Experience Gifts for Kids

Experience gifts are great because kids get to spend time either doing something they love or learning something new and experiencing it with their loved ones. These experiences foster learning, growing closer bonds and having fun. Here are some ideas to guarantee a great time will be had by all.

Outdoor Gifts of Experience

These experience gifts for kids are perfect if the young one in your life loves the outdoors. There are plenty of ideas here for them to go out and enjoy fresh air, nature, and the various fun experiences that the outdoors has to offer.

experience gifts kids

1. Swimming Lessons

Do you know an aspiring mermaid or merman? If your child loves spending lots of time in the tub, expand their horizons by giving them swimming lessons. They will love making new friends in their class and splashing around. You will like that they are learning a new possibly life-saving skill. 

2. Horseback Riding Lessons

 If, your child, loves horses but you can’t afford the expense of owning one, give them horseback riding lessons. Not only will they learn how to ride a horse, but they will probably learn how to take care of one as well.

3. Gift Admission to a Big Zoo

 Take some time and research the most prominent zoos near your loved one. It may be in the next big city or across the state line. Next, talk to your loved ones, plan a day when they can take the kids and buy them admission to go. Everyone loves going to the local zoo, but there is something about a big zoo that is fascinating. There are more exhibits and so much more to learn.

4. Gift Admission to Amusement Park

Once again, take some time and research the largest amusement parks near your loved ones. Many families go to amusement parks in the summer, so this makes an excellent gift for the child in your life and the whole family. Kids will love going to a vast park with lots of rides, games, and fun things to do.

5. Gift Admission to the Local Nature Center

Outdoor enthusiasts will love going to the local nature center. There are exhibits to see, trails to walk, and other fun things to do. Some nature centers offer campfire programs and river exploration.

6. Gift Certificate for Mini Golf

Kids will love playing mini golf with family and watching the sunset on a warm summer’s night. This is another excellent gift because kids will not only get some physical activity but will also learn new a skill as well.

7. Gift a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Kids who aren’t afraid of heights will love going up in a hot air balloon. They will enjoy seeing things from a higher perspective and feeling like they could touch the sky. This gift is sure to leave them on cloud nine, even after they come down.

8. Gift a Trip

 It’s always fun exposing kids to new things. Plan a trip with your loved ones to take the kids to the nearest big city and pick out some “kid” things that the child in your life would like to do. Pay for admission, tickets, a meal, and gas as part of your “gift of a trip.”

9. Season Admission to the Local Farm Park

This is another excellent idea for the animal lover in the family. Gift season passes to the local farm park. Your child will love being able to pet all the animals and learn new things about them. Usually, there are also lots of other things to do as well, like going on a pony ride, finding your way through the corn maze, and playing on the playground equipment.

10. Tickets to a Sporting Event

The athlete in the family will love going to see a baseball game, basketball game, a hockey game, or other sport they love. Regardless if it’s a local team or a national one, they will be thrilled to cheer their favorite team to victory.

11. Gift an “Every Kid in the Park” Pass

This is one of the best gifts you could give a kid and the best part? It’s FREE! However, there is one catch, your child has to be in fourth grade. This pass allows the fourth grader and their immediate family access to national parks for a full year.  You can find out more about this excellent program at www.everykidinapark.gov.

Gift Experiences Indoors

These experience gifts for kids are all done indoors, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing. Regardless if it’s raining or shining, your kids will have a great time. The only time you will have to go outside is to go to the venue.

1. Craft Supplies Bucket

Buy a large bucket and fill it with art and craft supplies. These supplies can be anything from jumbo crayons to paints to craft project kits. Think about what your young crafter or artist loves the most and go from there.

2. Gift Certificate to an Indoor Jumping Playground

Do you have a joey in your life? If the kids in your life love to jump around, get them a gift certificate to an indoor jumping playground. These playgrounds have lots of giant inflatables that kids can jump in for hours.

3. Gift Certificate to a Virtual Reality Lounge

If you have video game enthusiasts in your house, they will love this. Virtual Reality Lounges are a place where you can go and play video games as if you are living inside the game. This is for an excellent gift for older children because they can actually participate and be on their feet while doing it.

4. Tickets to a Play or Concert

Another excellent experience gift for kids idea is tickets to a show or concert that your child wants to attend. Show tickets are suitable for both young and older children because different shows have different times. Concerts are better for older children because they are less likely to fall asleep. Even better, if you know a true theater enthusiast and can afford it, buy season tickets so they can see every show.

