Experience Gifts For Men

Experiential gifts are open up all kinds of doors to new hobbies and pastimes for your guy while also giving you the opportunity to bond with them over a unique experience.

Ask a 10 year old boy what he wants to be when he grows up and you are likely to hear one of two things: a professional athlete or a rockstar.

Below we’ve put together a list of the 20 best experience gifts for men to guide you through the next gift-giving season!

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a guy that can even now resist the urge to sing into a comb or shred on a broomstick or plunger like it were a bonafide Les Paul at shower time!

Why not give him the opportunity to try the real thing on for size all from the comfort of his own home?

Online guitar lessons are a great experiential gift idea for music loving brothers, dads, boyfriends, and husbands because they allow the learner to fit lessons into their leisure time.

This is important! Anyone who took piano lessons as a kid (and quit shortly after) knows how quickly learning music can start to feel like a chore. The rigid schedule and mandatory practice started to feel less like a hobby and more like a another class at school.

And here you are, years later, and you all you remember is Chopsticks!

Online lessons allow your guy to learn at his own pace when it’s convenient for him. In this sense, online lessons quickly become associated with down time after work or on weekends. This is how true hobbies are formed!

Try Guitartricks.com, an award winning online program that boats learners will making music on day one! The site also offers a free trial period and an infrastructure of instructors and other learners so that the budding rockstar in your life always gets the support he needs.

In keeping with the themes of suppressed desires and personal development, here is another experience gift idea for amatuer hobbyists hoping to up their game!

MasterClass is the hot new online learning program offering planned programs in a variety of disciplines! What sets MasterClass apart is in its name: all instructors are true masters of their craft.

Think, a cooking class with Gordon Ramsy, or a poetry course with Billy Collins. That is the caliber of instructor MasterClass offers.

The site offers more than 55 archived classes from distinct masters including music production and beat making with Timbaland, Business Leadership with Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz , Poker with world champion, Daniel Negreanu, Comedy with Steve Martin, and many many more.

We all know about Airbnb, the lodging and accommodations service, but have you ever filtered for experiences on the site? You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do!

There are a ton of unique, once in a lifetime experience gifts for men offered up each day. The best part is each is advertised, rated, and reviewed much in the same way as home and apartment rentals.

This is paramount because it allows you to determine quality even though more times than not with these unconventional experiences, you will lack the context to do so.

The cool thing about this feature is you can search experiences in a few different ways. For instance, if part of your guys gift is already a trip, but you are uncertain about your itinerary, you can search experiences by location to see what is possible.

On the other hand, if looking for a specific experience, use the search bar to see what your options are in terms of where.

A cooking class is one of the most wonderful experience gifts for men who love food and appreciate where it comes from!

You can likely find cooking classes at community centers or local restaurants in your town or city! One way to see what is out there, and to also save a little bit of money, is to search Groupon by your region.

A groupon deal for cooking classes is perfect if you’re looking for a learning experience that doubles as a night out. For a more intimate gift idea, try an online cooking course, something that you can stream in the privacy of your own home with your significant other.

International Open Academy, for instance, is a highly rated course that offers an introduction to plant-based, whole food, but a simple Google search will render whatever style of course you have in mind.

Nothing says I love and appreciate you like the gift of travel! But planning one, packing, and making transportation arrangements can be a royal pain in the butt that almost makes the experience at the end of all that time in transit seem not worth it.

Pack Up and Go is a company that takes care of all the icky parts of travel for you! All you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire about your guy’s travel preferences and they take care of the rest.

Select your budget, complete the survey, and Pack Up and Go puts together a three day excursion in the continental US. The only catch is your location is a surprise.

This is the part where it is important to consider the type of guy you are buying for. Maybe your idea was for this experience to always be a surprise anyway, in which case, no big deal. But if the subject of your gift is more of the practical, calculated type, this might not be the best choice.

