36 Totally Rad Gifts For College Students

Higher learning vs day drinking and sleeping in.

Gifts For College Students
Are you or someone you know preparing for the great adventure of higher learning? Well, get ready to do some drinking (probably). Growing up begins in college. Parental supervision is minimal, experimentation is encouraged and everyone is simultaneously as smart and as stupid as they’ll ever be. What I’m saying is there’s more to college than book learning’ – there’s also a herculean amount of partying. These gifts will appeal to both your studious side and your wild side in equal parts. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY!

52 Things To Do While You Poo

1) 52 Things To Do While You Poo

Being an adult means choosing any bathroom reading material you like. May we suggest this multitasking tome that suggests toilet time be activity rich rather than just, well, toilet time.

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Microwave Pasta Cooker

2) Microwave Pasta Cooker

When the only cooking tool at your disposal is a microwave, you have to get creative with your meals. With this handy pasta cooker, nutritious meals are actually doable.

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Foldable Aluminum Desk

3) Foldable Aluminum Desk

When there is a limited amount of living space, items like this folding aluminum desk are absolute necessities. Fold it up and stash it when it's dance party time, and simply unfold it over your lap while you lounge in bed when it's time for cramming.

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Beer Can Covers

4) Beer Can Covers

While we don't endorse drinking under the guise of soda sipping, we can't stop you from living your best life. So here ya go. Chug pretty much anywhere - just don't rip any massive beer burps or you're going to blow your cover.

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Portable Speaker

5) Portable Speaker

When your entire life needs to fit in one-half of a small dorm room, a small Bluetooth speaker like this is a necessity. You can tote it to the park or the lawn of the quad, but make sure your roommate doesn't get away with it.

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Mobile Breathalyzer

6) Mobile Breathalyzer

Avoid getting behind the wheel after imbibing. Driving drunk isn't cool ever, even if you're under the legal limit. HOWEVER, this is one of the funnest party toys you can bring to a frat. Hand down.

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Candy Care Package

7) Candy Care Package

My parents sent me care packages constantly while I was in school. They were always amazing but they were never just full of candy. I think I would have really liked it if they sometimes were.

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Cards Against Humanity

8) Cards Against Humanity

Too young to visit the off-campus bar, too old for a night of Apples to Apples? Try your hand at being horrible with Cards Against Humanity. Honestly, this game will never be funnier than it is when you're 18-22.

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Cube Timer

9) Cube Timer

Time just how fast your ramen cooker cooks noodles or time your study sessions - whatever your priorities are. This miracle timer sets by resting the cube with the desired time facing up - 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Perfect for study and/or homework sessions.

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Custom Pet Pillow

10) Custom Pet Pillow

You CAN bring your beloved pet with you to college! This pillow might not fill the space in your heart that Fido or Patches does, but as far as alternatives, it's right up there with a water garden beta fish.

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Desktop Basketball

11) Desktop Basketball

Blow off some steam with this desktop basketball toy. It features a hardwood alley, a ball launcher, and return. It's a very sophisticated alternative to the notebook paper football you played in High School.

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Drumstick Ballpoint Pens

12) Drumstick Ballpoint Pens

If you're going to spend all class drumming with your Ticonderoga, you might as well level up to an actual drumstick and an actual pen.

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Hot Dog & Bun Toaster

13) Hot Dog & Bun Toaster

You'll be the most popular resident of your dorm once you reveal this hot dog/bun cooker. Yes, you can totally live on hot dogs, but only for the years you spend in college - granted you only plan to spend a year or two there.

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The Hungoevr Cookbook

14) The Hungoevr Cookbook

Put your microwave pasta cooker to good use with this book full of recipes for the exceptionally hungover. You've got another couple of years of binge drinking with minuscule consequence; soon enough two beers will ruin you. Enjoy.

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iPhone Case Multitool

15) iPhone Case Multitool

The McGyver of the resident hall (if you don't know who they are, it's probably you) will revel in the multiple uses this incognito iPhone case provides - lighter, bottle opener, and camera stand.

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16) Kindle

Kindle features a library feature that allows a user to check out the books of their choice - essential for the student with the herculean reading list.

