62 Super Smart STEM Toys & Gifts For Boys And Girls Of All Ages

If knowledge is power, your kids are going to be superheroes.

Somewhere along the timeline, science, tech, math and engineering got a reputation as being dry, boring subjects. We aren’t sure why or how that reputation came around but it couldn’t be more inaccurate (except for the whole days-of-logging-repeatable-experiments thing, but that’s for later in life). Science, tech, engineering, and math are subjects that are constantly changing, ever exciting and together form the core disciplines that shape our entire reality! Start your little learners off right by sharing the magical world of STEM via these totally exciting, seriously fun, next-level educational toys. And try to share, because supervision is cool and all but you’re definitely going to want your turn with all of these toys.

Hydro Ant Farm

1) Hydro Ant Farm

The complex habitats, communities and societal hierarchies of ants are endlessly fascinating. With this self-contained ant farm you can study their busy lives as they navigate aqua blue, NASA engineered, nutrient gel that takes the place of food and water.

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Bacteria Science Kit

2) Bacteria Science Kit

Swab everything in site and see just how much bacteria we associate with every day. There are countless experiments for the budding scientist in this kit, like: whose paws are dirtier? The cat or the dog? Thankfully, this comes with a book of potential experiments to get you started.

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Junior Banker Play Set

3) Junior Banker Play Set

Economics may not be science, per say, but it still does a lot to shape our world. With this cute bank kit, junior entrepreneurs will already have savings arranged and investments planned before they get their first allowance.

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Big Bag Of Science

4) Big Bag Of Science

Nurturing a love of science might just be as easy as grabbing this big bag. This kit contains over 70 experiments and activities that will spark creativity and inspiration plus it’s full of corny jokes that kid scientists will love.

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Build And Imagine Dreamhouse

5) Build And Imagine Dreamhouse

How many different ways can your kiddo create their dream house? The possibilities are vast with this magnetic building kit. Bring out the little architect in your child and you might get a dream house of your own later on.

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Butterfly Garden

6) Butterfly Garden

Watching the metamorphosis of the caterpillar as it becomes the butterfly is really magic. This kit allows your little lepidopterist to see the metamorphosis up close, and when they’re ready, release the new butterflies into the world.

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Chemistry Kit

7) Chemistry Kit

What budding scientist doesn’t need a basic chemistry kit? This starter kit features over 30 activities, and a workbook with everything you need to know to execute a few dozen novice experiments.

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Clean Water Science Kit

8) Clean Water Science Kit

The youngster that shows an interest in the science of clean water is a youngster that might grow up to change the world. Foster that fascination with this clean water science kit and watch your child’s thirst for knowledge grow like a freshly watered fern.

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Cool Circuits

9) Cool Circuits

This logic puzzle builds circuits as it’s solved. You can activate flashing lights, create brightly lit designs and have fun with friends learning about circuits. The game is set up with over 40 challenges of varying difficulty, so you have something to work up to.

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Crystal Growing Kit

10) Crystal Growing Kit

This super cool crystal growing kit will have your science loving kid making some beautiful gems. Even adults will have a blast creating these unique, pretty crystals. Trust me!

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Dash and Dot Robots

11) Dash and Dot Robots

These robots are app-enabled to fetch and play music and kids can create new commands. The associated app features dozens of projects to put your code-minded youngsters to work for hours.

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Design and Drill

12) Design and Drill

Kids can put together outrageous designs of their own or they can draw inspiration from the over 40 instruction cards that come with this design and drill kit. Engineers-to-be will love this gift, it will exercise their spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and coordination.

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Duplo Experiment City Tubes

13) Duplo Experiment City Tubes

Your engineer in training can build all manner of tubular worlds with this set of Experiment City Duplo Blocks. These are great for younger kiddos, they help develop fine motor skills and imagination.

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Electricity and Magnetism Experiment Kit

14) Electricity and Magnetism Experiment Kit

This awesome experiment kit is all the rave for kids 8 and up. Create more than 60 electrifying experiments with circuits and magnetic contraptions to learn about electricity and magnetism, and how these two fundamental properties are closely related.

