72 Exclusive Gifts For Photographers Curated In One Ultimate List

Snap up the perfect gift for the photog in your life!

Creating memorable images is a huge talent. Any yahoo can pick up a camera, point it at someone and take a picture, but a photographer creates compositions so effortlessly they make the whole process look easy. The truth is, photography as an art is about more than just a person and camera. It’s about strategic lighting, focal lengths, angles and intuition. You might not be able to buy intuition for your camera enthusiast friends, but you can certainly buy lighting, accessories, gear and prints of their work. You can also make sure they have plenty of items in their wardrobe that say to the world,

5 in 1 Reflector

1) 5 in 1 Reflector

Effectively bouncing both natural light and flashes is the hallmark of a real professional photographer. These high quality bounce cards are necessary for any portrait photographer's studio. Authors Note; The golden foil makes my face glow like a superhuman goddess.

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360 HD Video Camera

2) 360 HD Video Camera

This compact Ricoh video camera can film in any direction in ultra-sharp HD! It's a must for any videographer or novice filmmaker's toolkit; just make sure they film lots of dizzying cartwheels.

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Camera Candy Molds

3) Camera Candy Molds

Camera bonbons, truffles, lollipops or chocolate bars are all possible with this adorable camera candy mold. This however, is a gift that might be better suited for kitchen use than studio use.

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Camera Lens Travel Mug

4) Camera Lens Travel Mug

If I owned this I would lose my mind every time I saw it in the kitchen sink. But that's me. Maybe you like the thrill of believing for a fleeting second that a thousand dollar lens is marinating in dish water.

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Camera Mode Cufflinks

5) Camera Mode Cufflinks

Wedding and event photographers usually get to dress to the nines at almost every function they shoot. These cufflinks are a delicious little addition to the ubiquitous black tie.

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Camera Pendant

6) Camera Pendant

Know a fancy photographer with a penchant for pendants and a fondness for faux diamonds? Does this camera snapper have a birthday on the horizon? Because I'm pretty sure we found the perfect gift.

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Camera Shaped USB Drive

7) Camera Shaped USB Drive

A big part of a photographer's job is editing and delivering images. How slick would it be if those images were delivered on a camera shaped USB drive?

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Cameraman Vest

8) Cameraman Vest

Big, day long events that require photographers to stay in the zone and on their feet for several hours at a time can be brutal considering the amount of heavy gear goes into pro shooting. This vest will definitely help out with the strain.

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Case and Strap

9) Case and Strap

Traveling with a vintage 35mm is an adorably millennial thing to do, but so much more so with this twee leather case/strap combo. Your niece who's double majoring in paper arts and photography will adore it.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

10) Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sure, they have been designated ornaments of the holiday variety, but we all know these would look great hanging, disco-ball style, from a rearview mirror.

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Chromakey and Light Kit

11) Chromakey and Light Kit

Pro set-ups such as this enable photographers and videographers to key out the green screen behind their subjects and insert any background. I have the most fun with these, but be warned, experience has taught me that keying out a background behind a loose biracial afro is no fun.

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Classic Limited Edition 35mm Holga

12) Classic Limited Edition 35mm Holga

What else is your freshman niece going to put in her case and strap set? A Cannon? A Nikon? Pshhh, c'mon. When it's all about the aesthetic, only a Holga will do.

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Convertible Tripod/Monopod

13) Convertible Tripod/Monopod

Monopods are great for getting big, wide, crowd shots, but they aren't that great for much else. Tripods however, are essential. This clever tool puts both in one unit, supplying your photog with two great tools and a fraction of the hassle.

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Custom Poster

14) Custom Poster

Know an Instagrammer whose account is rich with amazing shots? Memorialize their best shots with a glossy custom poster before a solar flare wipes out all our electronic devices and all those breathtaking images are gone forever.

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Customized Studio Backdrop

15) Customized Studio Backdrop

Basic white is fine for most, but maybe the photographer in your life is different. Basic white linen won't do for them. They require something with a little more personality, a little pizazz. Hence this custom backdrop.

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Deflector Plate

16) Deflector Plate

This deflector plate is designed to change the output of the light used by the Rapid Box light box system. It can diffuse harsher lights or brilliantly reflect depending on its position.

