27 Brilliant Gifts For Librarians (+5 Bonus Gift Ideas!)

There’s more to life than books, you know, but not much more…

Shopping for librarians is the best! I mean, you could be totally obvious and buy the bibliophiles in your life (more) books, but where’s the fun in that? Hello – they can check out all the books they want! Personally, I think you should give them gifts that remind them how much they love their literary careers. And if said gift advertises that fact to the world, all the better.

I Like Big Books Tote Bag

1) I Like Big Books Tote Bag

When you like big books, never feel inclined to lie, regardless of who tries to deny. If you’re hooked and you can’t stop staring (at books) this is the tote for you, the above average (library) groupie.

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Banned Books Mug

2) Banned Books Mug

Banned Book Week comes every year. Celebrate the literary equivalent of the Day of the Dead with this classic works of banned literature mug. Contemplate how far we’ve come as a literate society and how inflammable modern ceramics are.

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Time for Books Wall Clock

3) Time for Books Wall Clock

When books are your life, it’s always time for reading. Not quite mealtime? Read. Approaching sleep time? Read. Just wondering what time it is? It’s time to read.Why even pretend like there’s anything else you’d rather be doing?

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Antiqued Book Tissue Holder

4) Antiqued Book Tissue Holder

For the person who has never read a romance, adventure or, frankly, any novel without shedding many tears, this tissue box is the perfect gift. Eat your heart out Louis L’Amoure, we’re ready for you (sniff, sniff, SOB).

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Calligraphy Kit

5) Calligraphy Kit

Encourage the love of letters with this inclusive calligraphy kit and expect the loveliest thank you note you have ever received. You might even get a few elegantly scripted love letters if you play your cards right.

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Bookshelf Cat Blanket

6) Bookshelf Cat Blanket

There’s a lot of crossover on the cat ladies and book ladies Venn diagram, so chances are you know someone that would cherish this blanket. In fact, that person is likely staring a very familiar scene right this minute; ie their cat + books.

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Codify Pen Holder

7) Codify Pen Holder

Simple, elegant design makes this pen holder a classy addition to any librarian’s desk. They can organize all their desk supplies, making it that much easier to be a focused, library scientist.

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Daisy Pen Cup

8) Daisy Pen Cup

This fancy little pen and pencil cup will definitely class up the desk of your favorite librarian without being too braggy about it. And if they want to be braggy the gilded edges give this holder just the right amount of scholarly bling.

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Library Card Phone Cover

9) Library Card Phone Cover

Keeping track of an entire library’s worth of books takes herculean effort. Maybe keeping this library card cover on their phone will remind them to return/collect any overdue books. As if they needed reminding.

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Edgar Allen Poe Scented Soy Candle

10) Edgar Allen Poe Scented Soy Candle

The goth librarian in your life will love this Edgar Allan Poe inspired candle with bittersweet notes of cardamom, absinthe & sandalwood. Its fragrance is second only to musty, old books.

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A Tale Of Two Cities Writing Gloves

11) A Tale Of Two Cities Writing Gloves

These writing gloves are the perfect accessory for the avid writer, but are equally useful for the turning of book pages or swiping of kindle screens. They are look great re-shelving books.

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Go Away, I’m Reading Sign

12) Go Away, I’m Reading Sign

Nothing pairs with a good book like silence, and maybe a glass of red wine. For the solitary bibliophile, this sign will ensure their reading nook remains shenanigan free, just like they deserve.

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When In Doubt..Wall Clock

13) When In Doubt..Wall Clock

Your librarian friends know that it is always either library time or night time. There is no in-between. If there is any doubt about the time – they can refer to this clock. And if the doubt persists, better get to the library.

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I love Libraries Desk Lamp

14) I love Libraries Desk Lamp

After a long day of the Dewey Decimal System, nothing beats curling up with a good book. When they have to read their own books in their own home, they can at least be reminded of where their heart is. Spoiler alert; it’s the library.

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Kate Spade Inscribed Pencils

15) Kate Spade Inscribed Pencils

These very cute pencils with very cute bon mots will delight the lover of words in your life. Filling out library cards is pretty stylish when you’ve got designer pencils like these. Spell it out indeed!

