23 Amazing Gifts For Boys Who Love All Things Construction

Encourage your little carpenters, engineers, makers and builders.

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Before the little builder in your life gets his or her hands on a real hammer, screwdriver or handsaw, teach them basic safety skills with these fun construction themed gifts. These toys make every day an opportunity for construction cosplay, engineering entertainment, and building beguilement. Before you know it you’ll have the next Frank Lloyd Wright on your hands – and that’s an aspiration worth framing out.
When your little person’s bedroom is decorated to resemble a construction site, there is literally no better nightlight. For parents, it’s also a great tool for finding miniature backhoes that have been shoved under the couch.
Keep your little builder’s noggin safe and sound with this play hard hat. This should be required for all kids, regardless of whether or not they love construction.
When your little buddy starts showing an interest in building and construction, these Click A Brick blocks will give them something positive to focus that energy on. Each set creates a bulldozer, a backhoe, a helicopter and a crane so your kiddo can build the things that build the things!
This simple book-bag/backpack declares to the world, “I want to build it all!” When your kid’s life revolves around backhoes and dump trucks, this is the backpack to wear over the orange safety vest. It also sits nicely above a miniature tool belt, FYI.
Make mealtimes epic for your builder in training. This construction site placemat will keep junior occupied during dinner, and maybe give them some inspiration for their next big lego project. Hey, some kids like to look at dump trucks while they eat, and that’s okay.
Junior’s first job-site themed lego kit features a large articulated crane among other construction vehicles and tools. Engineers can get their start early with this comprehensive, easy to build set.
The fascination with all things construction doesn’t stop at the dinner table, and why should it? With a dinnerware set like this, your little builder can make a mashed potato house with a meatloaf foundation and green pea landscaping all while eating a balanced meal.
Dressing up for a game of make believe just got a smidge more real. When your tot dons this work zone outfit, get out of the way, because if you’re not in safety gear, there’s no place for you on the job site!
Only two years old and already ready to operate the bulldozer. Sound like your kid? Well, have we got a shirt for you.
Letting a child eat off of a plate that is designed to look like a dump truck is one of the joys of life. Your tot won’t be fazed at all by the implications of eating from a dump truck, but you will, and that’s why it’s funny.
It’s never too early to practice safe building. Every young engineer needs a starter safety vest. Pairs well with an itsy bitsy tool belt, a junior league hard hat, and a foreman’s confident attitude.
These teensy tools will help the tiny builders in your life build dexterity for when it’s time to graduate to young adult tools. Bonus, there really isn’t much they can damage with these practice tools, but that hammer is going to get banged a lot. Do with that information what you will.
Zen sand garden plus children’s sandbox plus construction site equals awesome gift for the engineer-minded child in your life. They can build a wall, smash it to bits and then ruminate on the impermanence of life all with this one toy.
No little builder’s toy box is complete without these miniature caterpillar machines. Your tot can really feel like a job site manager with every vehicle needed to build their dream structures, in one-inch scale that is.
Little builders will go bananas for this radio controlled excavator. This digger will thrill the young construction enthusiast, but exercise caution lest you end up with a yard that’s been half dug up.
As if your kid wasn’t enough of a badass with their dreams of operating heavy machinery and building skyscrapers, these temporary tattoos will really drive the point home. Bonus points for chest application.
This dump truck is the perfect receptacle for all the tiny tools, building blocks and miniatures that inevitably litter your kiddos play space. They’ll be living their dreams feeling like a real foreman just by straightening up their room; can you ask for anything more in a toy?
A very necessary addition to the construction toy collection of any young builder, this toy bulldozer is a replica of Caterpillar’s most recognizable construction vehicle. Junior can use this to bulldoze all their toys into their toy dump truck.
Every builder knows you need the right tool for the job. Teach your little buddies how to safely use and choose the right tool with this adorable, miniature tool belt.
This RC crane toy is an incredible gift for the advanced junior engineer in your life. With real crane action, your young builder can get hours of practice for later in life when they’re operating the real thing hundreds of feet in the air.
Make your tiny foreman’s bedroom into a construction zone with these easy to apply wall decals. Peel and re-stick for every new construction project!
Some questions are beyond the typical parental scope. When your kid has anthropomorphized every construction vehicle in their repertoire, this book will explain where all the diggers go once the work day is done and the sun goes down.
Take this fully functional crane to the beach, the backyard or the sandbox and let your kid have at it! Have them dig you a new garden bed or koi pond. They’ll be excavating with the absolute best of them before you know it!