5. Gift Membership to the Children’s Museum

The children’s museum is a great place to take the kids. There are all kinds of things that they can do and learn about, and there are several different floors that cater to kids of all ages. 

6. Gift Certificate to the Roller Skating Rink

Lace up your skates and take your kids to the local roller rink. This is an excellent gift because they can get some physical activity and have a great time. Depending on if you have taken them roller skating before, this may also be a great learning experience. 

7. Gift a Course

Think about your child’s interests and call around to see if there are classes in your area. Spend an evening learning to cook with your child or sitting at the potter’s wheel or standing at an easel, learning how to paint. Kids will love taking classes to learn new skills and spending time with you.

8. Gift a Science Kit

With STEM being taught at all ages, science is a hot topic. If you have a kid who loves science, they will be in heaven. There are many kits to choose from, including chemistry kits, slime kits, and ant farms. Your little scientist will be having a blast with this gift.

9. Take Kids Rock Climbing

Do you have a monkey at your house? If you have a rock climbing gym in your area, buy a gift certificate for one or two experiences. Your older children will love being able to climb high and have an adventure.

10. Give the gift of Bowling

Who doesn’t love hanging out at the local bowling alley on a Saturday night? This is a great kid-friendly gift that encourages physical activity and bonding time with family or friends. If you can, gift a package that includes food or snacks for that extra special touch.

More Unique Experience Gifts for Kids

The items in this list of experience gifts for kids include gifts that you can do at home and gifts that involve going out. Either way, kids will be thrilled to engage their creativity and curiosity as well as go out and experiencing new things.

1. Subscription Boxes

Kids love getting the mail, and they will love receiving their own box each month. Some ideas to get started include Kiwi Crate, Little Passports, and KidArtLit. Kids who love science and art will love Kiwi Crate. These “crates” are available for ages 0-16.

Do you know a kid who is into travel? Then they will love Little Passports. This company offers boxes for early learners (3-5), world edition (6-12), USA Edition (7-12) and Science Expeditions (9+). Kids can learn about everything from the ocean, other countries, and different states in the U.S. 

Do your kids like books and art? Get them a KidArtLit box. These boxes come with a book and an art project every month. This box is the perfect gift for growing literacy and creativity, a real win-win.

2. Kids Magazine Subscription

There are lots of kids magazines for every interest. Kids will enjoy getting a magazine either monthly or bi-monthly about animals, a favorite hobby, or just to read for fun. There are lots of periodicals for children, take a look at the newsstand of your local bookstore or online for ideas.

3. Online Classes

If your family is too busy to make it to an actual class, buy your kid an online course to learn about what they want to do. You can find classes for kids on TekkieUni.com, Jam.com, and Udemy.

4. Dinner at the Best Restaurant in Town

Do you know a foodie? Gift them the gift of extravagant taste by taking them to the best restaurant in town according to their favorite food. Do your research and find the best steak, pizza, or even sushi place and make it a date.

5. Gardening Kit

If your kid wants to learn how to have a green thumb, this is the perfect way to get started. Amazon carries all kinds of gardening kits featuring flowers and vegetables. There is even a kit for a pizza garden featuring basil, tomatoes, oregano, and peppers. These kits can be grown in the kitchen, so it’s easy to harvest the vegetables and herbs before you start cooking.

6. Gift a trip to Special Attraction

Buy tickets to take the kids to a unique attraction like Legoland in Florida, California, or Atlanta or Sesame Place in Philadelphia. Legoland parks feature different attractions at each park including a 4D theater, sea life aquarium, miniland, pirate adventure island, and earthquake tables, to name a few. You will need to take a look at what attractions are at your specific park.

Sesame Place in Philadelphia is a great place to take your little ones and pre-schoolers. Another unique thing about Sesame Place is that it is the first theme park to be officially autism-friendly. This means the park has resources available for children with autism, including quiet rooms, low sensory areas, and the use of noise-canceling headphones. Kids will love going on rides, water rides, enjoying shows featuring their favorite characters, and seeing the parade.

Sesame Place is an excellent example of experience gifts for kids because they have special accommodations that make every child feel welcome in their park.

Even though it seems like computers and tablets have become the norm, kids still love to go out and experience things. These experience gifts for kids are guaranteed to put a smile on any kids face and leave them with memories to last a lifetime.