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Directional On Camera Mic

17) Directional On Camera Mic

When the photographer in your life levels up and starts making their own short films (it always happens) they're going to need an omnidirectional on-camera boom mic. They might not know that yet but they will be so impressed that you do.

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Faux Fur Windshield

18) Faux Fur Windshield

That on-camera mic is going to pick up every little sound - even the ones we don't quite catch. Covering it in a "dead cat" (I swear that's industry shorthand for this windshield) will make it little more user friendly.

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Flexible Tripod

19) Flexible Tripod

I once saw a camerman use one of these tripods to fix his camera to the hood ornament of a truck and then film himself riding on the roof of said truck. It worked out great! I wholeheartedly endorse the tripod, though maybe not for that exact use.

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Focus Calibration Tool

20) Focus Calibration Tool

Little tools like this one can really flesh out a photographer's arsenal. The human eye is flawed, and focus can get away from a photographer in a matter of seconds which makes this tool essential.

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Gaff Tape Four Pack

21) Gaff Tape Four Pack

Gaff tape is amazing. It makes duct tape look like a roll of cheap garbage ribbons that are a little sticky. With gaff tape, photogs can tape down all of their cords, props and backdrops without leaving a trace of adhesive behind.

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Hardcover Photobooks

22) Hardcover Photobooks

Binding a book of your favorite photographer's favorite photos is such a personal, thoughtful gift. Curate a collection of landscapes, portraits, art shots or anything else you think will inspire and delight the recipient.

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Holga Lens

23) Holga Lens

Holga holds a lot of cache in the photography community, so this lens, while pretty unexciting to the casual observer, will likely elicit a sharp intake a breath and perchance even a swoon from a true camera enthusiast.

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I May Snap Mug

24) I May Snap Mug

Know a photog who spends every morning with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other? I'm pretty sure this hand painted mug was made just for them.

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I'll Shoot Handmade Ring

25) I'll Shoot Handmade Ring

This sweet, handmade accessory is perfect for junior shooters just developing their style. Bonus points for wearing it on their shutter finger.

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Image Cube Ornaments

26) Image Cube Ornaments

Grab a few of their or your favorite images and get your custom cubes ready just in time for the holiday season. Or get them to hang from your rearview mirror - ornaments don't always have to be holiday specific.

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Instant Camera

27) Instant Camera

I have a sweet collection of vintage Polaroid cameras. In my heart of hearts, there is no replacing them. But in my brain of brains I know that's simply not true. This camera for instance is a pretty legitimate replacement.

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28) Journal

Hobbies and journaling go hand in hand. This camera journal is a cute way for the photographer in your life to log their favorite shooting locations, subjects, print styles and more.

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LCD Screen Protector

29) LCD Screen Protector

New cameras have LCD touch screens, and that means greasy fingerprints all day, every day. Screen protectors are pretty important. even more so with pressure sensitive screens.

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LED Flashlight

30) LED Flashlight

Draw your name in the air with this mini LED light while your photographer pal snaps a long exposure, late night pic. Enter the image in a photo contest. Win. Eat french fries. Repeat.

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LED Keychain

31) LED Keychain

Make sure your photographer is always prepared to recreate the magic of your late night, floating signature pic with this LED flashlight keychain.

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Lens Hood

32) Lens Hood

Lens flares are great when they're controlled. When they're not, they can ruin photos, cameras, and eyeballs. This flower hood flips so it seamlessly sits on the lens when not in use and supports controlled lens flares when used correctly.

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Lens Shot Glass Keychains

33) Lens Shot Glass Keychains

Shooting a big wedding or corporate party, or really any event, is exhausting and deserves a stiff reward. Toast a successful gig with these incognito shot glasses and as long as you can handle yourself no one will be the wiser.

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LensPen Lens Cleaner

34) LensPen Lens Cleaner

Shooting in the wild out of doors is a dusty affair, regardless if you're shooting in the city, country or friggin ocean - dust finds a way. Help your photog pal stay one step ahead of dust motes with this compact lens brush.

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Lightscoop Flash Bouncer

35) Lightscoop Flash Bouncer

This mirror literally scoops and bounces light, focusing or diffusing. It's the type of genius tool that your photographer friends might be salty they didn't invent themselves. Luckily the next best thing is to just own one.

