48 Wooftastic Gifts For Small & Large Dogs

Get your canine BFF something special to thank them for all their unconditional love.

A lot of us have canine BFFs. Their unwavering loyalty, unconditional love and contagious joy makes them the ultimate companions. Lavishing them with gifts might make them sincerely happy, or they might just be happy to see us with a big smile on our face. We might not ever know what our pups are thinking, but we can probably agree that these 48 gifts will at least wow their owners. And ultimately, that’s who this gift list is for anyway.

Pet Waterer

1) Pet Waterer

This heavy duty water bowl attaches to a hose to provide continuous fresh drinking water for large dogs, medium sheep, typical alpacas, regular llamas and small horses. #squadgoals

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Bacon Bubble Blower

2) Bacon Bubble Blower

Imagine the wild amount of joy a bacon bubble blower inspires in a dog. Floating essence of bacon, bouncing on the wind, exploding at the boop of their wet nose. And since watching dogs chase bubbles on sunny days is quality entertainment, the dog’s people will probably get a kick out it too.

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Benebone Bacon Chew

3) Benebone Bacon Chew

The Benebone bacon dog chew will keep a mouthy pup occupied for hours. And for a dog parent with a noisy dog-child, those hours will be very appreciated.

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Bob A Lot

4) Bob A Lot

This toy holds three cups of dry food, has multiple treat openings and its bobbing action will keep pup very well occupied. It’s great for use it as a training and obedience tool

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Camo Dog Hoodie

5) Camo Dog Hoodie

Keep pup warm and cozy with this campsite-ready camo dog-hoodie. The fleece is perfect for chilly nights by the campfire – and the camo will help pup sneak off with your hot dog.

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Chill Out Doggie Bandanna

6) Chill Out Doggie Bandanna

Dogs overheat quickly, and this bandanna is a great way to combat the heat. Enjoy long summer days on the beach with your canine companion by keeping him cool with this bandanna.

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Chuck It!

7) Chuck It!

All dogs came from wolves. Deep inside each of our dogs is a wild beast, ready to run with the wind. Let that beast make an appearance chasing this ball across the neighborhood park, and avoid handling it after it’s been slobbered on with Chuck It.

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Starbarks Coffee Squeak Toys

8) Starbarks Coffee Squeak Toys

If pup’s parents are coffee-obsessed, the pup has probably picked up on the coffee cup trend. Might as well have a squeaky doggachinno ready for them so they don’t feel left out.

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Dinosaur Hoodie

9) Dinosaur Hoodie

Okay, I know I already said that all our dogs are really just designer wolves, but, look at this little buddy! He is so far removed from wolves that he might as well be a dinosaur. Hence the adorable hoodie.

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Doggie Casino

10) Doggie Casino

This is a smell training toy that can help dog people train their pups to locate truffles, wild game and more. Dogs can gamble on what scents are located in each cup, learning to isolate and identify various smells.

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Doggie Fountain

11) Doggie Fountain

A pup powered doggie fountain is a great addition to the yard of a home with multiple big dogs. Their parents can worry about kibble; let those big lugs water themselves.

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Indoor Freshwater Pet Fountain

12) Indoor Freshwater Pet Fountain

Keeping the dog bowl full of fresh filtered water is a daily chore. Luckily it’s a chore that’s easy to outsource to a cool robot. The PetSafe Drinkwell fountain keeps dogs hydrated with clean running water ie; the best water.

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Everlasting Treat Ball

13) Everlasting Treat Ball

Remember your first Everlasting Gobstopper? What a magical moment; the shiny, round jawbreaker that seemed to go on and on and on, new colors and flavors with every lick – now imagine that experience as a dog. OMG, right?

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Fire Hose Squeak Toy

14) Fire Hose Squeak Toy

For the little hero that rescued you from a dogless life – a genuine fire hose repurposed as an adorable squeak toy.

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Grinz Smiley Ball

15) Grinz Smiley Ball

As if dog smiles weren’t darling enough, this toothy ball makes your precious mutt’s smile into an absurd anthropomorphized fever dream. Perfect for the surrealist dog parent.