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Treasures Of The Earth Excavation Kit

15) Treasures Of The Earth Excavation Kit

The little archaeologist in your life has to learn to start excavating sometime and this is a great kit to get ’em ready for future treasure hunting. Uncover 12 minerals from the 3 different layers of the Earth

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Deluxe Gear Building Set

16) Deluxe Gear Building Set

Sign up every kid that ever showed any type of interest in engineering, building, or taking things apart to see how they work. This kit essentially grows with your kid; a simple set of interlocking blocks that evolve to master builder materials as your kid becomes savvier.

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Real Geodes

17) Real Geodes

Nature is magic. How else can you explain these nondescript mini boulders that reveal intricate little worlds full of sparkling crystals within? Oh, yeah. Science. Science explains geodes pretty well actually. We can still think nature is magic, though.

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Goldie Blox Spinning Machine

18) Goldie Blox Spinning Machine

This kit contains everything your young engineer needs to build an authentic spinning machine. It also comes with a storybook that makes the spinning machine into a fun game of who-done-it that can be played with like minded, engineer buddies.

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Gravity Maze

19) Gravity Maze

Nurture the little Sir Isaac Newton in your life with this Gravity Maze. Build intricate mazes and watch your marbles fall through the cubes, from simple to advanced. This is a great alternative to throwing apples around in the name of science.

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Green Snap Circuits

20) Green Snap Circuits

Teach your little scientist about alternative energy with this alternative energy snap circuit kit. Your kiddo can experiment with wind, water, and solar power by making a hand crank radio, clock, and light.

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Hot Dots Jr.

21) Hot Dots Jr.

This number/counting card game is great for your preschoolers just learning numbers. It lights up and makes noise in addition to being a solid set of flashcards. Hot Dots are a classic case of “making learning fun.”

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Insta Snow Powder

22) Insta Snow Powder

Make fluffy white snow all year round with a simple experiment that most kids can execute on their own. I won’t give away any of the particulars, but this fun, easy project will keep your kids entertained for hours and hours!

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Inventions Kit

23) Inventions Kit

Each and every young scientist needs an inventions kit replete with a detailed manual with dozens of experiment and project ideas. This comprehensive kit comes with exhaustive instructions and everything your budding scientist needs to start inventing.

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K’nex Building Kit

24) K’nex Building Kit

K’nex has a stellar reputation for their building kits – part erector set, part gears kit and part legos. They introduce the concepts of axles, pulleys, and inclined planes. Kids that have a love for building will make great use of this

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Little Bits Electronics Kit

25) Little Bits Electronics Kit

This beginner’s electronics kit boasts over 600,000 possible circuit combinations, all without soldering or programming. Build a fan, a pressure sensor or a vibrating unit and countless other items.

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Meccanoid Personal Robot

26) Meccanoid Personal Robot

How interested in science, technology, engineering, and math can you really be if you don’t have a robot butler? Serious question.

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The Magic School Bus Human Biology Kit

27) The Magic School Bus Human Biology Kit

Join Ms. Frizzle and company on the Magic School Bus and adventure into the human body to discover how our bodies function. This human biology set teaches about all the necessary components of our bodies that we can’t see with the naked eye.

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Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

28) Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

Take another trip with Ms. Frizzle through the world of repeatable, logged experiments with this chemistry kit. Kids can use this kit to measure pH, perform chromatography, make their own slime, create a milk rainbow, erupt a volcano and dozens more experiments.

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Magic Science Kit

29) Magic Science Kit

Science is magic explained, but that doesn’t make it any less magic. This kit embraces the wonder in discovering all the strange, weird and fantastic in science and chemistry. This is for the kid who loves Harry Potter but is still skeptical about Arthur Weasley’s fascination with muggle tech.

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Magna Tiles

30) Magna Tiles

Build spatial reasoning and logic with these magnetic building tiles. Also, build a dream house for a pet hamster, a garage for a collection of matchbox cars, or a kid-sized tool box. There are countless possibilities, and countless ways to learn with these clever tiles.

