25 Genderless Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Are Exceptionally Clever

Thinking outside the gender binary has never been so adorable

Why should all the glittery, pastel goods go to girls, and likewise, why should all boys be relegated to sports, military or construction themed items? Times are changing, and the era of a stark gender binary is thankfully coming to an end – boys can like kitchen toys, and girls can like cars, and that’s okay! Get in front of history by choosing gifts that are great for boys, girls and gender non-conforming kids!

Slouchy Black and White Baby Set

1) Slouchy Black and White Baby Set

Perfect for boys and girls, this black and white set goes a long way to stimulate baby’s vision. Research has shown that newborns respond positively to sharply contrasting colors. Plus it really makes coordinating an outfit much easier.

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Blooming Baby Bathtub

2) Blooming Baby Bathtub

Bathtime knows no gender – all babies get filthy! This adorable blooming bathtub is soft, plush and fits in most sinks. The vinyl undersides make cleanup easy, even if washing a wiggling baby is less than.

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Nature Themed Burp Cloths

3) Nature Themed Burp Cloths

An undervalued tool in the new parent toolkit is a stack of burp cloths. They are multipurpose, portable, and can be a very cute addition to the baby bag. These nature themed cloths are as adorable as they are useful.

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Classic Muslin Swaddle

4) Classic Muslin Swaddle

Swaddle blankets are another necessity that new babies can’t really have enough of. They can double as burp cloths, changing pads and in extreme case, baby wipes (ugh, I know). Eventually they may even graduate to blankie status.

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Custom Storybooks

5) Custom Storybooks

For a gift that will keep for years, you can’t miss with a customized storybook starring baby. There are many different options for stories, images and more. The hardcovers ensure they will age well, so the little one can actually read them themselves one day!

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Custom Nameplate Puzzles

6) Custom Nameplate Puzzles

Promote learning, dexterity, and self confidence with these cute multicolored custom nameplate puzzles. The parental units can display the puzzle on a high shelf until the little one can be trusted the with smaller pieces.

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Custom Superhero Soft Doll

7) Custom Superhero Soft Doll

Every baby needs a version of their parents as superheros to go on madcap adventures with! These soft designs feature removable masks and capes so their secret identities can be protected. Doppelgangers have never been so precious!

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Baby Bandanna Drool Bibs

8) Baby Bandanna Drool Bibs

This year every cool baby is sporting baby bandannas. They’re an adorable addition to baby’s outfit and they serve a really practical purpose – collecting drool! The best part; they are available in countless colors, patterns and styles!

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Counting Sheep Felt Mobile

9) Counting Sheep Felt Mobile

Before they can count sheep they can gaze on this sweet mobile, featuring a baby sheep in the clouds. This handmade, one-of-a-kind item is one of many truly inspired mobiles made by Love Felt Mobiles.

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Crocheted Foxy Baby Booties

10) Crocheted Foxy Baby Booties

Keep those little tootsies toasty with these handmade, crochet booties – just like grandma makes, but on trend. The loose knit means they’ll stretch with growing feet and stay breathable with or without socks. If only these came in adult sizes…

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Hide and Squeak Eggs

11) Hide and Squeak Eggs

These cute little eggs are essential tactile learning tools. Toys such as these foster spacial understanding, problem solving and, most importantly, are super fun.

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House White Onesie

12) House White Onesie

Truer words… If you’re a fan of the novelty onesie this is about as tongue-in-cheek as it gets. Even if you don’t have a baby, this joke will never ever get old. It’s literally true every 3 hours of the first year of their life.

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Little Lamb Spa Robe

13) Little Lamb Spa Robe

This miniature spa robe is a perfectly plush and cushy was to spoil your little baby. We all know there’s few things better than stepping out of a soothing, lavender scented flower shaped bathtub that fits in a kitchen sink and draping a velvety robe over your freshly washed shoulders.

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Soft Mountain Mobile

14) Soft Mountain Mobile

This darling handmade mobile brings snow capped mountain majesty to any nursery. Perfect for fostering outdoor enthusiasm early; they’ll be dreaming about summiting peaks before they can walk!

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Wooden Snail Pull Toy

15) Wooden Snail Pull Toy

The articulated neck of this adorable pull toy will mesmerize little ones until they’re old enough to pull the whole snail along behind them. The wooden body is a great in a pinch as a teether, but, frankly, that could be said for most baby toys.

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Rainbow Wooden Ring Stacker

16) Rainbow Wooden Ring Stacker

Baby’s first logic toy, the multicolored ring stacker, is a total necessity. The standard stacking tower challenges babies to try new ways of arranging the wooden rings in addition to being made of soft alderwood – perfect for baby’s tender gums as teeth begin to emerge.

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Sort A Shape House

17) Sort A Shape House

Another simple logic game, this toy is standard issue in every new baby’s household. As a gift, it’s thoughtful – it’ll outlast most onesies, booties and caps – and practical. Encouraging learning in fun, colorful ways is always gender neutral.

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Kid-O Squirrel Pull Toy

18) Kid-O Squirrel Pull Toy

If the little-fox crocheted booties tickled your fancy, you’re going to love gifting this foxy pull toy. It might be worth it just for the little nut the squirrel pushes along in front of himself. We need a new word because adorable isn’t enough for this little buddy.

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Rainbow Stacking Bowls

19) Rainbow Stacking Bowls

Rainbow stacking toys are always a win – but these bad boys can be taken into the bathtub which knocks them up a notch on the giftability scale. They also provide lots of interesting ways to experiment with stacking. Parents will love playing with these too!

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Stroller/Carseat Traveling Duo

20) Stroller/Carseat Traveling Duo

For every baby that falls asleep as soon as the car or stroller starts rolling, there are 5 babies that simply detest being strapped in their “adventure chair.” These handy dandy dangley toys occupy baby enough to make car rides much easier and more manageable for the driver (bless their soul)

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Wild Things Matching Onesie and Leggings

21) Wild Things Matching Onesie and Leggings

The classic Where The Wild Things Are may have a male protagonist, but that doesn’t mean all kids don’t want to run with wild things! This cute legging and onesie combo is only missing a gold foil crown.

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Wood and Terrycloth Teethers

22) Wood and Terrycloth Teethers

The wooden rings are perfect for gnawing, but the real value in these teethers are the attached terrycloth bunny ears. When soaked in chamomile and left in the freezer overnight they become the soothing cure for a teething baby’s sore gums.

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Musical Sleepy Mouse

23) Musical Sleepy Mouse

This friendly multi-tasker is a gentle nightlight, a dangley crib toy and a player of soft lullabies. Perhaps the best feature of this toy is that it’s as fun for babies as it is for toddlers; it lives crib-side until the wee one is old enough to cuddle it.

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Sort and Discover Activity Cube

24) Sort and Discover Activity Cube

With lots of tactile experiences for tiny hands, this gift is more than just a cute noisemaker – it’s a learning tool that builds hand eye coordination, self awareness and, most importantly, lots of baby giggles.

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Piano Activity Center

25) Piano Activity Center

Light shows, bouncy music and lots of buttons, mirrors and slow moving characters make this a choice gift for little humans. It’s engaging, dynamic and in the eyes of a little baby, it’s basically the ultimate multimedia fireworks show.

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