43 Impressive Gifts For Architects & Engineers

Inspire their next great design with one of these ingenious gifts!

Gifts For Architects & Engineers

How do you impress the brainy overachievers in your life? Let us suggest some truly cerebral gift ideas that will give every enthusiastic thinker something to celebrate. From the mathletes to the science fair champs to the national merit scholars, this list has a little something for each intellectual on your gift list. So strap in all you architecture enthusiasts and engineering aficionados; we've found a bunch of perfect somethings just for you.

The 3Doodler

1) The 3Doodler

Create amazing 3D renderings of all your designs with this next-level design tool. Multicolor, multidimensional models are easy to create and display for every 3D designer. The future is here, and it's so cool.

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101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

2) 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

Ever wanted to send someone to architecture school but maybe you lack the funds? Just send them this book - they may decide this book is tantamount to several years of school, and they might learn everything they need to know. Maybe...

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Modern Bird Feeder

3) Modern Bird Feeder

Design everywhere! Why settle for a basic slat wood birdfeeder when you can have this piece of structural art hanging from your balcony? It's perfect for the ultra modern home - and will complement a minimal millennial design.

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Architect Workspace Watch

4) Architect Workspace Watch

When you need a constant reminder of not just the time but also to neaten up your workspace, this is the watch for you.

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Architect's Watch

5) Architect's Watch

Every time an architect looks at their watch they can be reminded of the life choices that led them to where they are. So make sure you get this for someone who is happy and satisfied with their life choices.

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Binary Clock

6) Binary Clock

We get it, you're crazy smart. I mean, at a certain point you're just showing off.

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Blueprint Bow Tie

7) Blueprint Bow Tie

Work hard and look sharp with this sleek blueprint bowtie. Pair it with the triangle cufflinks so everyone you meet knows you mean business - architecture and engineering business.

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Blueprint Luminaries

8) Blueprint Luminaries

The most auspicious house on the block will, of course, have a pathway lit with blueprint luminaries. Yes, you can tell unknowing folks that the blueprints are of your house of office, we won't blow your cover.

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Blueprint Mug

9) Blueprint Mug

When you're looking at blueprints all day, you might as well really be looking at blueprints all day. Keep this mug at the office or on the job site so at some point you can stop looking at blueprints all day.

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Blueprint Paperweight

10) Blueprint Paperweight

If your office is already littered with the crumpled remains of sample blueprints, why not add to the fray and start decorating with them? This will serve a purpose, however, unlike the litter cluttering your workspace.

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Laser Measure

11) Laser Measure

Laser measures ensure true results. Eliminating human error is a daily task for anyone primarily working with figures, angles and numbers. Make their life a little easier.

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Bronze Sextant

12) Bronze Sextant

This gorgeous bronze sextant was modeled after the same sextants used by mariners and surveyors to calculate latitude and longitude. Exploration would have been nigh impossible without this tool. Pay homage with this replica.

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Conversion Calculator

13) Conversion Calculator

A must in every engineer's toolbox is the conversion calculator. I'm sure people can do coordinate geometry in their heads, but why spend the brain power when you can use this little beauty?

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Messograf Caliper Pen

14) Messograf Caliper Pen

This caliper pen is a multitool that boasts a caliper rule, tire tread gauge, ruler, thread scale and writing pen. The ultimate multi-tool for the engineer on the go!

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Alessi Juicer

15) Alessi Juicer

This is the most architectural countertop juicer that has ever existed. Your architect buddies who also love a good glass of fresh squeezed OJ obviously need it as soon as possible.

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Cinder Block Magnets

16) Cinder Block Magnets

Cinder blocks may not seem like an ostentatious design element, but they do possess a certain cultivated aesthetic. Also, heavy cinder blocks as magnets, just hanging effortlessly from your fridge- that's comedy right there.

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Desktop Magnifier

17) Desktop Magnifier

A desktop magnifier is crucial for examining the detailed notes of extensive blueprints. Keep your architect pal's eyes from straining with this thoughtful gift.

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Diamond Whiskey Glass

18) Diamond Whiskey Glass

This is the whiskey glass you want to fill when you need something to sip while you gaze at your modern bird feeder. They really do just go together.

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Digital Tape Measure

19) Digital Tape Measure

Digital tape measures take the analog experience of measuring and bring it into sharp focus. Detailed readings of measurements are vital to engineering and 3d design. Don't let your old-school tape measure keep your designs from being all they can be.

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Engineer's Bag

20) Engineer's Bag

Every hard working architect/engineer can stash all their goods in this smart messenger bag. It's got compartments for all the rulers, pencils, documents and hardware their work requires.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Business Card Holder

21) Frank Lloyd Wright Business Card Holder

Pay homage to superstar architect Frank Lloyd Wright with this smart business card holder. It will surely impress all other design and architecture nerds, and if it doesn't impress them, they aren't nerds.