Moreover, if you yourself are a little anxiety ridden over relinquishing control of your travel plans, conventional travel arrangements can still make for an awesome gift. The benefit to Pack Up and Go is that the relaxing can start long before you’re laid up on a Florida beach or curled up by a fire in a ski resort beside your guy.

6. Dinner and a Movie

The most classic date night experience is dinner and a movie. It’s a timeless combo and as a gift idea for your guy, it is sure to bring back all types of memories form the early days of your relationship, back when all the butterflies were still in full effect!

There are some cool modern spins on movie going, though, that are worth exploring. For example, Sinema is a subscription based program that allows users to see up to three movies a month for just $15.

Certainly the cost savings is one benefit. We all know how pricey seeing a movie can be when you start to factor in popcorn and Swedish Fish.

Still for roughly the same price, most cable providers allow you to rent movies currently playing in theatres from the comfort of your couch, so why bother?

A couple reasons. First, with Sinema, you’re getting the On Demand price. More importantly, you’re minding the health of your relationship.

When you sign up, you inherently schedule three nights on the calendar for that month where you and your significant other get dressed, go out, and be a couple in the world.

7. Indoor Skydiving

So your brother is an adrenaline junky. You’re dad has a bucket list. Your husband regrets the thrills he didn’t seek before kids.

Whoever it is, you love them, and cannot condone them jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Indoor skydiving is a happy, safe alternative that can also make for an awesome afternoon, gift experience for his birthday or holiday.

There are many companies doing indoor skydiving across the US, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one in your town. Search experience search engine, Cloud 9 Living by your home state to find the nearest location.

This is also another activity that can easily turn into a social outing at a discounted rate using Groupon.

8. DJ Lessons

Adding to the list of learning experiences, especially those geared towards music and music production, here’s one for our little brothers and cousins who also happen to be aspiring DJs.

This course, offered through The Academy of Film, Fashion, and Design covers all kinds of live DJ styles, skills, and techniques. It’s truly comprehensive, from scratching to hyping up a crowd, and even a bit on the history of DJing, all for under $30!

9. Wine, Wine, Wine

Let’s break away from self-improvement for a bit and talk about some experiential gift ideas that everyone can enjoy! Say, for instance, wine!

There are all types of Cabernet and Pinot soaked wine experience options, but one of our favorites is the local vineyard tour.

In some regions, wineries even offer vineyard passports, stamping yours at each new spot.

What we love so much about the vineyard tour is the innate commitment to future experiences. You’re not just signing up for one experience, but a journey marked by relaxation, beautiful views, good wine, and quality time tuned into the people you love most.

10. Tickets to the Big Game

Surprised this didn’t show up earlier on the list, huh? It’s just that much of a no brainer.

Guys generally like sports, and even if they don’t follow each and every sport all that closely, no one can deny the magical experience of live sports.

Find out their favorite local team (they probably have enough team swag to give it away without asking), or even check out a minor league game for all the experience at a slightly lower level of play.

For discounted tickets, check out stubhub.com or seatgeek.com.

11. Unconventional Sporting Events

Some seasons are pretty darn long. Major League Baseball runs nearly half the year, and while ballpark hot dogs are unparalleled, a day out at the ballpark isn’t the most novel of experiences for your guy.

If you’re really trying to go the extra mile for the ultimate sport fan in your life, think outside mainstream, televised sports like baseball, basketball and football. What you’ll find when you do is there is much more to the experience than the contest itself.

Take for instance, horse racing, where the outfits are as much a part of the event as the race itself. Boxing is another great example, and ring-side seats can be a whos who of VIP, regardless of the caliber of fighter on the card.

The PGA tour and the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament are other examples of sporting events with their own unique cultures and rich, celebrated histories.

12. Flying Lessons

Barring a serious fear of flying, the bold men you know will certainly appreciate an opportunity to man the helm themselves.

It’ll take him a few lessons before he’s able to do any flying, though. That said, it’s not everyday he gets to tour his city in a chopper, am I right?