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Padded Wrist Strap

36) Padded Wrist Strap

All day shooting gigs can be brutal on a photographer's fingers and wrist. Show your photo friends that you understand the intricacies of camera-life and support not just their career choice but also their sore muscles with this wrist guard.

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Panoramic Panhead

37) Panoramic Panhead

The photographer/videographer in your life can use this head to get breathtaking scenic shots when paired with their slider. The Panoramic Panhead will instantly level up any user's repertoire.

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Parking Sign

38) Parking Sign

Okay, sure, they could use this in their driveway but they could also use it when shooting professionally. I'm admittedly not an expert on nationwide traffic laws though so don't take my word for that.

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Pelican Case

39) Pelican Case

Their gear will be locked up tight and ready for all manner of adventures with this heavy-duty Pelican equipment case. These are industry standard cases, the camera person in your life will love you forever for gifting them one of these babies.

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Pencil Sharpener

40) Pencil Sharpener

I half expect every camera person's house I walk into to be filled not with striking images, but with chachkis like this pencil sharpener. Just camera themed everything. Realistically though, this would be great for a photography teacher.

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Photographer Wine Caddy

41) Photographer Wine Caddy

If you know a photographer that loves wine, robots and, of course cameras, this might be the perfect gift. This definitely belongs on some specific person's kitchen counter, that's for sure - if you know that person it's your duty to gift them this caddy.

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Plastic Clamps

42) Plastic Clamps

In case you didn't pick it up in the subtext, my partner is a photographer/videographer. I can attest to the usefulness of these clamps. They are literally all over my house, holding up backdrops, green screens, cords and more.

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Pocket Spotlight

43) Pocket Spotlight

Photographers never really get to take a break from snapping pics. They can however, leave the main rig at home once in awhile and equip themselves with this pocket spotlight to use with a smart phone.

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Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder

44) Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder

As a avid collector of vintage Polaroid cameras, I have no idea how to feel about this. It's somewhere between grossed out and impressed. If your feelings land more towards impressed, by all means, gift away.

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Portable Backdrop

45) Portable Backdrop

As we enter the Portable Studio Gear section of this list, mentally note what level of photog you are shopping for. These gifts are for serious, career shooters and require room for storage. That said - here's a portable backdrop!

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Portable Changing Room

46) Portable Changing Room

Shooting headshots, senior portraits or any other vanity project requires what we call in the industry, "looks." Being able to provide a changing room for their subjects during shoots might mean an increase in rates. They'll thank you for that.

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Portable Studio

47) Portable Studio

Everything a novice needs to go pro is right here in this kit. When your niece graduates from University and decides to pursue camera work based on all your great camera gifts through the years, BANG, hit her with this.

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Portrait Lighting Kit

48) Portrait Lighting Kit

Lighting a person for a portrait is an art on par with composing or styling someone for said portrait. God and science forbid your photog friend gets caught shooting a portrait with natural light exclusively. That's for amateurs and vacationing jabronies.

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Protective Lens Wrap

49) Protective Lens Wrap

Protecting camera gear from the elements is a huge concern for shooters who do outdoor work of any kind, so gifting an outdoorsy shooter with items that reflect those concerns will get you points every time.

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Protective Rain Cover

50) Protective Rain Cover

You know what ruins good camera equipment? Unexpected water from the sky. With this key piece of gear, your photog friend will never be caught without protection again.

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Quick Release Strap

51) Quick Release Strap

Pro tip: Using multiple cameras cuts down on time spent switching lenses, changing presets and going from film to video. And in order to execute the two camera move successfully, you need a quick release strap.

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52) Rainsleeve

Never let your camera enthusiast pals get caught without protection, against the elements that is. Even in sunny California or Florida, rains can come swiftly and ruin everything.

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Remote Shutter Release

53) Remote Shutter Release

Every family has a designated camera person. They rarely get to be in any of the great group photos since they're always behind the lens. With this remote shutter, they can finally jump in a picture or two.

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Rocket Air Blower

54) Rocket Air Blower

Dust is a photographer's natural enemy; not aesthetically, but functionally. Air blowers are tools that every pro keeps in their camera bag - but this one is cooler than most. Wait, rockets are still cool, right?