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Librarian Charm Bracelet

16) Librarian Charm Bracelet

An adorable charm bracelet is a lovely way to decorate the wrist of a person who lives to turn pages. It’s the perfect amount of jangle; just enough to be magical, but not enough to disturb any library patrons

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Librarian Book Bag

17) Librarian Book Bag

For the discerning lover of children’s literature, is there a more delightful way to carry books than in a bag decorated with classic children’s books of the 19th and 20th centuries? I don’t think so!

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Library Card Coasters

18) Library Card Coasters

When librarians cut lose, their party favors can still represent their highly organized, professionally bookish lifestyle. These coasters say, “put me under a cocktail” but will be equally charming under a glass of warm milk.

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Library Card Canvas Sneakers

19) Library Card Canvas Sneakers

A comfy pair of white canvas sneakers is a necessary component of most wardrobes, but these library card printed sneakers are special; they are custom made for the truly bookish. These should be standard issue for every librarian.

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Novelty Library Cards

20) Novelty Library Cards

These retro-inspired library cards make great party invites, stationary, or craft inspiration. Of course, they could also be used to track one’s own personal book collection, something the librarian in us all can appreciate.

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Library Embosser

21) Library Embosser

Your librarian pals can make every book their own – forever – with this personalized page embosser. For anyone who lends from their own library or collects rare volumes, this gift is a must have. Besides, embossing is so impressive (zing!).

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Magnetic Poetry Kit

22) Magnetic Poetry Kit

Some of the best modern poetry can be found on the refrigerator doors of literary enthusiasts. Make sure the lovers of letters in your life are equipped to emote on the magnetic surfaces of their homes as well. You never know, you could be supplying the tools for the next great poetic masterpiece.

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Notebook Paper Tee

23) Notebook Paper Tee

This super-comfy fitted tee looks as if it was torn from the pages of a loose leaf notebook. Thankfully, there are no frayed edges to worry about. What better way to celebrate the potential of language than by celebrating the blank page?

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Paperback Fragrance

24) Paperback Fragrance

The smell of aged paper is intoxicating for true bibliophiles. But you can’t lay around with an old book over your face all day. Luckily, this fragrance has pleasing notes of violet and potpourri that add a sweetness to the must of vintage first editions.

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Pencil Flats

25) Pencil Flats

From their head to their toes, they can let the world know just how devoted to reading and writing they are with these super-cute doppelganger-pencil shoes. These pop-art style flats are stylish, comfy, and will look great strolling the library aisles.

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Personal Library Kit

26) Personal Library Kit

They’ll never lose a book again thanks to this personal library kit. Making their personal collection into their very own lending library is much easier with the accountability this package creates.

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Pineapple Pencil/Pen Holder

27) Pineapple Pencil/Pen Holder

The posh librarian in your life absolutely needs this whimsical golden pineapple pen cup. Fill it with gold pens to complete the gilded, tropical look, but they should be prepared to protect their pens, this holder practically demands they be shared.

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Reading Journal

28) Reading Journal

Consider the gift of taking notes for book club, logging favorite titles or just jotting down very intellectual and literary notes with this lovely hardcover reading journal. Perhaps it will get published one day and you’ll be able to take partial credit for its success.

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Reading Kitty Figurine

29) Reading Kitty Figurine

If you’re gifting someone who often finds themselves in this exact position, lounging with good book (with the addition of a lap kitty) this resin figurine might just be the perfect thing.

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Transparent Paper Weight

30) Transparent Paper Weight

This clear page holder is actually great for use in the kitchen with cookbooks, or in the studio with instruction manuals, or for any other possibly messy activity that requires reading.

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Vintage Whale Bookends

31) Vintage Whale Bookends

Melville fans will swoon over these vintage inspired whale bookends. They might not be modeled after the titular character in Moby Dick, but the charming smile makes up for any lost literary cache.

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Wicked Witch Bookmark

32) Wicked Witch Bookmark

Ding dong the witch is dead, and she’s hanging halfway out of your favorite book. Ruby red slippers keep your place and remind you of the one of the greatest children’s novels of all time. There’s no place like home (or the library)!

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