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Gulpy Doggie Water Bottle

16) Gulpy Doggie Water Bottle

Jogging with the pooch is that much easier with this little doggie water bottle. It’s great for hikes, picnics and any other outing that requires the family to tote along their own H20.

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Hedgehog Family Squeak Toys

17) Hedgehog Family Squeak Toys

Interactive toys that challenge dogs and keep them engaged are a great treat for both the dog and their people. These hedgehogs on a log are pretty cute, and they’re also available as mice and cheese, and (my fave) chickens in a hut.

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Hide A Squirrel Play Toy

18) Hide A Squirrel Play Toy

Not unlike the hedgehogs and their log, this hide and seek plush toy features doggy’s favorite chase-able rodent, the squirrel. Expect these squirrels to keep pooch busy for hours.

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iBone Squeaky Plush

19) iBone Squeaky Plush

If you buy the Starbarks Coffee squeak toy, then you obviously also have to purchase this iBone squeaky phone toy. If their parents are never without their phone and a coffee, then why should the pup be?

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20) iFetch

With iFetch, Fido can launch his own balls all day long. Which is nice because human arms get tired far faster than dog legs.

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Interactive Treat Ball

21) Interactive Treat Ball

Treat balls that challenge dogs to learn how to access treats are great training tools and also keep active pups happy and busy. This ball will have pup wearing himself out trying to get at the treats within, resulting in a tired, calm, submissive pooch.

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Original KONG

22) Original KONG

What you do with Kong is, you fill it up with peanut butter and let your dog go HAM trying to lick every last morsel out. It works with dry dog treats as well, but it’s not nearly as fun for the audience.

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KONG Flyer

23) KONG Flyer

Kong toys are built to be chewed, ripped at, gnawed, pawed and brutalized in every way a pup can imagine. That’s what makes the Kong Flyer such a great frisbee to play doggie catch with. No matter how many times Spot sinks his jaws into it, it’ll be ready for another throw.

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Newspaper Krinkle Squeak Toy

24) Newspaper Krinkle Squeak Toy

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Dogs love to chew on stuff, and newspapers are no exception. But you can save your Daily Bugle (or Tribune or Times) by providing your pup with a noisy newspaper chew of their very own.

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Lion Mane Dog Wig

25) Lion Mane Dog Wig

If you ever thought, “I’m going to dress my giant dog up like a lion because that’s what my neighborhood needs today” then I commend you. You are why local news exists.

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Nylabone Dura Chew

26) Nylabone Dura Chew

Nylabone Dura Chews are essentially doggie toothbrushes, but with soup bone essence instead of minty freshness. So, if you’re gifting someone who has a dog with exquisitely terrible breath – here ya go.

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Dog Whistle Obedience Kit

27) Dog Whistle Obedience Kit

Dog whistle obedience kits are a humane alternative to shock collar training. Got a friend whose pup needs to get their act together? This gift will be the perfect little, guilt free, training and obedience tool.

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Paw Plunger

28) Paw Plunger

Dirty dog paws track more than just mud across the house. While the rest of the family wipes their feet before entering the house, use this paw plunger to quickly clean dirt and debris from Rover’s paws. Now, everyone can enter the house with nice clean paws.

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Handsome Dog Necktie

29) Handsome Dog Necktie

Got an event on the horizon and your date is your dog? No problem! Black tie affairs can be dog-friendly too with this cute snap on dressy dog collar. Watch out when that tie gets loose, though, dogs love to par-tay.

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30) Doggles

Motorcycle and sidecar not included (but enthusiastically encouraged).

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31) PetChatz

Separation anxiety is an issue for pups and their parents alike, but it can be curved with this video chatting wall mount that enables pets to interact with their people throughout the day in real time. We don’t even care if you think we’re high maintenance; whatever works!

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Plush Pet Apartment

32) Plush Pet Apartment

Nothing but the best for little Fido. A plush pet bed/house that sits comfortably inside the house is a doggie dream. Not every dog was built for outdoor dog houses, this fabulous diva dwelling was made with them in mind.