Helicopter tours allow passengers to see their hometowns in ways they’ve never imagined, and that’s worth every penny.

13. Game Show Tickets

Game show filmings are another unique event experience perfect for day time TV watching dads and trivia night all-americans alike.

Whoever that guy is for you, you can secure tickets to shows like The Price is Right right on ticketmaster.com.

Some shows draw from the crowd for their contestants. To round off the perfect experience, set up your guy with the pre-show survey or questionnaire that makes them eligible to participate. Even if they aren’t picked, the anticipation and excitement is sure to make this one of the best experience gifts for men.

14. Sailing the City

If you’re in New York, and your brother, husband, or best friend is the sea faring type, hook him up with a sunset cruise around the Hudson.

Location seems limiting with this one. But even if you’re based out of another city, there are experiences like this made available at any waterfront in America.

Some quick recon of cocktail cruises in your area and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

This could mean a chance for your dad, grand dad, or uncle to play tour guide and take you through the history of the city, or for some romancing with your other half. Regardless, a boat cruise can be the perfect way to celebrate.

15. Concert Tickets

Music, like food, is not something you can like or not like. It is fundamental! Almost necessary for survival! And so ultimately, the question is of genre or artist.

Once you have the answer, you also have an experience gift idea at the ready for any occasion!

Check out Event Brite and search for the man in your life’s favorite bands. Nothing showing up for the date range you’re looking for in your city? Then search for what is coming to your city, and pick from those.

You might find that none of your dad, brother, of boyfriend’s top five are coming to town. That’s okay too. The heart of giving experience gifts for men is providing a break from the normal, and new music discovery definitely fits that model.

Plus there’s no such thing as bad live music.

16. Race Car Driving

This is another one for our adrenaline junkies. Even if he isn’t a NASCAR fan, your guy fights the urge every day to just floor it, petal to the metal, on his morning commute.

Give him the outlet! At nearly 200 MPH, he is going to get his need for speed taken care of for a while!

You can find race car test drive experiences for around $150 at most tracks around the country.

17. Gentlemen’s Spa Day

Ladies, you’re not the only one that likes to pamper yourself! Your guy’s guilty pleasure is to try all of the expensive skin care products you foolishly leave in the shared bathroom.

Save your money and keep your cosmetics by sending your guy for a day of pampering. Search for men’s spa packages near you, and you will be surprised at how many facilities actually have something specifically for the opposite sex on their menu of services!

18. Whisky Tasting

We’ve talked about wine, but it’s not for every guy. Some of our dads are more of the scotch neat, or bourbon rocks types.

For these guys, there are plenty of events all over the country geared specifically for spiriti enthusiasts!

And it doesn’t even have to be just for the brown liquors. There are tasting events for tequila and rum guys as well.

19. Water Sports

Not everyone is cut out to surf. It’s a super difficult feat of balance and courage that can be as frustrating as it is eventually fun and exciting.

But these days, in waterfront communities and beach towns all over the country, there are little shops renting stand up paddle boards to those looking for an experience on the water that falls somewhere in between big wave surfing and sitting on the beach.

The stand up paddle board is a great workout, and actually much more difficult than it looks. This is important, as the subject of your gift will feel challenged, but not to the degree where he cannot enjoy himself.

Once you both get the hang of it, assuming you tag along, it’s easy to carry out a conversation while paddling so that you are able to enjoy each other’s company during the experience.

20. Body Painting Class

This doesn’t initially scream the perfect gift for a guy’s guy, BUT if this is a gift for your significant other, and you are the canvas, it could be the IDEAL way to spice things up in your relationship.

Be careful you aren’t booking a group class though, which will likely mean painting on a model. Instead, try and find something private and intimate, or even explore the many online options for this creative night in together with your guy.

And if you can’t find one you’re looking for, you can always just wing it while following some online pics or video examples for inspiration.

That’s it! We hope this list of 20 unique experience gifts for men will help you create memories that last a life-time. 

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