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Magnetic Science

31) Magnetic Science

Expand your youngster’s little mind with this Magnetic Science Kit featuring more than 30 experiments and games. Before you know it, junior will be building an electromagnet, a force field and locating true north without a second thought.

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Match It! Counting Game

32) Match It! Counting Game

Get your baby’s little brains ready to absorb all manner of new knowledge once it’s school time with this matching/counting game. Kids can learn number recognition and even simple math with this 30 card kit.

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Math Dice

33) Math Dice

Math Dice is a fun teaching tool that can turn your living room into a Vegas gaming floor – except with children running everything and much less booze and tragedy. Ideally, Math Dice will eliminate future math tragedy (or anxiety) altogether, making for more exciting future Vegas trips.

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My First Lab Kit

34) My First Lab Kit

If you’re already shopping for a future scientist, this should be a stop on your trip. This first timer’s lab kit has everything a miniature laboratory needs to perform all the most important experiments; like whose mouth is cleaner, mine or the dogs?

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My First Microscope

35) My First Microscope

Examine all the tiniest specimens with this child size microscope. It might not get to the cellular level of its subjects, but it’s a good start for the young scientist in your life.

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Monkey Math Board Game

36) Monkey Math Board Game

For the math averse, Monkey Math is the fun way to get away from thinking that math is boring, impossible or just plain hard to understand. Sneak it into Sunday game night instead of your usual board games and junior’s math grades may thank you later.

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Gears! Gears! Gears!

37) Gears! Gears! Gears!

Gear playsets just don’t get old, do they? Teaching children the tenets of engineering, science, and math is something that they will benefit from for their whole lives. And the colorful presentation doesn’t hurt.

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Mind Blowing Science Kit

38) Mind Blowing Science Kit

Getting your mind blown is trickier for adults, but man, it is so easy to blow a kid’s mind. For example, this science project kit is literally full of things that are guaranteed to blow your kid’s mind. Can you imagine erupting a purple and acid green volcano as a child? I can, and mind=blown.

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Numbers Placemat Bundle

39) Numbers Placemat Bundle

Learning is always happening- dinnertime included. Make mealtime epic with these math and numbers placemats that encourage kiddos to learn everywhere, all the time.

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Osmo For iPad

40) Osmo For iPad

Osmo is a game system that links real, tangible games to your iPad or tablet to provide thousands of open-source, STEM learning opportunities for children. Spatial negotiation, several scientific disciplines, new tech and simple to advanced math all are games for OSMO.

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41) OzoBot

I hate to repeat myself but seriously, scientists absolutely require a robot butler. OzoBot is the perfect starter robot, at a mere inch, it fits in the palm of your hand. It might not do your bidding, but it will teach coding skills as well as hundreds of other downloadable learning programs.

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Pop Bottle Science

42) Pop Bottle Science

Pop Bottle Science is more than just inflating balloons with soda pop. It also recreates natural disasters on a small scale ie; mini tornadoes, volcanoes, and quicksand in addition to over 70 safe home experiments.

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Primary Bucket Balance

43) Primary Bucket Balance

Pit solid and liquid against each other in order to learn about measuring volume with this balance learning kit. Accurate measuring skills are a crucial skill in scientific exploration, this balance kit will make that skill dynamic and fun to learn.

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Recon Programmable Rover

44) Recon Programmable Rover

Your little explorers can use this rover to explore terrains and learn how to pilot and program. The next interplanetary explorers will likely be navigating with rovers, so get your junior astronauts ready for the future with this cleverly useful toy.

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45) Puzzlets

Puzzlets links with your computer or tablet to create opportunities for learning and fun that go beyond the screen. The Bluetooth enabled play board is made for two players and features several STEM games. Cheers to hands on games that keep the hands off your devices.

