21 Most Useful Gifts For Runners, Joggers And Walkers

These clever gifts will have your fit friends doing back flips, front flips, jump splits, and more

Running is arguably the ultimate exercise. Not only do you get a full body workout, you get to take in some scenery, listen to your best playlists, and accessorize. The best part though – you don’t need more than you can carry on your belt. But even though you might not need much to get started, these items will definitely make the endeavor of freestyle walking/jogging/running much more enjoyable.

Bluetooth Earbuds

1) Bluetooth Earbuds

Never deal with tangled cords again. These bluetooth earbuds are perfect for the runner who loves to rock out while they work out without swatting cords off their neck. Plus, bluetooth tech means no more managing a device while getting your sweat on.

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Compression Leg Sleeves

2) Compression Leg Sleeves

You’ve seen them on the legs of all your favorite runners. But what are they? Introducing compression accessories. Compression products help eliminate cramps by stimulating circulation. Compression calf sleeves also shorten recovery time. The awesome color selection is just an additional perk.

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Cooling Towel

3) Cooling Towel

Every daily runner needs this cooling towel in their kit – especially during warmer months. It’s small enough to carry on your person during a run, but powerful enough to cool down your brow after an intense sprint.

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Flip Belt

4) Flip Belt

This ingenious product is simple and brilliant. You simply fold your items into the belt before you set out on your run and the Flip Belt holds everything safely in place.

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Hydra Quiver

5) Hydra Quiver

Trail running or any other intense outdoor training requires serious hydration. This lightweight, breathable quiver holds 24 ounces and keeps the H20 right at your fingertips. Don’t let your runner buds dehydrate!

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Hydration Running Belt

6) Hydration Running Belt

Every runner knows that hydration is key for a successful workout. They’ll love this next-level fanny pack that holds two water flasks and has a pocket for an Iphone, keys and whatever else a runner might need.

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I Love Running Tee

7) I Love Running Tee

What better t-shirt to wear during a half marathon, triathlon, or run to the supermarket? It also works for the casual jogger who definitely wants everyone to know they’re “about that life.”

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I Run Because I Really Like Beer T-Shirt

8) I Run Because I Really Like Beer T-Shirt

Whatever the reason, jogging/walking/running is great exercise. If it’s a beer belly that sets you on a path to fitness, then so be it. Be proud of your fave libation and your lean bod with this soft cotton tee.

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iTunes Gift Cards

9) iTunes Gift Cards

Running without music gets boring quick. Give the gift of super-tight, high energy playlists that will keep adrenaline high and motivation even higher. And if they’d rather spend their iTunes cash on back episodes of Sex and the City, well, so be it.

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Light-Up Running Belt

10) Light-Up Running Belt

The bright LED light on this smart, running belt will keep its wearer visible during night runs. It will also make digging for cash or keys in the dark much easier.

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Massage Sticks

11) Massage Sticks

The runner in your life will be forever indebted to you once you gift them these massage sticks. They allow a sore legged individual to administer a long, soothing massage to themselves, no tipping necessary.

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Muscle Rub

12) Muscle Rub

Moon Valley uses arnica and capsasin to both sooth and repair overworked muscles. Its clean ingredient list will also thrill the sore muscled, fitness fanatic in your life.

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Pepper Spray

13) Pepper Spray

Staying safe is an important part of running after sundown or before sunrise. Keep your fitness obesessed buddies safe with this easy to carry, palm sized crime deterrent.

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Headsweats Sports Cap

14) Headsweats Sports Cap

Headsweats has created a breathable, moisture-wicking, proprietary fiber blend that keeps your dome dry even during the sweatiest jogging sessions. Plus, you can customize this flat front, performance cap with a custom logo or a cute design.

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Recovery Sandals

15) Recovery Sandals

After a nice, long run, nothing beats a pair of spa sandals with massaging soles. PR Soles’ Recovery Sandals boast a ridged sole that promotes circulation, breaks up lactic acid buildup and soothes aching legs and feet.

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GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix

16) GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix

For the fitness geek on the go, this energy drink mix is light, easy to carry, and will fit seamlessly in a fancy, light-up fanny pack. Add it to one of your two hip flasks so you can energize on the left and hydrate on the right.

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The Runner’s World Cookbook

17) The Runner’s World Cookbook

Staying in peak physical condition takes more than exercise. Eating right is a crucial part of total body health. This cookbook is made for runners, by runners and is full of health conscious, gourmet recipes that will impress runners and non-runners alike.

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Compression Sleeves

18) Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves promote circulation, reduce aches and pains, and are indispensable when running in colder climates. Compression accessories are an absolute necessity for avid runners, bikers, climbers and backpackers; basically people who ain’t got time to hang out “recovering.”

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Women’s Running Magazine Subscription

19) Women’s Running Magazine Subscription

Keep your fit lady pals abreast of all the new gifts, gadgets and events in the world of running with a subscription to Women’s Running. Available in print, digital or both, It’s exceptional reading for post-run Epsom salt soaks.

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Shorties Compression Gloves

20) Shorties Compression Gloves

Compression gloves can help keep lactic acid from building up in your hands during particularly long runs. These finger-less gloves will also make switching playlists easy while keeping your hands relatively warm and pain free.

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Water Resistant Armband iPhone Holder

21) Water Resistant Armband iPhone Holder

Great for runs, power walks, or gym time, this handy carryall holds a house key in addition to your iPhone or iPod. Link it with a set of bluetooth earbuds for a perfectly hands-free workout.

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