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Good At Math T Shirt

22) Good At Math T Shirt

Well, at least you can read a binary clock. That's something most of the population can attest to having no idea how to do. So what if you're spelling is atrocious.

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Leather Document Tube

23) Leather Document Tube

Document tubes are an everyday essential when your work requires great, detailed designs. Spare no expense toting around your hard work with this stately leather document tube.

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Architecture Lego Set

24) Architecture Lego Set

Is it safe to say engineering, architecture, and legos all go hand in hand in hand? I think yes. This Lego set is geared toward older aficionados but is appropriate for younger enthusiasts as well.

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Level Cufflinks

25) Level Cufflinks

These cufflinks feature actual functioning levels. I suppose you never know when you're going to need to hang a door, build a wall or plane a board, even when you're wearing french cuffs.

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Mansion Planter

26) Mansion Planter

Aspiring architects can gaze on this mansion planter and think about all the glorious designs in their future. Which may include the occasional mansion, or two...

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Mathematical Formulas Mug

27) Mathematical Formulas Mug

Math enthusiasts will delight in this mug that challenges their aptitude while they take their first morning sips. Because when math is your life, it's never too early for deduction.

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Math Clock

28) Math Clock

If this was in my office I would spend all day wondering what the heck time it was. This is not a clock for me, a list writer. This is a clock for a mathematician. Do with that info what you will

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Miniature Concrete Homes

29) Miniature Concrete Homes

This miniature concrete village is a scale model, a game, a maze, a puzzle and a decorative item. Like, I said, engineers can find multiple uses for pretty much everything.

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Oblika Wooden Block Puzzle

30) Oblika Wooden Block Puzzle

Take a break from designing and engineering with this brain-stimulating puzzle. Made from laser cut, etched wood, this puzzle will shake loose any mental roadblocks that may keep you from excelling.

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Obsessive Cutting Board

31) Obsessive Cutting Board

When the dynamic thinking that occupies their waking hours creeps into the kitchen, this obsessive cutting board will make food prep a little less harrowing - and having every cut/slice/dice be precise will be a gift in itself.

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Palette Coasters

32) Palette Coasters

Coasters are a necessary household item; these clever palette coasters make the lifting and stacking of drinks easier, though we don't necessarily recommend such activities.

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Perpetual Calendars

33) Perpetual Calendars

Good design means the creation of something that won't require replacement. Hence the perpetual calendar. It's about time someone improved on the wall hanging decorative paper calendars of old.

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Satellite Bowl

34) Satellite Bowl

A satellite bowl is a great design element to introduce into a modern, minimally decorated space. Fill it with apples, bananas, or crumpled up blueprints. Your call.

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Robotic Arm

35) Robotic Arm

This robotic arm will impress anyone that ever walks into your workshop, even if you just use it to feed you Cheetos. Which, by the way, is a totally admirable way to use this gift.

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Rubik's Cube Mug

36) Rubik's Cube Mug

Tell the world you are way too smart to drink out of a common mug. Even your coffee requires a high level of deciphering - you are an engineer.

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Triangle Ruler Cufflinks

37) Triangle Ruler Cufflinks

When every accessory absolutely, positively, must be a callback to your career/hobby, only the best triangle ruler cufflinks will do. These are lovely and will look sharp with the blueprint bowtie listed above.

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Sneakiest Uses For Everyday Things

38) Sneakiest Uses For Everyday Things

Engineers know that everything has multiple uses. And I mean everything. If there was ever an odd use for an everyday item that they missed, this book caught it, so get this book and make sure your engineer pals are getting the most out of their stuff.

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Stainless Steel Sharpie

39) Stainless Steel Sharpie

This is the sharpie that makes all other sharpies look like crayons. It is easily the most adult version of a sharpie that exists; a fine pen with all the quality you expect from the leading maker of thick markers.

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Stacked Bolt Pencil Holder

40) Stacked Bolt Pencil Holder

If your world is already littered with nuts, bolts and the like, you might be an engineer. Embrace it and start decorating your office with them.

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Wobble Chess Set

41) Wobble Chess Set

Chess playing design enthusiasts will appreciate this wobble chess set for both its sleek design and its clever construction. Whoa, there goes your Bishop! Whoa, there goes your Knight. Whoa, everything wobbles!

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Zippered Pencil Pouch

42) Zippered Pencil Pouch

Everyone whose work demands the constant presence of a pencil requires a zippered pencil bag. That's pencil carrying 101. Don't let your pencil users go without a smart protector lest they lose a thousand graphite tips.

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Notre Dame Cathedral Pop-Up Card

43) Notre Dame Cathedral Pop-Up Card

Notre Dame is arguably the best example of Gothic architecture in the world. Show the architect in your life that you actually know a fact or two about classic buildings yourself with this clever pop-up card that truly does the French cathedral justice (in paper form).

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