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Robot Turtles

46) Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles is the most funded board game in Kickstarter history. It’s inspired by the coding language Logo, and teaches programming fundamentals with colorful cards. Play it with the whole family and you’ll all be programming whiz kids before you know it.

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Science Lab Set

47) Science Lab Set

Don’t leave the toddlers out of the science gifting extravaganza! This set introduces primary science to youngsters with non-toxic color mixing experiments. Miniature mad scientists have never been so cute. Child size lab coats not included.

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Sequence For Kids

48) Sequence For Kids

This family board game is great for little learners who may not have nailed reading skills yet, but can put together sequences of colors, shapes, patterns and numbers. They’ll be color coding you tax files before middle school if you get ’em started early!

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Sick Science Slick Tricks

49) Sick Science Slick Tricks

Magicians are always fun at parties, so why shouldn’t the same be true for scientists? I suppose anyone who has an entertaining trick up their sleeve is fun at a party. So make sure your children are ready for birthday season with these captivating, super easy, party-friendly science tricks.

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Snap Circuits Jr

50) Snap Circuits Jr

This particular snap circuit kit is made with smaller kiddos in mind. If you’ve got an older science aficionado kid who’s biggest fan is their younger sibling, maybe consider gifting the latter child with some science fun of their own. Eventually, they may even be able to collaborate.

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Snap Circuits Light

51) Snap Circuits Light

Let your little researcher create moving light up toys with this snap circuit kit featuring over 150 light up, do it yourself, safe projects. You can even attach it to your music player and watch as your creations light up in time with the music.

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Snap Rover

52) Snap Rover

Your kid could build their own radio controlled rover with this Snap Rover Kit. You could then instruct them to use it to bring you snacks, slippers or pillows. Just a suggestion.

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53) Sphero

Your kiddos can use this app-enabled ball to learn basic coding commands. Make Sphero roll, flip, spin and even change color with a text-based code viewer that can be used to create even more advanced commands.

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Stepping Into Science

54) Stepping Into Science

Step into this science kit that offers experiments for novice scientists in nature, physics, chemistry, air, and water. Featuring 25 experiments and a detailed, illustrated manual, this kit is a great introduction to scientific thinking and the scientific method.

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55) TinkerToys

Generations of tinkerers can’t be wrong! Gift your little architect with the gold standard of building toys and get ready to see some truly spectacular creations. Wherever there are Tinkertoys, windmills, carousels and Ferris wheels won’t be far behind.

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Wooden Trebuchet

56) Wooden Trebuchet

Prepare to launch a hundred mini cannonballs (or grapes, or little rubber balls, or miniature Volkswagen beetles) across your home and/or yard with this DIY wooden trebuchet. Come autumn they’ll be ready to go full size for some well-intentioned pumpkin launching.

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Science Tunnel Track Playset

57) Science Tunnel Track Playset

It’s a tube! For Science! And the kids! Wow, little kids seem really easy to entertain…

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Lava Rock Volcano

58) Lava Rock Volcano

This lava rock volcano has some impressive eruption action. It may not be the most original project at the science fair, but with its custom color lava and rocks, it’ll likely be the most impressive show.

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Weather Station

59) Weather Station

If you live in an area that experiences weather – and I mean storms one minute, clear blue skies the next, sorry Southern California – then your kid will get a kick out of this weather station. This tool will help kiddo learn to predict and identify weather patterns and much more

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Wind Power Turbines

60) Wind Power Turbines

Teach your little ones about alternative energy, namely wind power, with these electricity generating wind turbines. Use this kit to power small appliances, recharge batteries, and learn how eventually we can all move off the grid and use renewable energy efficiently.

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Zoob Builderz Kit

61) Zoob Builderz Kit

Zoob Builderz are unlike any other building toys out there. They feature axles, joints, and gears that all snap easily together to create working items like the Zoobicycle, or the Zoobasaurus.

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62) BeeBot

BeeBot might not have letters. numbers, gears, or snap circuits but it does help small children, toddlers and babies begin to understand the connection between its blinking lights and the arrows on its body. Plus, it’s a very cute toybox addition.

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