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McFly Puffy Vest

33) McFly Puffy Vest

Back To The Future Fans; Have you ever wanted, nay – needed – to dress your pooch up like Marty McFly? Of course, you have. That’s why you need this vest, and I’m sorry it doesn’t come with a hoverboard but we’re just not there as a society yet.

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Quack Quack Muzzle

34) Quack Quack Muzzle

Turn a snarling beast into a cute lil quacker with this novelty muzzle. If you know a small barker whose pipes just won’t quit, their parents will very much appreciate this charming way of shutting them up for a bit.

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Ribbed Knit Sweater

35) Ribbed Knit Sweater

Brisk fall and winter days just aren’t the same without a little dog dressed in a festive sweater. That’s seasons 101. This fall, don’t let your pups go cable knit sweaterless. They’ll love the attention and you’ll love how precious they look.

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Scent Training Puzzle

36) Scent Training Puzzle

Get puppers scent trained early and reap the rewards for the rest of their life. Train them to find specific plants, animals, and more. And the bright inviting colors of this puzzle make it a cute addition to Fido’s toy basket

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Shark Bed

37) Shark Bed

Do these come in adult sizes? If they do I want one for every member of my family. Including my pets.

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Slow Feeder

38) Slow Feeder

For overweight dogs or dogs that eat too quickly resulting in stomach issues, the slow feeder presents their food in a maze of grooves and hills, making mealtime into an interactive, rewards-based puzzle.

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Football Squeak Toy

39) Football Squeak Toy

Prerequisite dog toy numero uno – the squeaky football. If you know of a dog that is currently living without this dog toy, it’s your duty to purchase this item and gift it to said dog. Never let another pup go without a squeaky football. Never.

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Super Tugger Toy

40) Super Tugger Toy

Finally, a tug toy that won’t tear a person’s arm out of their socket. Strap this tug toy to the nearest sturdy tree and let Spot tug to their hearts content. No more shoulder pain for doggie parents, unlimited tug time for pupper – everyone wins (except maybe the tree).

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Superhero Dog Costume

41) Superhero Dog Costume

Whether they’re marching in the annual Halloween pet parade, attending ComicCon with their squad of superfriends or just lounging around in their plush, pet condo, every comic book nerd’s dog should have at least one superhero costume.

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Bazook-9 Tennis Ball Launcher

42) Bazook-9 Tennis Ball Launcher

For large dogs that are most joyous when they are running full speed, this toy will give them something to return after that healthy dash.

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43) Thundershirt

Anxious pups can find relief from extra stressful situations like loud storms and fireworks with the Thundershirt. It straps Fido up providing constant gentle pressure, keeping pup feeling safe and calm. It has an over 80% success rate, so don’t hesitate to gift this to a timid pooch.

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Tire Ball Chew Toy

44) Tire Ball Chew Toy

Dog jaws can get the workout of their lives with this sturdy rubber tire chew toy. Bonus; it makes a variety of animal sounds, so your dog can imagine he’s actually gnawing on a loud chicken or mooing cow.

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Wooden Luxury Doghouse

45) Wooden Luxury Doghouse

When the luxury plush pet condo isn’t quite enough for your pampered pooch, the only house that will do is probably this wood craft doghouse with a rooftop lounge. Snoopy’s happy feet would be dancing up a dust storm if he saw this beauty.

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Yellow Duck Squeak Toy

46) Yellow Duck Squeak Toy

Not every dog is a great hunter. For those that lack in tracking skills, they can make up for their ancestral shortfalls by toting this squeaky yellow duck around. Hey, if you can’t be a fierce hunter, be a cutie patootie.

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Yellow Doggie Raincoat

47) Yellow Doggie Raincoat

Dogs need those daily walks, rain or shine. However, nobody is bottling the scent of wet dogs, because that smell is terrible. Hence the doggie slicker; it’ll keep Rover dry during rainy day walks and prevent your home from smelling like moist dog musk.

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Zogoflex Tug O War Toy

48) Zogoflex Tug O War Toy

Try as they might, even the strongest jawed canine will (probably) never tear this rubberized tugging toy in two. Between this and the tugger that attaches to a tree, you can cover all your tug-toy bases in one swoop.

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