creativity beyond refrigerator drawings. Parental bonus: This gift is an excellent tool for a child’s fine motor development.

gifts for the crafter

This brush set with canvas carrying case comes with 24 different brushes to suit a wide variety of craft projects. You can never have too many brushes, so even if your crafty person already has some, they’ll appreciate having a few extra. With this set, they won’t have to stop partway through a project to wash brushes.

what gifts to get a crafter

Creators will always appreciate a fresh set of acrylic paint pens. This set has 12 highly-pigmented, quality shades. Unlike regular markers, the acrylic ink in these is suitable for use on hard surfaces like ceramic, metal, wood, or rocks. The extra-fine tip markers are the perfect tools for calligraphy as well as creating permanent designs on mugs. Just design, bake, and voila!

crafting gifts

A mini iron is essential for detailed craftwork. Whether you’re working with ribbon or small pieces of fabric, this tool will help your crafts look pressed and put together. It also works great to iron vinyl or appliqué onto objects like hats, backpacks, and large quilts. If the object has an irregular shape or moving the object would cause your design to shift, this powerful little iron is the ideal tool.

screen printing self healing unique gifts for crafters

Crafting and cutting go hand-in-hand, so give a craft lover this high-quality cutting mat that seals itself back up after shallow cuts. This mat is great for protecting tables while they cut paper, leather, fabric, or any other material. The mat even has a convenient ruler along the side so you can measure and cut all in one step. It’s available in three sizes, so you can choose which is right for your recipient’s crafting space.

gifts for a crafty person

A multi-color glitter set is something every crafter could use. Whether they make cards, scrapbook pages, or jewelry, glitter is a fun addition to their diy projects. This set from Arteza comes with 48 stunning colors. It includes neon, holographic, and even one glow in the dark shade, so craft-lovers will never run out of ways to use this glitter.

gifts for crafty person

Diyers use scissors in nearly every project. Whether they’re working with yarn, paper, fabric, or vinyl, a crafter is bound to need scissors. Avid crafters will love these professional-quality shears. Not only are they extra sharp, but they’re also ergonomically designed for “fatigue-free” cutting.

gifts for crafter

A small quilt pad is a practical gift for crafters who have everything. Instead of pulling out their full-sized ironing board to work on their quilts, they can use one of these convenient pads to iron material wherever they are. These pads are small enough to take anywhere. If your favorite crafter also loves to travel, she can whip out one of these pads and iron in the evening at the hotel or resort.

gifts for the crafter

A magnifying lamp is a wonderful gift for crafters. This helpful little lamp clamps to a table and has a telescoping arm so your recipient can position the light wherever he/she needs it. When someone is doing detailed work, magnification is a real eye-saver. Also, this little lamp is rechargeable, so it’s an energy-saver too!

gift ideas for a crafter

This set of 36 watercolors would be an exceptional birthday or Christmas gift for artists. The packaging is high-quality and luxurious, so you won’t even need to wrap it! Traditional Japanese watercolors are more expensive than other watercolors, but they’re worth the price. Each color is highly pigmented to help professional crafters create beautiful works.

gifts for crafty people

Pressed flowers are elegant and beautiful. The Microfleur press works quickly (in just one day!) and preserves the vibrant color of the flowers. Pressed flowers are a beautiful addition to homemade soaps, glass frames, pottery, and more. The Microfleur is available in multiple sizes but opt for the larger version so your recipient can press flowers of any size.

photos photograph gifts for crafty friends

Whether your gift recipient makes a living selling handmade items or just wants to preserve the memories of all of the beautiful things he/she has made over the years, product photography becomes much easier with this studio light box. The set comes with four different colored backgrounds so they can customize the photo box to suit their crafts. Hands down one of the best Christmas gifts for crafters!

gift ideas for a crafty person

An LED tracing board is a wonderful gift for beginning crafters or those who want to replicate their own work accurately. The pad is ultra-thin, so working on it is comfortable. It comes with a stand, so you can choose to work with it propped up, or you can take it anywhere you want and work from your lap.

perfect gift gifts for crafters 2018

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is an incredibly versatile, detailed cutting machine. Crafters can use one of the preloaded Cricut patterns (there are over 60,000!) or design their own. The possibilities are virtually limitless! The Cricut can cut, draw, or score the design into over 100 different materials from paper to leather. You can use this fantastic machine to print custom designs onto t-shirts, stationery items, home decor creations, cards, and even coffee mugs.

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is one of the best gifts for crafters who like to do large projects. This little machine can cut up to 100 different materials including vinyl, cardstock, and fabric in dimensions of 12 inches wide and up to 10 feet long! The Cameo accesses the Silhouette design store and software where you can choose from over 100,000 patterns.

everything you need

This Singer portable sewing machine is excellent for beginning makers and those who prefer a more straightforward machine over the expensive, feature-packed versions. Though it’s simpler than many, this machine does still have a few bells and whistles. It includes 32 different stitch types and has an automatic needle threader that new sewers will appreciate.

After a long day of crafting, a lady’s back can be awfully tired so give her a shiatsu massager. This chair pad has kneading and rolling functions, plus heat to relieve muscle tension after a full day of work. One of the best gifts for crafters who have everything!

gifts for crafty women daughter

Many chairs prioritize lumbar support, but this kneeling-style chair also offers knee and bum support. If the creator in your life makes a living off her work, this is a wonderful gift idea. The maker who has everything may not even realize the comfort she’s missing!

Gifts For Crafters & DIYers | Buying Guide

What do you give a crafter for Christmas?

If they enjoy paper crafting, some ideas include a new punches and dies, adhesives, or a speciality paper cutter. You could also give them a gift card to a craft store so that they can pick out their own supplies.

Gifts for Knitters

Knitters will love new knitting needles, a new ball of yarn, or a new pattern book. A yarn storage bag or knitting needle case is also a great gift for knitters. These gifts will help them keep on knitting!

Gifts for Crocheters

If you know someone who loves to crochet, there are many great gift options for you to choose from. Why not get them a new crochet hook set or a skein of luxury yarn? You could also buy them a pattern book or a crochet stitch marker set. If they're always losing their hooks, you could get them a crochet hook case or a crochet hook necklace.

Gifts for Quilters

Quilters will love receiving a gift that allows them to express their creativity. Some gift ideas for quilters include fabric, batting, thread, needles, and scissors. Quilters can also never have too many patterns or fabrics, so these would also be great gifts for quilters.

What can I craft for a gift?

There are many crafts that can be made into gifts. Basket weaving, quilting, pottery, and jewelry are all popular crafts that can be turned into beautiful gifts.

When choosing a craft to make as a gift, consider the recipient's interests and hobbies. If the person likes to sew, make a quilt or pillowcase. If the person enjoys spending time in the kitchen, bake them a cake or pie. There are endless possibilities when it comes to crafting for gifts, so take the time to think about what the recipient would enjoy receiving.

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