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Lap Desk

17) Lap Desk

Lap Desks are such a great tool for folks who spend an inordinate amount of time on their laptops but lack an office/standard desk, ie college students. Never suffer the indignity of "hot-lap" again with this easy breezy lap desk.

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Magnetic Bottle Opener/Cap Catcher

18) Magnetic Bottle Opener/Cap Catcher

Are bottle caps littering the dorm room floor? That's gross. This magnetic opener is wall mounted and magnetized to catch the bottle caps before they can find their way under someone's drunk, bare foot.

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Sound Canceling Earbuds

19) Sound Canceling Earbuds

Sound cancelling earbuds are far more discreet than headphones that boast the same sound muffling qualities. These will fit in your schoolbag far easier.

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Pepper Spray

20) Pepper Spray

Campus crime is something every student should be prepared for. Stay ready with this discrete pepper spray module that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

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Rapid Ramen Cooker

21) Rapid Ramen Cooker

Ramen is a pretty great meal if you know your stuff. Get to the fun part of ramen bowl creation with this cooker that cuts cooking time in half.

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101 Things To Do With Ramen

22) 101 Things To Do With Ramen

Looking for something to compliment your new Rapid Ramen Cooker? Check out these 101 recipes that will make your boring top ramen into something genuinely restaurant worthy.

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Red Cup Shot Glasses

23) Red Cup Shot Glasses

When other countries think of American Colleges, they think of these red cups. They are pretty ubiquitous; at this point, we should probably just go with it.

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Breakfast Sandwich Cooker

24) Breakfast Sandwich Cooker

If you can only have a select few appliances in your dorm, this multipurpose cooking tool is an easy choice. I saw someone use this on Cutthroat Kitchen to make a quiche lorraine so, you've got options beyond egg muffins.

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Shot Darts

25) Shot Darts

Shot darts takes two fun pastimes and doubles your drinking fun. Aim to take a shot or aim to avoid one, I suppose it depends on what you consider a good time.

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Beer Pong Cups

26) Beer Pong Cups

These specially designed beer pong cups keep the ping pong balls from soiling the booze by keeping the ball on a small shelf above the booze. As if that were an issue avid beer pongers struggle with.

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Sunlight Clock Lamp

27) Sunlight Clock Lamp

Don't let seasonal affective disorder affect your time in college. This clock lamp replicates sunlight and supplies its user with some much-needed vitamin D. Perfect for the California student doing their undergraduate work in Upstate New York in fall.

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Sunscreen Flasks

28) Sunscreen Flasks

Stealth drinking is just a part of College. But if you're spring breaking in a place with strict open container laws you'll find these sunscreen bottle flask dupes pretty handy.

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Freshman Survival Guide

29) Freshman Survival Guide

Breathe, you're going to be okay. Adulthood, true adulthood, is still a few years off. In the meantime, this guide will help you adjust to life away from home.

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Messenger Bag

30) Messenger Bag

This bag is not only equipped to handle all the accessories of higher education, it has a great reputation for being able to stand up to rough daily use.

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Travel Mug

31) Travel Mug

This cup is going to get a lot of mileage. Caffeine fuels everyone's college life, students and teachers alike, so make sure you've got a travel mug that's up to the challenge.

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Ultra Thin Laptop Bag

32) Ultra Thin Laptop Bag

This sleek, ultra thin backpack actually fits comfortably under your jacket. Between this backpack, your laptop, and a new Kindle, you'll never lug around a hunchback full of reading material again.

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USB Multi-Port Hub

33) USB Multi-Port Hub

Multi-port USB hubs are essential for the student who relies on tech accessories like Wacom Tablets, external drives, and thumb drives. This solid model will ensure they have a port for each of their gadgets.

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Water Garden

34) Water Garden

Rover and Tiger might not be allowed in the dorm, but you can probably get away with this delicate water garden featuring a beta buddy to spill your guts to late at night after a harrowing week of final exams.

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White Castle Candle

35) White Castle Candle

If you're missing the smell of home and you happen to have grown in up in the kitchen of a busy White Castle boy have we got a gift idea for you.

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Wingman Shot Glass

36) Wingman Shot Glass

Ridiculous shot glasses are prerequisites for college party life. This one enables you to go literal shot for shot with the enabler of your choosing. I imagine it's super adorable to watch swole frat bros use this.

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