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Seat Belt Camera Straps

55) Seat Belt Camera Straps

These bright, playful seat belt camera straps are both vegan and upcycled. We trust our lives with seat belts, it stands to reason that we can trust our expensive cameras with them as well.

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Shutter Remote

56) Shutter Remote

When the family's designated photographer wants to get into the photo, they set a timer then run into the frame awkwardly (there is no cool way to do it) resulting in a less than amazing pic. This remote eliminates that whole to-do. It won't make anyone any less awkward though.

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Smartphone Lens Kit

57) Smartphone Lens Kit

Fun fact; filmmakers have been using new generation iPhones to film feature length movies. If you're shopping for someone with similar aspirations, this lens kit will probably help with production value.

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Smart Phone Macro Lens

58) Smart Phone Macro Lens

Fun fact; professional photographers use multiple lenses to create diversity in their images. The same is true for shooting on an iPhone, especially if someone is using their phone for more than just their daily Insta/Snap/FB cross post.

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Snack Cap Lens Cap

59) Snack Cap Lens Cap

What a better way to elicit a smile from waiting subjects than with a clever lens cap? If you're shopping for a deadpan photog, this will add some much needed levity to their portrait shooting game.

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60) Spyglasses

Shooting POV footage is never as easy as when you're literally wearing a camera in between your eyeballs. It's also great for - you guessed it - SPYING!

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Stone Bag Tripod Stabilizer

61) Stone Bag Tripod Stabilizer

Lightweight tripods are great for travel kits, but the lighter the tripod, the more likely a stiff breeze will introduce it to the cold hard ground. A stone bag weighs the whole rig down, and that's one less thing for your photog pal to worry about

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Stop Lens Wristbands

62) Stop Lens Wristbands

Camera people all over the world are influencing fashion. The evidence is right here in this Stop Lens Wristband. Get it here before it dominates the runways during fashion week (by the camera people, not the models).

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Technical Belt

63) Technical Belt

When your camera toting pal needs to keep key pieces of gear on their person, but not enough gear to require an entire vest, this belt is the perfect solution.

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The Photographer's Eye

64) The Photographer's Eye

In this gorgeous tome author Michael Freeman examines what makes a photo truly memorable. Composition is key when shooting professionally, and Freeman imparts solid lessons on composing frames.

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The Photographer's Playbook

65) The Photographer's Playbook

Shopping for a novice photographer with big aspirations? The Photographer's Playbook will get them started on their merry way with life lessons, assignments, prompts and stories from some of the world's foremost shooters.

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Three Axis Level

66) Three Axis Level

I look at this and think, "that's excessive." A photographer looks at this and salivates a little. Only you know how you feel about it, but the camera buff you're shopping for will likely fall into the drool-a-little category.

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Time Lapse Genie

67) Time Lapse Genie

This time lapse module attaches to your camera (check compatible models on the buy now page) to facilitate worry free time lapse videos and even has presets for clouds and stars.

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Time Lapse Video Camera

68) Time Lapse Video Camera

This time lapse camera creates gorgeous time lapse video, is self contained and exports AVI files that require no processing. This is a great gift for a novice; it will make their work look more professional than they could ever expect.

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Vintage Camera Photo Album

69) Vintage Camera Photo Album

Old cameras just look cool. Don't try to argue this point with me - I can't hear you anyway. Luckily this book is a very adult replacement for that dusty shelf full of retro photo equipment, which is ubiquitous in every young artist's first apartment.

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White Balance Gray Reference Reflector Card

70) White Balance Gray Reference Reflector Card

None of your photographer friend's images are going to make any color sense unless they balance their white tones before shooting. This card makes that process simple.

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White Balance Filter

71) White Balance Filter

Photographers can quickly set their white balance with this easy to use filter. It's ergonomic form also makes it preferable to the traditional card most photogs use to color balance.

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Zippered Tote

72) Zippered Tote

I don't know if this will hold a camera and a bunch of equipment, but it will hold the photo journal, tricked out iPhone, a couple of camera lens shot glasses and at least one roll of gaff tape. And that's all anyone needs, really.

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